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  1. I'm thinking that if people diverted money from the black market sale of cannabis to politicians, if they would back and support the legalization and regulation of cannabis, it just might happen....

    Police take enough "bribes" to choke all the horses in the world. Buy your politicians.

    Corruption is the sad reality of this world.

    Though there is a larger picture that I'm missing a good chunk of....
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    Do you propose we rob a grower and pad the politicians pockets. Since, we are all legal here, that would be hard to do!

    As long as you are padding their pockets, they will keep taking longer to accomplish anything! Keep the $ coming!

    Are our politicians honest enough to refuse black market money?
    Interesting thought! pr;)
  3. You rob a grower who's connected, you'll be lucky if you're shot dead.
    I'm not talking about robing a black market grower, though taking some herbicide / fire to their crop would be nice :D

    Honest, lol. Money is money, especially when it's untraceable. ;)
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    Hmm, A spam post to a 10 year old thread? <sigh> Can't fix stupid.

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