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    Hi everyone. Lil BG, heavy, daily smoker for over 7 years. Very paranoid about breaking rules and getting caught, esp when a job is on the line.

    Yesterday I was stressing pretty hard about the pre-emp DS I had to take today. I went down to my favorite head shop and they recommended the synthetic urine set-up called Monkey Whizz. It's basically a belt that straps a bladder to your crotch and you then use hand warmers they provide to heat up the synthetic urine already filled in the bladder. The guy at the store was kind enough to set it up for me so i could just go ahead and strap it on and let 'er rip. But double checking I got everything perf, I looked over the provided instructions and their on point, no worries there.

    This morning, I woke up and put it on as instructed. It comes with two warmers and since I was a bit nervous about the temp being warm enough in time (tho i had about 1:30, about double the suggested time), i used both. A friend of mine who worked once in a testing lab told me that this would be the biggest tell of a sub as "they don't pay the techs enough to be smelling your pee". When I got to the office, i pulled into a side street and checked the temp on the bladder's lcd temp reader strip thingie. 102. eek. a lil high. i took off the extra warmer, waited a few minutes and went into the place on "play it cool autopilot".

    Got in, emptied the bladder without checking the temp. If it was high, i figured it was okay because I had casually mentioned I had been suffering from a bit of a head cold and she may assume I had a slight fever. The bladder squeezed out just enough to pass the req'd level. I peed a bit into the toilet for good measure and handed in my sample. She sealed it up, I signed the top, signed the digi-pad thingie, and I was out the door.

    By the time I got home from the lab, my new boss left me a message saying I had passed and he was excited to see me this Thursday. He even noted the promptness it had come back and how great it was that I was a self-starter getting there first thing in the morning, boo ya. I haven't seen this product on here much and wanted to tell everyone that it worked very well for me. It's extremely easy to use and got me through an unsupervised 5-panel on-site (in California) with ease, I didn't even practice, though may be a good idea.

    I literally sat on here for 5 hours yesterday pondering my options when I had already gotten the prefect thing. I wish I had seen a post like this on here to calm my nerves a bit.
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    Monkey Whizz aaaight
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    lmao so frigg'n much! I am so, so happy that I was able to retire @ the ripe ole age of 51.....Not boasting/bragging,,,,,,Just don't know what I would do if still on the job? Fck that, remember when they sold "Golden Seal" back in the day! "GNC" used to carry it.... Hell, all of my buds who continue to slave away get handed a "RANDOM SCREEN" so be happy, Hell.... ECFK'NSTATIC that they at least gave ya a little warning! Waddy gonna do when they hit ya with a "Random" pee?
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    drug testing places today arent that bad really. your super unlucky if u go to a place where they watch you
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    have good friends that gave it up because of "Random Pee Testing"!!
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    exactly, too much time to prepare
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    Yea man..... How can one foresee the future unless of course you are "Nostradamus"!


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