Monthly cost of two Hps 1000 watt lights?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by pan247, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. pan247

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    about how much and it doent have to be exact, would it cost each month to have 2 hps 1000 watt lights, in 1 one room???????

    and what is your monthly bill? in comparison?

    power bill/Electric Bill?? same thing..

    I was thinking like between 150 to 300 extra a month in my power bill!!

    What do you think guys??
  2. headshake

    headshake Registered+

    well, 1000W is one is 1kW. your electricity is probably billed in kilowatt hours, or what it cost for 1kW or electricity per hour of usage.

    so calculate 1kW x the price of your kilowatt hour x the average days in a month.

  3. DreadedHermie

    DreadedHermie Registered+

    Hi, Shake!

    One more thang: multiply that by the number of hours the lights are on each day, probably around 12 (der). And your ballasts may add few hundred watts as well.

    Prolly gonna be like 2.3kW x 12hr x 30 (days) x cost per kW hour. But your guess is good. :Rasta:
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  4. headshake

    headshake Registered+

    good looking out DH!

  5. pan247

    pan247 Registered

    Okay i can do that when i get the 2 hps lights..

    but guesing how much do you think,, purly guesing..

    i'm thinking 250$ or 300$ more each month..
  6. Mississippi Steve

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    do the math sport.... the only thing he didn't give you is the KWH rate for your electric company.... that would be on your power bill.
    its simple arithmetic.
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  7. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    In my area it would be about $50 a month for 2 1000w hps
  8. disrupt86

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    there are some other factors also,your going to be switching from 18/6 so one month its going to be much higher. call your power provider and see if there is a limit on kwh before the charges go up. for example,i use pge and i am alloted a base number of kwh at 16 cents a piece,but when im in 18/6 my bill damn near doubles because i pay upwards twards 29-30 cents a kwh.its bull shit.if you live in the bay area to run one 1k 18/6 is ruffly 90 to 110 bucks.u might consider using 3 600 watts if you have the cash to buy an extra lamp,great light coverage,cheaper pge,and u dont loose 2 many lumens.oh yeah and much less heat than the 1000's:thumbsup:
  9. darealbrain

    darealbrain Registered+

    fuel charge

    hey guys dont forget theres a fuel charge and an energy charge.sorry for butting in
  10. darealbrain

    darealbrain Registered+

    for a 600 its no more than $35 more
  11. cptcannabis

    cptcannabis Registered+

    Mine ended up being an extra $100-$125 a month, but that's also with a 25,000 BTU A/C running along with the two 1000W lights.
  12. pan247

    pan247 Registered

    oh well those prices are pretty good... i was way off for 2.. so thaks every one.. i fell better about the price.
  13. Mississippi Steve

    Mississippi Steve Registered+

    You also have a thread about growing in an apartment.... keep in mind that any significant increase in utility usage will raise red flags and will cause you problems too. If all the apartments around you are running $125 power bills, and you come waltzing in there and start running $300 or more, you gonna get somebodys attention.

    Grow houses and apartments (more than just 3 or 4 plants) get busted for 2 reasons.. one is the traffic in and out of the house/apartment, the other is an increase in the power bills.

    Being an HVAC contractor, when I install a new heating and cooling system, and the customers power bills drop 30% - 50% or more, the customer gets a call from the power company to find out why.

    You can call bullshit, but I can prove otherwise....

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