Montreal mayor vows 'zero tolerance' as illegal marijuana shops open

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    Montreal's mayor is vowing the city will do whatever it can to stop a Canadian chain of recreational marijuana shops that began selling cannabis across the city Thursday.

    Cannabis Culture, which is co-owned by pot activists Jodie and Marc Emery, already has stores in British Columbia and Ontario.

    They have now brought their shops to Montreal, even though current federal laws do not allow for the sale of recreational marijuana.

    The federal government is expected to table legislation legalizing cannabis in the spring.

    Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre sent out a tweet Wednesday morning saying there would be "zero tolerance" shown to those who don't respect current laws.

    In a subsequent tweet, he said the city will use all the administrative tools at its disposal to stop the illegal stores.

    A spokeswoman for the Montreal police force added that there could be arrests.

    "It's still illegal to sell marijuana for any recreational purposes, and it's our responsibility to enforce the law — so that's what we'll do," Cmdr. Marie-Claude Dandenault said.

    "If criminal acts are committed, we will take action."

    Activists fought for legalization
    At a news conference at their Mount Royal Avenue location, Jodie Emery said the only reason legalization is being considered now is that activists broke laws in order to bring about change.

    Her husband is one of Canada's most well-known marijuana activists. Often described as "The Prince of Pot," Marc Emery was extradited to the U.S. in 2010 and received a five-year prison sentence for selling marijuana seeds. He is also the publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine.

    Jodie Emery said she and her husband didn't want to wait for the government to legalize cannabis and set up a system that will "usurp the industry from those who built it."

    "This is not like the dot-com boom," she said. "This industry didn't come out of nowhere. People have sacrificed, campaigned, been punished, demonized, persecuted all because of prohibition."

    People waiting outside the St-Laurent Boulevard store in the Plateau were told to return later in the day to buy marijuana.

    10 stores by end of year
    The Emerys plan to have 10 shops open by the end of the year.

    There are currently eight Cannabis Culture locations around town, of which six opened for business Thursday afternoon.

    Marc Emery, who co-owns the Cannabis Culture chain of marijuana shops, hands out weed samples Thursday at a newly opened Montreal store. (Paul Chiasson/Canadian Press)

    The stores sell to people 19 years old and up, a minimum age chosen to fall in line with the legal drinking age in most provinces.

    They intend to pay taxes and don't allow children inside the stores, Jodie Emery said.

    The eight shops are located at:

    • 1863 Amherst St.

    • 1412 Pie-IX Blvd.

    • 8870 St-Michel Blvd.

    • 7130 St-Laurent Blvd.

    • 2200 Mount Royal Ave. E.

    • 3804 St-Laurent Blvd.

    • 1431B Bishop St.

    • 4961 Queen Mary Rd.
    These last two locations did not open Thursday because of permit issues, and the remaining two locations have yet to be disclosed.

    'Don't raid,' owner tells police
    Cannabis Culture shops have had run-ins with police in the past. Over the summer, a number of the stores were raided by police in Ontario and employees were charged with drug-related offences.

    Cannabis Culture provides a lawyer for employees if they are arrested and charged.

    Jodie Emery asked Montreal police not to "cause harm to the harmless people" who work at their stores.

    "Please, police, do not raid, do not arrest, do the right thing and let these peaceful businesses operate as they should so we can demonstrate what legalization looks like," she said.

    'Montreal needs to be ready'
    Whatever their fate, the Cannabis Culture stores reveal the need for clear municipal rules for such shops, said the Opposition Projet Montréal.

    "The legalization of cannabis is coming and it will have a major social and economic effect," said the party's new leader, Valérie Plante. "Montreal needs to be ready."

    Plante called for the creation of a working group to think through the municipal regulations that will be required for such shops, including their distance from schools, opening hours, signage and age restrictions for customers.

    Projet Montreal Coun. Christine Gosselin pointed to the rapid, unregulated proliferation of vape shops as the kind of scenario that needs to be avoided.

    Better quality, better business
    Matthis Brun arrived at the location on St-Laurent in the Plateau early Thursday morning.

    Brun said he was familiar with the Emerys and the stores they've opened elsewhere.

    "I think it will be better quality, maybe less dangerous for health if it's grown professionally like this," he said.

    Emery and his wife, Jodie, also publish a magazine called Cannabis Culture. (Paul Chiasson/Canadian Press)

    Rémy Couture is a chef and owns a bakery named Crémy, which is right beside the Mount Royal location.

    "I think it's great. It's a complementary business," he said.

    "After people smoke some weed, they want to eat something [unhealthy], and they can come here," he said.

    • Q&A | Emerys explain their decision to open pot shops in Montreal

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    Salutations DirtyBlueGene,

    Good catch, i was hoping a member would have noticed. :thumbsup:

    Coverage on TV news felt quite poor via French-speaking channels, that was like i suddenly found myself in some alternate reality, on planet Itnoc...

    Distorted backgound history, focus set on the usual reefer madness aspects while Judy was trying to communicate her message of civil disobedience, etc. These days when i find an article from one of our Canuck media which ends in dot Ca i often prefer to get external versions 1st, because in here the fracture between French vs English journalism alone started to irritate me a great deal lately...

    M'well, at least i hope those who will see more of these bizare displays of biased journalism in my province won't be too quick concluding that's representative of our population. TV in here is only conveying the messages of self-serving profe$$ionals from all horizons, for example try the logic of this one below:

    According to her "science" dry flowers contained 1 % of THC in 1972 compared to 36 % today... That in itself is business as usual on Québec's French-speaking TV, what's more peculiar though is that nobody not even a youg journalist present ever felt like pointing it out to her that if "weed" really had sucked this much back in the '70s then it's at least as reasonable to assume there would have been no market for it in the 1st place!! Ah, and take note that bitch happens to own a doctor title, as i recall!


    Too bad this country has been turned into some parody of a miror house where WYSI(N)WYG... o_O

    Good day, have fun!! :D
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    Last night i swear i started paying attention to an interview with Thomas Mulcair and just as he had begun exposing the peculiar link(s) between Liberal$, LPs and more this video segment got interrupted unexpectedly and switched in the blink of an eye, right in the middle of his argument it seemed, to some other totally unrelated part of the exchange which was on fossil fuel imports or something!

    At that moment i wished i could locate some recording, on CPAC i think, if it exists at all... But then i realized if interviews can go this badly biased then why even bother trying to compensate for the "deficiencies" of self-serving communication profe$$ionals as more Canuck voters will also notice these sorts of twisted situations anyway - m'well, eventually...

    Briefly put, i don't believe Canadians can trust their medias anymore. What You See Is NOT What You Get and it appears bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionism went so wrong in this internet age, actually, it can't even face direct criticism expressed by the NDP leader himself, on planet Itnoc!...

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    And furthermore.......

    "Free 'nugs' as Cannabis Culture shops make debut in Montreal

    Say what you will about his methods, but Canada’s self-proclaimed “Prince of Pot” knows how to make an entrance.

    Throngs of admirers stood in the snow Thursday and cheered Marc Emery on as he rolled up to the opening of an illegal marijuana dispensary on Mont-Royal Ave. He held court in the shop for half an hour as he made an impassioned case for the legalization of pot — leaning on logic-based arguments honed over a career of marijuana advocacy.

    Then he reached into a jar full of weed nuggets, held one up for the crowd to see and shouted “Who wants a free nug?” The audience hollered in approval.

    Yes, the unveiling of an illegal dispensary actually ended in a massive weed giveaway.

    Emery was in town to open eight new Cannabis Culture dispensaries in Montreal. Until the time police shut them down — should they choose to do so — the stores will sell pot for recreational users provided they’re at least 19 years old.

    There are dispensaries in the Plateau-Mont-Royal, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, St-Michel, Rosemont-la-Petite-Patrie and downtown districts, although two of them – on Queen Mary Rd. and Bishop St. – did not open as planned because of permit issues.

    Thursday night, despite arctic temperatures, hundreds of people lined up for two hours outside the dispensaries on Mont-Royal Ave. and St-Laurent Blvd. to get their Purple Kush ($7), Rock Star or Super Lemon Haze ($11).

    “This should be normal,” said Reg, a connoisseur buying one gram of each variety. “Anyone here could call a dealer and have this at home. But here it’s out in the open.”

    Claude, one of few older customers, said he couldn’t have imagined back in the 1970s that one day he would be buying pot over the counter like this.

    “It’s like prohibition. But now this is happening and no one can stop it.”

    “This is history in the making,” said Michael, an engineering student who came in from Laval to be at the Cannabis Culture shop on its first day. “And the police could shut it down tomorrow.”

    Emery and his wife, Jodie, made no bones about the fact that their business is a criminal enterprise.

    “Quebec is one of two provinces I have not been arrested in,” Emery said. “I’ve been arrested 28 times in Canada for marijuana and I’ve seen 34 prisons and jails in all that time. And yet even after 26 years of this kind of civil disobedience, the law still exists.”

    While the Liberal government was elected last year on a promise to regulate and tax the sale of marijuana, trafficking the drug is still a criminal offence.

    “Marijuana prohibition has never been legitimate, there has never been a real public policy reason for why this law exists,” Emery said. “It’s a complete abomination … and anyone who enforces this despicable law is a despicable person.”

    Emery may soon count Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre among his list of despicables. Coderre said Thursday there would be “zero tolerance” for the storefronts.

    There are two other dispensaries in the city, but police appear to tolerate them because they only sell medicinal marijuana to patients with a valid prescription. Neither has been raided in years.

    The arrival of the Cannabis Culture franchises may upset this delicate balance. Emery’s rapidly-expanding chain includes 12 shops in Vancouver, Toronto, Hamilton and Port Coquitlam, B.C. Most have been raided by police, but re-opened within days.

    Things may not be so easy in Quebec. The Montreal police say they have opened an investigation into the cannabis stores, but would not comment further.

    “The police, who I respect, don’t like this sort of a media splash,” said Marc-Boris St-Maurice, who runs the Fondation Marijuana dispensary on St-Laurent Blvd. “They could crack down and, in the past, this sort of thing has affected all of us. Even those among us who play by the rules.”

    Emery says one of his Toronto boutiques serves more than 1,000 customers a day, that he pays sales tax on each transaction and that the Montreal locations will as well.

    Prospective franchisees will pay six per cent of their gross sales to Emery and, sources say, a fee of between $5,000 and $10,000 to open a dispensary.

    The Cannabis Culture pot mostly comes from grow operations in British Columbia, Jodie said, adding that it’s quality tested for pesticides and other contaminants. She claims none of the dispensary customers have ever been arrested.

    “They can come and they can arrest me for buying weed if they want to,” said one customer, who wished to remain anonymous. “I didn’t do anything wrong and it won’t stop me from buying marijuana here. I don’t really drink beer, I’m not a bad guy, I just like to smoke weed. Check out how things are on the west coast, man. You can walk into a store and buy it there and society isn’t coming apart at the seams.”

    Emery and Jodie have partnered with one “major investor” and a series of franchisees, but she said they’re keeping the names of their partners confidential.

    Thursday’s rollout came just days after the federally-appointed Task Force on Marijuana Legalization and Regulation submitted its first report to Parliament. In it, the task force recommends the sale of marijuana in regulated storefront boutiques.

    Asked why the couple didn’t wait until legalization before expanding their business, Jodie said it is only through activism, court challenges and direct action that real change can occur.

    “Nearly half of all Canadians admit to using marijuana. Canadians voted for the Liberal party because they wanted legalization … Well this is what legalization looks like. … I beg the Montreal police: let us be in peace. Please do not cause harm to the harmless people who are choosing to work here and push forward this very important issue.”

    Francis, waiting at the end of a long line of people to get into the store, said for him it wasn’t political. He just wanted to see how this stuff from B.C. compared to what he usually gets from his dealer.

    “Everyone has pot – for a kid it’s easier to buy pot than cigarettes. So why not make it legal and control it?”

    With files from Catherine Solyom

    Gotta love Marc and Jodie. :cool:
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    And..... here we go again....

    Police raids underway at Cannabis Culture marijuana dispensaries

    A day after six illegal marijuana dispensaries opened with a big splash in the city, Montreal police have moved in.

    Raids are underway, Montreal police Constable Benoit Boisselle told the Montreal Gazette at supper hour on Friday. Police will provide media with an update on the operation early in the evening.

    Canada’s self-proclaimed ‘Prince of pot’ Marc Emery was arrested in the raid. Emery was on hand for the opening Thursday and acknowledged that the business was illegal. He said then that it’s only by breaking an “unjust law” that Canadians will force the government to legalize marijuana.

    Tensions ran high at the illegal marijuana dispensary on Mont-Royal Ave. earlier in the day, as rumours of an imminent police raid circulated. A police source confirmed to the Montreal Gazette Friday that police would descend on the Mont-Royal Ave. dispensary in the afternoon.

    Sources told the Gazette that undercover officers began a surveillance operation on the storefront shop as of Thursday night — just hours after its highly publicized opening.

    The dispensary began selling a variety of pot strains to customers that afternoon during the rollout of six Cannabis Culture dispensaries across the city.

    “I heard a rumour and headed straight to the dispensary,” Jodie Emery, who co-owns the Cannabis Culture brand, told the Montreal Gazette Friday afternoon. “But there’s no police here now, just a long lineup of people in the cold. Things are really tense right now.”

    At the time, Emery said it was possible news of the raid might be a false alarm. But as a precaution, she was staying outside of the store and her husband and business partner Marc served customers.

    “Marc is ready to be arrested and one of us has to stay out of jail and get the message out there,” said Emery.

    Shortly before 6 p.m., Jodie Emery posted a video on Twitter of her husband being arrested at the Mont-Royal location. About the same time, police stood in front of the Cannabis Culture on St-Laurent Blvd. after raiding it.

    “Quebec is one of two provinces I have not been arrested in,” Emery told reporters Thursday. “I’ve been locked up in eight provinces … so, you know, there’s always room for number nine. I’ve been arrested 28 times in Canada for marijuana and I’ve seen 34 prisons and jails in all that time. And yet even after 26 years of this kind of civil disobedience the law still exists.”

    Emery told the Gazette Friday afternoon, just hours before his arrest, that he was expecting to be busted. “They would be hard-pressed not to arrest me,” he said when asked how a raid usually goes down. “But you know that’s all part of the plan. That’s part of the revolution. You’re not going to get change without sacrifice,” said Emery, who had told some of his employees to leave the premises.

    Emery threatened to go on a hunger strike if he’s sent to prison. Asked if he really thought he’d be locked up, Emery said: “Absolutely. I want to demonstrate that’s exactly what’s going to happen. That’s what legalization under Mr. Trudeau and (Montreal Mayor) Coderre looks like.

    “They’ll tolerate gangs, and Rock Machine and Hells Angels, everybody else, but they won’t tolerate ordinary Canadians helping other ordinary Canadians access the best marijuana in the world,” Emery added.

    On Thursday, Mayor Denis Coderre warned there would be “zero tolerance” for the illegal storefronts. Police have raided Cannabis Culture locations in Toronto, Hamilton and Port Coquitlam, B.C. this year but many reopened within days.

    The Liberal government has appointed a task force to study how it will fulfil Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promise to legalize marijuana. But during a press conference in Montreal Friday, Trudeau warned that until new legislation is passed the laws prohibiting the sale of marijuana stand.

    Long lines formed outside the shop Thursday on Mont-Royal as Marc Emery gave an impassioned speech about Canada’s drug law and handed out free samples of marijuana. He framed the opening of his dispensaries as a massive act of civil disobedience.

    People continued flocking to the dispensary late Friday afternoon, forming a line that went out the door and around the building. An employee at a nearby bar said the arrival of a Cannabis Culture shop has created a buzz in the east-end neighbourhood.

    However, the employee said, older patrons were less enthused than younger ones about the idea of a pot business sprouting up.

    Jodie Emery said the big turnout was an indication pot stores should be allowed to operate.

    “If thousands of people are braving minus 30 degree weather to line up for hours to access cannabis in this way, it should be a very strong argument that these businesses are legitimate, are popular, are successful and should be allowed to operate.”

    The five other Cannabis Culture stores closed temporarily Friday after the raid rumours first surfaced, she said.
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  6. tangentweed

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    Bravo Marc Emery. The Prince of Pot. You've got balls.
    Hope you're comfy in your new cell.
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  7. DirtyBlueGene

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    He was released earlier today, after posting $5000 bail, though he refused to sign agreement to various bail conditions imposed on him. :cool:
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    Salutations DirtyBlueGene,

    Thanks for the update! :doublethumbs:

    The funny thing is that i vaguely recall Marc S. Emery once explained this alleged "self-proclaimed" etiquette is actually born out of self-serving journalism exploiting some sensationalist mediatic (dis)information, to sell more paper: e.g. it works like a running gag which they can't stop re-using "ad nauseam". In other words if that interpretation of mine is correct Mr. Emery eventually came to assume such imposed label though i feel it's possibly a fabrication when one of those articles continues to imply the choice emanated from him...

    Briefly put it's a manner of style intended to vilify his reputation in the public eye. Consequently i believe it might prove quite interesting to verify if our local acredited ("professional") journalists even cared to verify their "facts" before the rest of their "news" coverage was based on it, since that's what they get paid for!...


    But i could be wrong myself.

    M'well at least lets discard traditional media like CBC, SRC, TVA, V, TQc as they're all sold to the same planet Itnoc cause. If there's one channel which could help the Emery couple communicate with their audience perhaps it's "Canal Savoir" (CFTU, university TV), or just TLMEP on SRC - next Sunday i would hope!


    Other than that i'm worried the image returned by "information workers" can only undermine all political action effectively taking place here! Which is a shame because that was courageous involvement nonetheless.


    Indeed it seems politicians in Québec's parliament are used to talk about "reasonable accommodation" (...), which they often distribute in exchange for brown envelopes, euh... in any case that's certainly peculiar witnessing bigot fanatics causing more permanent prejudice with their own wrong-doing, in the name of Canada's children, and then blame it on us!


    Too bad Mr. Emery doesn't have dark skin, he could have put more sand in the engine via eventual mediatized mentions of this controversial case which raised bigot reactions mixing all sorts of sordid juxtapositions; this is about HOMICIDE by SPVM-GTi POLICE:

    Unfortunately it's tough defending the deceased's right to fair trial in our distorted reality...


    As for Marc Boris St-Maurice i wouldn't feel like asking him for help as he visibly lacked motivation in helping himself when he got the mike on prime-time:

    YouTube: Marc Boris St-Maurice et Marie-Ève Morin - Légalisation de la marijuana TLMEP 24-04-2016

    « Nous aut'es on s'bat d'puis 20 ans, p'is là l'monde arrive comme un cheveux s''a soupe p'is y veulent s'approprier de toute not'e travail... »
    Mister St-Maurice made sense when he complained that he and others fought for twenty years defending their cause and it seems unfair (to them) being excluded while news players are about to reserve the rewards for themselves. Nevertheless i find he put his foot in his mouth as it may hurt his personal image to sound so "territorial" about it... To top it all i'm afraid his lobbyist activities fail to make the news unless some bored journalist needs to use him, to be honest; i mean, his political support of dispensaries at TLMEP was less than memorable:

    « On a déjà contesté la loi et on a eu un gain d'cause sur l'inconstitutionnalité d'l'interdiction... ...aller débattre ton droit constitutionnel de t'g'ler 'a face, un Vendredi soir, c'est beaucoup moins probant... »

    « ...mettre à c'moment-là l'cannabis médical dans les mains des pharmaciens et garder le cannabis récréatif dans les mains des gens comme nous qui connaissons ça... Moi j'pense évidemment, c'est une solution qui m'intéresse beaucoup, euh... »


    « We already challenged the law and we won on the interdiction's inconstitutional status... To defend one's constitutional right to get "stoned" on Friday night would get much less acceptance... »

    « give pharmacies control over "medical" cannabis and keep the "recreative" one in the hands of people as ourselves who are skilled, me i find it an interesting solution, euh... »

    In conclusion my problem with mister St-Maurice is that he's not our most suitable ambassador in the present mediatic environment, my guess is he's being rejected because of an obvious proximity with his marginalized political party that triggers lame jokes every 4 years or so... Hence, if in search for pro-cannabic celebrities then why not invite Enrico Bouchard, manufacturer of the Sublimator vaporizer!...


    Good day, have fun!! :D
  9. Egzoset

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    A few more details in this article:

    Times Colonist: Marc Emery facing drug charges after Montreal police raid pot boutiques (2016-Dec-17)

    « Marc Emery appeared in court today via videoconference where he was charged with drug trafficking, possession for purposes of trafficking, and conspiracy.

    He was released on $5,000 bail and must respect various conditions, including not communicating with his co-accused and not consuming narcotics in Quebec without a prescription.

    He can also not be in a place where narcotics are sold in Quebec.

    Emery was one of 10 people arrested Friday night when police raided the stores the day after their grand opening. The other nine people were released earlier on a promise to appear in court.

    Emery's case returns to court on Feb. 15. »

    Hummm... Smoke or not smoke? Apparently that's a question which still requires verification!


    And here also:

    CTV News:
    Pot shop owner charged with three counts, given $5,000 bail (2016-Dec-17)

    « He is not allowed to smoke or sell pot as conditions for his release. »

    « ...arrested at the Cannabis Club located at 2200 Mont-Royal Ave. E when the raids went down after 5 p.m. It was his 29th arrest and came just a day after the opening of the recreational marijuana store and five others in the city.

    "It's despicable and an injustice but we will win. The prime minister is a disgrace," said Emery... »
    Meanwhile Adam Greenblatt, who happens to be hired by Tweed (he's "chargé de projet" for an LP...) in this province, somehow found that was some perfect opportunity to broadcast his opinion that installation of "Big Cannabis" by Trudeau is a myth", etc., etc.

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    Ordering Marc to not smoke is like ordering a mouse to not poop, pointless. ;)
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  11. Egzoset

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    Hi again DirtyBlueGene,

    Personally i like to argue there would be inspiring parallels to be made by substituting cannabis with masturbation in a few typical scenarios... But instead of mid-50s parents dealing painfully with a traumatized blushing teenager now the Canuck people has some self-serving government pretending to parent adults over consumption of a safe substance which cannot induce overdose by virtue of pregnenolone secreted by our human brain. An heritage of natural evolution, apparently...


    Somehow i feel this institutional demonstration by a judge was tainted with century-old poison (e.g. typical near-1900 bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionism, also "temperance" i figure) which, indeed, is quite pointless in the internet age exactly; yet hateful propaganda still represents some potential for real danger if never challenged properly. Maybe the judge's intent was to silence activists while opening a door for future sentencing which will get "agravated" thanks to the act(s) of civil disobedience, euh... To me those mediatic events turn into a distracting decoy when in fact vile political agendas are served by a convenient façade, etc., etc...

    Anyway my hope is that the Emery couple was sufficiently prepared to face "Big Prohibition" à la Trudeau, the "updated"/"impoved" version i mean...


    His recent declaration of December 2 shows the PM ain't pro-cannabic while our disconnected journalists persist in writing about "legaleezation" coming soon instead: « ...the current prohibition stands. ... ...we're not legalizing marijuana to please recreational users... , euh... Oh well, it sounds clear enough in my book so why not that of paper workers too!?...

    Would lies survive the challenge of a legal fight in our court(s) of justice? I must admit i began to appreciate the idea of it...

    Good day, have fun!! :D
  12. Egzoset

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    CBC: Who is Canada's self-styled 'Prince of Pot' — and what does he want? (2016-Dec-20)

    « Marc-Boris St-Maurice has helped Montrealers get access to medical marijuana for more than 20 years.

    He said Cannabis Culture's strategy shows a "cavalier attitude and cowboy-style approach of marching into town." »
    How "cheap" of mister St-Maurice is that?! Considering he's obviously convinced part of Québec's market belongs to him already! Where was that guy hiding when our local bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionists seriously required a reality-check over their so-called "facts" and "science"?!! The present debate is about "legaleezation" and "recreational use is now included into the Big Picture anyway, yet St-Maurice is leading no one anywhere, especially after "dropping the ball" as i explained previously (ref.: TLMEP)...

    Good day, have fun!! :D
  13. Egzoset

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    There appears to have been some mishap with this article of Times Colonist:

    John Meagher, Montreal Gazette: 'Prince of Pot' remains defiant after his arrest in Montreal (2016-Dec-19)

    « Although it has been reported he was slapped with three charges — drug trafficking, possession for trafficking, and conspiracy — Emery said he was only charged with two offences.

    People are saying I got charged with conspiracy, but my charges don’t say that on my paper,” he told the Montreal Gazette in a telephone interview from Toronto.

    Emery is not sure what to make of the conspiracy argument. »


    Marc Emery expressing himself:
    Good day, have fun!! :D
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