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    Breadlover198 Help!!
    Hi guys!

    First and foremost I would like to say thank you to this forum... ive been looking for so.eone to talk to, and finding this forum is AN ENORMOUS relieve For me. I'm a 28 year old man, and this is my lifes deepest secret.

    I first started smoking cannabis when I was 17-18. I had gone to a city to study and met some amazing people who I really miss (I don't realy communicate with them much anymore). I love weed. I cannot even explain how much i love cannabis. I'm sure everyone here feels the same way. When I was 20, a friend (studying with me, but from the same country I'm from) got arrested for holding cannabis. What does this have to do with me you ask? Well...

    The misdemeanor wasn't a problem till I left for Christmas back home. I did not even think it was an issue till I tried to get back to Uni , where I was basically strip searched and interrogated by airport security and immigration. Once they opened up my laptop and found some pictures and videos of me and my friends smoking cannabis, I was basically forced to admit I smoke.

    I was deported back...

    Now my main problem has nothing to do with what I stated before. It's that the only person whom I ever trusted with this information is my father. When I went back home I had lied to my family, and told them I was deported because of a student visa issue. Me and my dad went to the embassy of the country I was studying in, and they said I would have to wait and be reassessed. I decided to be responsible, applied to a diffrent uni, graduated and got a went on and now, 8 years later I still love cannabis, but I don't smoke it.

    I made a promise to my father who was basically In tears when he heard that I would need to wait before I got back to uni. He is old school, and he doesn't believe in the benefits of THC. He labels it as a Drug, and he doesn't understand what I've gone through.


    Just to let you know, cannabis never negatively affected my life. My GPA was always above a 3, and even after I left to the other uni I kept my grades up. I worked at great world renowned firms and banks, and I am still a huge advocate of cannabis and it's benefits. I am currently pursuing an MBA and getting a professional certification.

    I want an objective opinion. I am stressing just at the thought of it, but right now at this moment I have a decent amount of trainwreck my friends left at my place before they left the country. I want to smoke it but the guilt is ripping me apart on the inside.

    Thank you for reading this, and please help if you can. Just know this. My dad is a good man, he worked hard his whole life and is biased because he has seen some of his best friends waste away to heroine. He is one of my idols.


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    Thank you for reaching out. I am an avid and frequent smoker, and while doing all that was able to successfully get my MBA and then later on complete my doctoral work. Pot and how far you are able to go have nothing to do with one another. If you choose to get lost in pot and not do your studies, that is on you, not the pot. But you successfully finished your degree... so obviously you can handle it.
    Your biggest problem is that vow you made to your father. How can you in good conscience, go against that vow? The answer is, you can't. And as always happens in these sorts of situations, your alter ego lifestyle bit you in the butt... and your friend got busted and you along with him with that laptop full of evidence. You apparently come from a society that puts your personal freedom behind the needs of those who control things, and nothing in your laptop or anything you post online is safe. If you wish to be safe, you have to no longer allow the documentation of your activities via pictures, posts or even the rumors from friends. Your society is apparently very dangerous to this activity.
    Honestly, you have a problem that I do not envy. You need to have a talk with your father. You need to either reaffirm your vow or you need to level with him, because of it, and let him know that you have failed. There is no crime in that, and in fact you will be able to regain your dignity with him, and yourself by being honest. Explain to him your reasons, and assure him that although you are now an adult and can make your own decisions in this matter, you need to be honest with him, whether he agrees with what you are doing or not. This is called growing up, and becoming your own man. It sounds like it is time.
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    Donate the Trainwreck to a truly deserving medical patient and keep your conscience clear.

    Then do not put yourself into a situation where you may upset your balance.

    You have to live with yourself. Your indulgence in cannabis is not worth the strain on your conscience.
    You put yourself in this situation. It's up to you to live with your words.
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    Thank you for the reply,

    I understand and acknowledge what you think is my best course of action. I believe that your right in the sense that I have to go talk to him. I also acknowledge the fact that what I did when I was a kid was stupid. I don't have any records of anything I have done since I quit smoking any more related to cannabis other than this thread, and I am an advocate of the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana (let's just say I have nothing to worry about in terms of the law).

    I think my main issue is that I believe in the pros of THC and cannabis so strongly, that i was going to consider smoking without opening up the subject with my father (because I believe my promise as a young 20 year old was irrational, and that my promise was made to comfort my father rather than to acknowledge that using marijuana was bad). But, after reconsidering my situation, I believe that i will talk to him about it.

    Thanks again.
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    Fathers, usually are wise, being gifted with the advantage of years of experience. None of us started out wise, and children are usually decidedly unwise. Your father will understand the irrational but sincere vow that you made as a child, and will be proud to see that you have valued this promise so greatly that you have the need to discuss this with him now as an adult. One day you will see that this is all he wanted in the first place, to know what is is that you have become and to see you becoming a man true to your word.
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    Good move brother.


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