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Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by NODIE, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. NODIE

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    does here know how i can increase tha amount of thc in my plant? Do i need to put sum kinda nutrients in it or sumthin else?
  2. dylan

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    more UV light will produce more THC, but, most importantly, make shure the plant is very thirsty and dry when you harvest; that will force your plant to pump out THC before you harvest it.
  3. NODIE

    NODIE Registered+

    r uv lights florecent or juss tha regular light bulbsin lamps?
  4. newgroweroldsmoker

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    what dylan suggests is the use of MV lamp (mercury vapor)....he's right.....i've read about it in an older thread i think in this forum......i am not sure though the lighting schedule for this lamp....i think a couple of hours are enough in conjuction with the hps that you propably are using right now......not sure though.....anyway the MV lamp is the one you need!
  5. NODIE

    NODIE Registered+

    but using a 100 watt living room lightbulb will that make me have a good harvest
  6. newgroweroldsmoker

    newgroweroldsmoker Registered+

    you mean 100 watt incadescent bulb? if yes......the answer is no....make some research on the net for Mercury Vapor comes in 100 watt as must use it along with an HPS bulb....on it's own can't really achieve much due to low lumens the uv rays it emits are harmful for the skin and the plants...for this reason it is wise to use it only a couple of hours a day.....only for plant optimization....not for growth or vegetation.....another thing, with incadescents you should not expect much as they are high in wattage but low in get 58000 lumens (my 400 watt HPS) with incadescents you will need around 44x100 watt bulbs....that is a total of 4400 watts.....with 4400 watts of HPS you can grow around 90 or more plants to full the HPS provide more or less a full spectrum light, can be used all around the plants' lifecycle while the normal incadescent bulbs can be used maybe only for vegetation aka the first 2-4 weeks of the plants' life.....i hope i am right in everything i said so far and have not confused you......anyway in the case that you speak abou fluorescents, common use fluros, you can use them for vegetation......however there is a new generation of fluoros called envirolites....they come in two different rich in blue spectrum (for vegetation) and one rich in red spectrum (for flowering).....the good thing about these bulbs is a:that with 125 watts of output, they reach almost the lumens emitted by a 400 watt MH (Metal Halides:rich in blue spectrum, used for vegetation) which makes them a good alternative for vegetation and b: they put out minimal heat and thus you can approach them closer to the plants without having the fear of burning the the minimal distance for an HPS lamp is one foot/30cm (250 watt) and the number goes right up as the watts increase ie at least two feet/60 cm for a 1000 watt HPS.....hope that info helped you :)
  7. dylan

    dylan Registered+

    yes, listen to newgroweroldsmoker; it sounds like he has been doing his homework on lighting! man, i didn't even know that incadescent bulbs were that low in lumens. i knew they were inferior to HID lights but damn.
  8. TopEkoms420

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    actually, if you go out and buy a reptile light they are VERY rich in UV-B light, which is what the plant needs to produce the thc more. Dont use it for more then 4 hours a day MAXIMUM! you can kill the plant with too much UV light. Mecury vapor lights arent that good, and really are only good as a compliment to others. Also flush the plants 2 weeks before harvest. This will give the plant a cleaner taste, and rich nutes. During budding be sure to use less nitrogen as more nitrogen means less THC. But that doesnt mean stop using nitrogen. Along with turning the lights off 1-2 days before harvest, and not watering for a couple days.
  9. phillykid420

    phillykid420 Registered+

    NO reptile lights are rich in UVA. The reason why HIDs like MH and HPS have little UVB is that the manufacterers are required to have low UVB output.

    UVB is DANGEROUS. With only a few watts you can get sunburn in minutes under one of those. Medical facilities use UVB for certain treatments. It mutates DNA, it causes skin cancer, it causes blindness.

    Here's a link from reefermans board

    ANd just a disclaimer, oldtimer, the guy talking about the UV on that link doesn't reccomend using them.

    he says
    "So IMO, again - if you want to do it right and saftely, do it outside. I answered the question of the what the right UVB lamp is, not because I would advise others to do it(as I wouldn't do it myself), but as a guide to show that it could be done if one was crazy enough to do it."

    IMO start with good genetics, keep them healthy and your pot will be plenty potent. If you want more potency, smoke another joint, or make some bubble hash. Pot's been growing indoors just fine without UV supplement, I'd be willing to bet that most of the pot in Amsterdam coffee shops are grown mostly under 600watt HPS lights since these are the most popular lights over there due to efficiency.

    Dropping humidity will cause them to frost up a bit more and you won't go blind doing it.

  10. GoldenGoblin

    GoldenGoblin Registered+

    Saw this

    and came here for a search.
    Its a interesting topic. ah plant science
  11. Booyagrandma

    Booyagrandma Registered+

    Thanks for the vid, hugh help

  12. GoldenGoblin

    GoldenGoblin Registered+

    yeah hes such a science teacher!

    That vid has extremely good information on trichcomes and their function.
  13. twoguysupnorth

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    uv light is supposed to help that but it is also dangerous to humans. thats why big lights dont have that or they have protectors/shields or something. some is needed but the only thing i can think of that use those lights are reptiles and coral.
  14. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Why reinvent the wheel?
    Mercury vapor lights aren't practical indoors.
    As it stands, your average home grower has 3 options: Flouro (with the selection to choose from, you should find SOMETHING you like!), MH, and HPS. Each has its place in a grow room.
    Forget about trying to boost resin with crazygonuts lights and UV. Try molasses instead... low tech, high satisfaction, no skin cancer. I promise.
  15. GoldenGoblin

    GoldenGoblin Registered+

    I just saw the scientific correlation of UVB and actual THC production in the gland itself. That was they crux of my query.

    As for just googoo resin glands yeah the blackstrap is great.
    Just wondered if people used these supplemental lights and if there was a actual increase. Of course we would need all kinds of equipment to actually test this. But I'm sure someone already has. Not to mention there is probably some kind of ceiling to how much could be produced anyway.
    Hey I just search find something cool then bring it back.
  16. oldsanclem

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    The outer globe for a MH bulb is made to stop UV from exiting the bulb. BUT if the outer globe is broken you will cook the hell out of you plants. And if stupid enough to be in the same room when when one lights of. YOU will get to see the doctor after a few weeks, cause he will take the blind folds off you eyes.
    Friend got to close to a uv lamp and " its like having sand in you eyes and you wife gets to drive you around.
    merk lights are way off in the total specturm, cheap but worthless.
  17. splizzax

    splizzax Registered

    uvb seems to be a very hot topic for indoor growing these days...and i;ll admit, i jumped on the bandwagon!:stoned:

    ive just added 1 reptisun 24w 10.0 uvb reptile bulb to my existing setup of 1 600w HPS + 2x 24" T5 blue lights, in a 5gal DWC bucket for my single, spoiled sweettooth mother. :D

    this light is approved for use with pets, but i still turn it off when entering the grow space. after researching uvb abit, and watching that uvb and me video on youtube, im a believer that this technique is legit, when used correctly... but i will have to wait till harvest to show off how frosty my baby will be!:jointsmile:
  18. GoldenGoblin

    GoldenGoblin Registered+

    Cool I would like to know your findings. Seems like it would only be a supplemental light anyway.
    Good luck.
  19. vostro

    vostro Registered+

    This guy has a pretty qualified-sounding explanation on the role of UVB in THC conversion

    There's no UVB coming out of the other lights because most glass absorbs UVB.

    You could just tend to your crop with sunglasses on. Plus you'll look cooler.

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