Most cost effective way to medicate?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Dispensary' started by OG Grue, Sep 24, 2015.

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    How long does an eighth usually last you?

    I'm trying to make my supply last a lot longer than it currently does. I was thinking that if I got a large amount, say in the neighborhood of a half ounce or an ounce, that might last me until I'm paid again in a month. I'm on Social Security and I get an allowance cut from that in the neighborhood of $120/mo. With that, I spend it on this and that but lately most of it has been going towards cannabis and cannabis-related products (paraphernalia).

    I ran out of the 1/4 my guy sold me (this is where the "recreational" part comes in) about a week ago and I haven't bought much from the dispensary - just 4 spliffs to date. I want to get up to 1/2 ounce so it'll last me the month using conservatively and perhaps have a little left over by the time I'm ready to buy more. When I do, I'll just finish off the old stuff and then go onto the new. First in, first out.

    So, I know it's been a hike but back to my original question: How much can an eighth or a quarter last you?

    I'm in the process of dialing in my dosage for the conditions that ail me for which cannabis has been prescribed as a remedy. That dose would be one to two hits off a bong or a bowl or two to four draws from a cone twice to three times daily. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

    I figure about 9 draws per cone = about a day and a half's worth of medicine in one cone. By my reckoning, that's approximately 3 cannabis cones worth of medicine. 3 cones per week, 4 weeks in a calendar month equals 12 cones per month. That's just north of $165 @ ~$14/ea.

    I also feel that cones do seem the way to go - for me, at least in terms of delivery method. It's much more precise than packing a bowl not knowing how much is being incinerated and how much cannabis remains.

    I guess I'm so much of a noob that I don't know which product or method would be the most cost-effective for my budget. I mean, should I stick with flower medicine in the form of a spliff and toke on that when I need a dose or should I co concentrates or edibles?
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    There has been some research done on that.
    The conclusion was, the maximum "Bhang for your buck" is skinny joints.
    The thinner the better.

    Seems skinny joints waste less because the decarb on-the-fly is more efficient.
    And skinny roaches mean less waste.

    And the only way for us old farts to afford meds on SS is to grow our own.
    The "allowance" part says that your situation might make growing difficult.

    Maybe get the grandkids to grow some for you? ;)

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    I'm honored you think I'm retired or whatever. Thanks for that! Nah, just a gen-xer who's got some problems.

    And I need to stick with what the dispensary has. Cones are probably my best bet. And I've resigned myself to the notion that I'm gonna have to not smoke all the time - just during times I need the medicine the most. That would be the most cost-effective way of medicating.
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    Excuse me OGG, Weezard gave you the best possible advice; just because you buy cones doesn't mean you have to smoke them in the cone.... you can re-roll them into skinny joints.

    Unless you have lost the use of your fingers, you can buy regular smoking paper and re-wrap the joints to the best efficiency for you. I expect buying the buds and paper would be cheaper.:Rasta: pr
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