Most efficient Vaporizer?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Glugglug, Sep 26, 2009.

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    I love my vaporizer,but it has increased the amount I use.I use a Chinese knock off of whip style vaporizer(the cheap digital one everyone has seen).It works as well as name brand vaporizers of the same style that I have used. Is there a more efficient style (product to effect) ? and in your opinion what is the most efficient style of vaporizers ?
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    Purple days vaporizer HANDS DOWN :thumbsup:
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    I (and many other happy owners) agree. Most vapes are convection, which is a better, more efficient method than conduction. Any convection vape can be efficient, but with big bowls you tend to load big and hit big. I've used a dozen different vapes (at least) and nothing encourages efficiency like the Purple-Days. The Purple-Days, or PD, takes about 4 bowls to get up to .1g, and it's surprising how much vapor you can get out of .025g. The hits are pretty satisfying too. Can't be beat for measured doses.

    A full sized whip vape, like the one you have, can get you ripped pretty fast, but like you say, you'll go through some bud doing it. A lot of PD owners use it as their primary vape, but hang onto a full sized whip unit for those times when you just crave some huge hits. The PD also has a fixed temp, so most users save the leftovers for edibles or use in a vape that can go hotter (as long as you don't mind high temp vapor).
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    Ah, first post. Good to see the FC fellas here in full effect. Henn speaking highly of the PD. No surpise.

    I am yet another happy Purple Days owner. Believe the hype. Take the plunge. Make the wait.

    Efficient, safe, easy, always ready, beautiful, and can sit shotgun with you.
    Everyone should own like 2 or 3 PD's. Enough said. :pimp:
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    Efficient Vaporizer

    Another very efficient vaporizer is the Myrtalzap (MZ). The Myrtalzaps are made from a solid piece of very hard Myrtalwood, and will last a long time. The temperature is set and not adjustable. The set temp never gave me a problem getting thick vapor clouds, and you dont have to hunt around for the correct temp. It just keeps things simpler. The MZ is another high quality log type vape that works with as little as 0.025g of herb. I'm getting about 5 good hits from a single stem full (0.25g). The 5 hits are plenty good enough to keep me happy for about 4 hours. :420thought:
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    The SSV and the Extreme are no where near as efficient as either the Purple Days or the Myrtlezap. Try putting 0.025g in either the Extreme or the Surfer and tell us how satisfying that can be.

    You've been hyping BostonVapes in every single one of your threads here, which amounts to 3, and only hyping those vapes that BostonVapes carries, so I think it's a pretty safe bet that you are, in fact, a shill for this company.
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