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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Another Ying Yang, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. Another Ying Yang

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    I just got back from Canada. I told a Canadian joke and most Canadians hated it.

    The joke started out, "Have you heard of the new cell phone, the iphone? And only 5% of the Canadians said yes. (Look below for revised version of the joke) Anyhow, then I would say, "Well, have you heard of the cheap Canadian knock off phone?" Then, I would say, "It's called the phony phone 'eh" (emphasizing the phone "e" phone "a")

    The revised version of the joke is, "Have you heard of the ipod?"; "The Canadian version is the pod 'eh"... The Canadians didn't like that one either because they are Canadians... but at least they got it, again, because they are Canadians...

    Weed was $20 a gram and you couldn't buy more than two grams, WTF

  2. chronicnhash

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    if weed is 20 a g and u cant buy more then 2 ur obviously getting ripped off

    as for the jokes... they suck
  3. Hardcore Newbie

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    I can see why they don't like the joke, the joke isn't funny. And it's not because it's offensive ("Gasp, he making fun of the way we speak, eh?), it's because it' has nothing to it.

    taking out the "i" from the beginning and adding an "eh" to the end doesn't make something funny. if it was called the aPhone or an aPod, you'd have something.

    wanna know a funny joke along the same lines?

    Q: How did Canada chose the name of their country?
    A: So it would be easy to spell. C eh N eh D eh.
  4. Another Ying Yang

    Another Ying Yang Registered+

    Thanks for proving my point...

    Is it newbie or newfie?

    See what I mean? Two Canadians hate this joke already, and yet they do understand it, go figure...

    A Canadian, an American and a French Canadian go into a bar...

    How can you tell which is which?

    The Canadian wants a Molson...
    The American wants a Budweiser...
    The French Canadian wants a separate check...
  5. Hardcore Newbie

    Hardcore Newbie Registered+

    Proving your point... what is your point? That Canadians hate the joke? Do people like that joke where your from?

    So what's supposed to be funny about the joke? i don't know why it's supposed to be funny, other than the fact that we say "eh" a lot.

    It's like if I were to make fun of new yorkers for saying "huh" a lot, I'd try to do it in a better way than just taking the i from the front and replacing it with a huh at the end.

    So I guess i really don't understand the joke :p

    And I also don't understand the Bar joke, as i don't know any french canadian stereotypes, other than they speak french and some want to separate from canada and keep our money.
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  6. GrantFuhr

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    Here's my favourite Canadian joke....

    Q: Whats the difference between the Calgary Flames and a bra???

    A: A bra has 2 cups
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  7. Hardcore Newbie

    Hardcore Newbie Registered+

    It's not, it's about 10 bucks for a gram for really decent shit, I get mine for 1/2s for 90.
  8. Registered+

    Whats the best thing to come out of Quebec?????????????

    An empty bus.

    Yea I get AAA for 10 a gram and 90 a half and 170 a oz. for AAA delivered to my coutch
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  9. chronicnhash

    chronicnhash Registered+

    i live in sk, 160-180 a zip of the best
  10. kdspecial

    kdspecial Registered+

    Toronto has a bit of a markup comp[ared to the surrounding areas. But you can can true original BlueBerry right to your door. 200 oz

    Or you can snag a OZ for 170-180 from a buddy. but it wont touch true blueberry.

  11. cannabis campbell

    cannabis campbell Registered+

    A Canadian bloke is walking down the street with a case of beer under his arm.

    His friend Randy stops him and asks, "Hey Dave! Whatcha got that case of beer for?"

    "Well, I got it for my wife, you see?" answers Dave.

    "Wow," exclaims Randy, "Great trade."
  12. Maximiliannnn

    Maximiliannnn Registered

    buddy, you just got ripped off. canada has hella cheap bud
  13. MadSativa

    MadSativa Registered+

    dude Im not even Canadian and that joke sucks eh............thats why you got ripped off I am asuming
  14. Hardcore Newbie

    Hardcore Newbie Registered+

    Hahaha I can picture it now, he tells the joke to the dealer

    Him: Pretty funny joke.... EHH (over pronounced, of course)
    Deal: Uh, yeah, ok (thinking "not form around here")
    Him: So how much did you say that gram was, 10 right?
    Deal: No I said 20, and no more than 2 grams.

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  16. Dopenologist

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    :thumbsup: good one...
  17. konsealedkoncept

    konsealedkoncept Registered+

    Yea nice man, im in saskatoon, born in regina though.
  18. Orange Goblin

    Orange Goblin Registered+

    rofl thank you for banning that hoser yang.
  19. Vaporize Me

    Vaporize Me Registered+

    LOL I dont know where you picked up from ahha man that sucks, living in Canada all my life, virtually every where ive gone i could of picked up bud, for cheap prices and its never schwag. except once in a town were my grandma lives, it has like 300 population, i had an opportunity to buy some weed. But i know the guy, and yes it was weed. but the most schwagest weed ever lol i could see so many seeds, leafs and just random stems, that werent attached to any bud. lol at shake
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  20. ganjzilla

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    ok if weed was so expensive in canada why is canada one of the countrys that supplys the us with some dank ass weed...the first thing the cops asked me when i got busted..."is that bc bud?"...i loved canada, montreal and vancouver are both beautiful places...and as far as that wanker cannot be a smart person...thats like telling an african american a "black" joke and not understanding why they dont like it

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