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Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by Bro DZ, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. Bro DZ

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    Could you guys tell me what you think is the most potent strain availible? I read somewhere that Ice has 24%thc, and that Lionheart has the highest thc levels. All my homies down south are completely stuck on the g13 legend, saying that if I could grow that shit I'd be high and rich for all of eternity. I read a grow report on Overgrow about b52 and some dude said it had him curled up in the fetal position and afraid of music LoL

    So what ya'all think?
  2. jolly green giant

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    i grew ice and was well dissapointed. white widow is the strongest and nicest high i ever had.. thc levels of white widow can be around 19%... how strong do ya wnat it.

    white widow is piss easy to grow aswell... i love it..
  3. Bro DZ

    Bro DZ Registered+

    the most potent, as the title of the thread implies friend =o)
  4. llamaman666

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    are u looking for the most thc, best high, or most cbd (whatever that other shit is, i forgot) if thc or the c sometin or other, just look at the seed banks, they will always say thc, and sometimes csomtin or other.
  5. rnf232s

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    I wouldnt go on just THC percents cause there is really no accurate way to tell. They are all just estimates and can vary based on the grow conditions. Besides, if you get a higher potency strain that is harder to grow you could end up getting less THC than a less potent with easier growing. Also if you get something wiht more yield you could get more THC total in the long run. I would look at numerous factors not just the percentage.
  6. UserName AlphaNiner

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    Personally, I love a high THC% on a sativa strain. I absolutely love the cerebral highs. There's nothing like a few bowls of Durban Poison to get you feeling great. Another great one is Northern Bright... which you can usualy get feminized seeds for. <3

    If you prefer Indica, though....go for the good ole Afgan.

    My favorite mix is the lovely BC Bud.

    HIGHGRADE SEEDS Registered+

    While potency can be measured in a lab it is much more of a subjective factor that often decides what strain is more 'potent' for an individual. It becomes a personal assessment rather than just a clinical number that would decide that.
  8. Bro DZ

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    ok, so what are your personal favorites as far as a couch-lock strain go? I already have a good laugh-yer-butt-off-and-go-to-the-beach strain. I'm looking for something really stupifying, heavy on the eyelids and the difficulty of the grow or the unstability of the strain dosent matter. I have a lot of space, and I'm willing to spend many moons waiting for the best plant to surface.
  9. Purge

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    is there anywhere that i can find a list of all (ir just alot) types of weed? please provide a link or sumthing
  10. Pezzo

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  11. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    ...I have a combo..of white widow/rhino...separated in about 30 jars...

    ..early harvest...crippling high..

    ..late harvest...temporary polio....
  12. lovetogrow

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    g13 is said to go up to 25% thc and has had a long time standing. but Warlock is being grown to have 29% in the states.
  13. smokybear

    smokybear Registered+

    blueberry, Papaya
  14. LIP

    LIP Banned

    WR is up at 22%, but as someone else said, THC % doesnt mean sweet fuck all.

    You have to concider the CBD and CBN % as well, and also, the growing conditions play a major part on the plants resin production.

    The strongest strain ever found in the world was found in England this year, being grown by a retired bloke, i think it was in the Midlands.

    Northern Lights
    White Widow
    White Rhino
    Hash Plant

    Grown properly these are some of the strongest strains.

    But remember, if you want the most potent strain you can find, dont boher with sativas, indicas are known to have a higher resin production, with a higher concentration of THC and CBD's.

    Indicas are also best for making hashish.
  15. lovetogrow

    lovetogrow Registered+

    lip ill give you the the thc thing but you should do more reading man WR has been found at 29% in the US. yes for some reason it still only in the low 20's over there.
  16. LIP

    LIP Banned

    LOL. Ok, nevermind, i dont think you quite understand.

    The genetic estimate of WR is 22%, of course it can go higher, LOL, like i said, it all depends on growing conditions.

    Homegrown bud will always be stronger than stuff bought from a dealer, because a dealer has rebagged it, the dealers supplier has rebagged it and the grower would have bagged it, loosing some trichomes on the way.

    England has some of the strongest bud around.
  17. easyman182

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    LOL You must be taking the piss, England has the shittest weed around, grit weed, you've obviously never smoked outside of england......

  18. Chronisseur

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    Anyone know the percentage of Alaskan Thunderfuck?
    I know it's high,........wait,:wtf:...did you guys hear that?


    ...mmmmm whoopie:D pies
  19. ProGroWannabe

    ProGroWannabe Registered+

    No need to worry bout Alaskan Thunderfuck. It's about as close to extinction as it can be. It IS rumored to still be in existance---in Alaska, of course. But as far as a seedbank having REAL A.T.F.--don't bet on it.
  20. Chronisseur

    Chronisseur Registered+

    already got it;)

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