Mother plant size ?

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by 420F4i, Oct 22, 2008.

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    Depends on the shape. If you pruned her bonsai style, she should never be more than 8-10in high IMHO. Just judge ny looking at the prospective cuts. Are they well formed? Not a light green shoot off with a few really light curled leaves. Make sure they are nice n healthy with at least 3 nodes on it. There is no set height she should be first. I have taken cuttings off a plant 3-4 weeks old, and then cuts off of that cut 4 weeks later. Hope that helps
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    hey whiskey how come your no longer sharing SnS with doughboy?

    Sorry to highjack :thumbsup:
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    No fight, just wanted our own names...Will finish SnS though...
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    Hese's a few pics of my bonsai mom to give you an idea how small they can be. Just took 10 cuttings off her last night. Show ya a pic of her after cut in my episode 4 thread later....hope this gives you an idea

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    Good idea guys. I think bonsai is the way to go. She can live in the hollowed out computer case forever. Thanks for the advise.
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    I like to determine what my mothers will be by what I plan to need for cuttings, and my predicted clone success rate.
    While bonsai moms are ideal for micro-scale growers, or for collecting strains, a large mother plant with a developed root system, in relatively fresh soil, will recover fro cloning faster and provide clones more frequently than her stunted counterpart.
    So ask yourself, how many plants per cycle will I flower, or how many clones per 2 months will I need?
    A healthy mother in a 3 gallon pot will provide enough cuttings to keep a 600w flower chamber comfortably filled at all times. I keep this size mother for strains I clone out heavily; the ones I keep just for their genetics live in 6-inchers and are given the bonsai treatment. The large moms are about 24" bushes but become leggy and tree-like as they age and approach retirement, and the small ones are allowed only to grow to about 8" before their tops are taken as clones and other branches are removed to keep the structure compact.
    It's your style- in a nutshell, size of moms is determined by watts in bloom room and time flowering plants will spend in veg.
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    My flowering room doesnt even have a light yet. Its 3'x2' and full hight, I'm planning to bloom 2 adults in it under a screen getting 400ish watts.
    So I figure for that I'll need 3 new clones every 2 months, BUT i also "owe" clones to a couple friends. So right off the bat i want 8-10, but then only a few every 2 months after that.
    I also want to try a couple experiments growing. Such as 12/12 from the day I plant them.

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