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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Bottesford, Jul 26, 2004.

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    One of my BigBud plants has succumbed to some sort of mould attack. I thought it was grey mould but it looks mostly black now.
    I've included some close ups of the problem area. You can also see a lower branch that was cut off after it succumbed to mould.
    The second pic shows how this infected branch has now begun wilting (only began a few hours ago after a long period of dry looking mould).

    The third pic shows my other plant which is very healthy. The mould is not spreading to any other plants or to any other parts of the infected plant.

    Plants are being grown outdoors (in UK) and have just completed a lengthy (3 months) veg period. Now on 12/12 for flowering. Being grown in normal compost with occasional feeding with tomato food. They get watered when required. Largest plant is around every 3-4 days (when its sunny!) and smallest being around every 5-6 days. The infected plant is about 4-5 days.

    Should I remove the wilting branch and accept my loss or is there something I should do? The mould is dry to the touch & no longer has spores on it (I think the high humidity & damp UK weather was to blame).

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  2. KronicKing

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    cut as much of it off as u can wid out killing the plant it looks like you could just cut the wilting limb off let us know how it progresses
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    stem mold is usually from keeping the soil too moist. allow your soil to dry before watering to prevent more mold. it may be from excessive humidity as well, whats the humidity at your grow location? im sure your plant will survive!
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  5. Bottesford

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    Cheers for the comments. The wilting branch made a recovery yesterday- perked right back up. But today its really wilted again. Rest of plant is fine still tho as are other plants. The soil moisture is fine I think- I don't leave it saturated all the time- I prefer to soak it till its very wet then let it dry right out and water before they wilt.
    Humidity- well there's a big problem. UK summers are always humid- this year even more so. Been mostly damp with temps around 70F. Hotting up to 85+F this weekend tho! Very very humid though.

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