Mouldy Buds or something (pics)

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by EddieFudd, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. EddieFudd

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    I'm not totally sure what this is hence the vague title but I'm worried that a number of the buds are developing this 'mould' which is destroying all the stuff I want. Basically I'm looking for info on what is it, what caused it, how it can be prevented next time and can i cure some of it now? thanks!

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  2. rysk8er420

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    Wow, that sucks, its definately mold.

    Looks like that weed wasnt dried or trimmed properly(all the lime greeny leafs should have been trimmed), which invited the mold spores in with moisture and bam, you got mold.

    I would say if someone sold you this weed as is, they ripped you off and i would kick their ass, but if youve had it for a while and it just turned moldy then it may be your fault.

    Remember...Moisture+dried(or drying)bud= mold
  3. EddieFudd

    EddieFudd Registered+

    hmmm thanks for the response. What's really got me wondering is how the mould got to be on the buds before i harvested them!
  4. Kurtfolder

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    probably the moisture content of your grow room, I keep the humidty at a VERY dry level and use a passive hydro system (gave up on fishtank as nursery).
  5. J DOG 6000

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    maybe someone squeezed that bud site
  6. Zandor

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    One cause of mold is high humidity in your room. A sulfur vaporizer is one way to deal with mold. The sulfur burns slowly in the pot and fills the room and kills mold.

    Watching your humidity is the safest way, but for every take there needs to be a give too. Higher humidity and the plants grow faster and larger but you have a problem with mold. Just be prepared next time. Monitor your Humidity all the time's and very it with the growth cycle for best results. The later into flowering the lower you need to keep your humidity.

    You can't smoke that moldy bud it can kill you.
  7. EddieFudd

    EddieFudd Registered+

    I think I did cut at the top of the plant before it started flowering to try and stop it from growing (which didn't work haha) but yeah i think i might go with that problem. As I had 6 other plants in the same room (green house) and they were fine. Also it's not the whole plant that has gone mouldy, just bits where i could have possibly cut at them ... thanks for help!
  8. EddieFudd

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    Could you provide a link to some information on this please?
  9. Zandor

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    On what if smoking mold can kill you or not? Just do a goggle on mold and read up I don't have any direct links to that information but trust me it's very accurate and truthful.
  10. yeskaa

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    thats sucks ...iv had mold on outdoor grows usually the bottom/middle of the plant where its really condince ..lack of air

    i never smoked it / come to think of it i dont remember ever throwing the buds away.. pass it to freeloading buddy
  11. yeskaa

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    yeah dude i wouldent smoke it have a plant meaning you have plenty of good smoke ..on the dieing thing i dont know maybe over time of prolonged exposure to your lungs
    i know someone smoked my moldy grows and noones died yet ..

    yeah im an asshole

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