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    Hello i am new here and have found alot good sound advice on how to pass a urine drug test, however I just found out that the test i have to take on Friday is going to be a mouth swab test! I am a heavy smoker, i dont smoke large quantities but i do smoke pretty much everyday. One way im preping is by not smoking for the next three days prior to the test. I would like to know if anyone has any other ideas on how to pass on of these. The little I've gained from researching online is that it is good to take alot of mounthwash and brush your teeth sevral times before the test. And I've also read that many test only detect use of within 18-24 hours. If anyone can shed some light on any of these ideas and contribute some new ones it would be great! I really need this job to help pay for my school expenses. Thanks!
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    Yep brush your teeth and whole inside of mouth well and use mouthwash just before swab test. The cleaner you keep the inside of your mouth the better.
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    Awesome thanks for the reply. Another thing Ive found out is that alot of times this kind of testing is done to deterimine weather or not a person is impaired at the the time that the test is taken, for example if someone fucks up on the job and is suspected of being high at the time they do a swab test cuz its very accurate in finding if the person just smoked but not so accurate to determine the drug taking history of the individual. Im not smoking right now and won't be for the next couple days. I have the test on Friday and ill post my results here to let people know! If i pass im buying an ounce and blazin blunts all day!
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    Heres some info i found that might help some people clicking on this thread for insight.

    Oral Fluids
    Saliva, an oral fluid, makes THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, difficult to identify. Only a tiny amount of THC is present in saliva during marijuana use. So, unless saliva is tested one to 14 hours after THC is inhaled or consumed, it is unlikely the drug will be detectable. It is also possible that a saliva test will not show THC was used at all, depending on the amount of the drug taken into the system.

    Test and Accuracy
    The saliva test is administered by swabbing the inside of the mouth, and the bottom teeth and gums for a minute or two, until enough saliva is collected for testing. It is the least accurate way to determine whether a person has been using marijuana, due to the inaccuracy of the test after a day post-use.

    How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Saliva Tests? |
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    I passed!!:) Heres what I did. Just stop for three days, brush your teeth, gums and cheeks alot more than usual, especially the morning of test day, and use mouthwash! I also did a hydrogen peroxcide rinse right before i had to walk in to take the test. I waited for about 30 min and then they called me in. I was instructed to place the swab into my mouth and let it absorb for 2 min, I had the swab in my mouth but I didnt let is touch my cheeks too much and I just licked the swab a little then bit down on it slightly so it would stay in place. Thats it! The sample was sent out and in three days I got the call that I passed! I was kinda nervous that they were gonna reject it because I didnt let it absorb for the whole 2 min, I guess they dont need a lot of salivia for the test. Im just glad it all worked out! thanks to the people who replied and helped ease my mind.

    ps I smoke everyday:jointsmile:
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    Yep. It is highly unlikely that you would show positive on a saliva drug test if you stopped smoking for 24 hours. This chart lists the detection time of a saliva drug test as between 1-12 hours after smoking ([URL. I'd say your idea to cease smoking before the test for more than 12 hours was smart though.
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    Hhtblogger, your a little off on your information. Most swab tests go back 24-36 hours. Ive even seen cases that have gone back as far as 48-96 hours. I don't really think that your detection article constitutes as scientific proof that THC stays in the saliva for only 12 hours.
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