Multiple Sclerosis symptoms and strains

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    I am very new to MMJ (rookie status) and wondered how others out there are managing Multiple Sclerosis pain and spasticity. I've only found Indica (Purple Urkle) strain to be helpful for my symptoms so far. I'm curious to see what strains others are using specifically. I have really bad ribcage girdle-banding from a lesion on my spine ("MS hug") and neuropathic pain that wakes me up at night. I'm very hopeful about this, as in the past I've tried dozens of prescription drugs and they all gave me horrible side effects.
    Thank you for any feedback.
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    I think you have to be more specific about your MS symptoms, in order to get real recommendations for strains. MS can vary SO much from person to person.

    Brick weed is ok, but there are better traits to go after. Most of the folks who use MJ are after pain relief, which most indicas will do quite well, but at what cost? It seems like you have to take the stupidity with the pain relief.

    I've used Baclofen, Valium, Neurontin and Zanaflex for pain, but MJ does more than any of these - and way better!

    I have really, really bad spasticity (prevents me from walking even close to normal). I have found Jack Herer to be helpful in allowing me to walk better (and think at the same time!) I am able to walk without my forearm crutches for 1/2 mile when I use it. Normally, this distance would be impossible even with 2 forearm crutches.

    I also use Northern Lights when I have a great deal of pain. I have terrible neck and hip joint pain (mostly from spasticity) that responds very well to the heavier indica of NL. It does make me stupider than Jack however, so I use it sparingly. Northern Lights has a fairly high CBD level, too, which is neuro-protective.

    I've had MS for 40 years (only diagnosed for 16, though - it was so quickly transient and varied in the early years, that symptoms were long gone before I could seek medical attention. I was only diagnosed after I couldn't walk at all).

    I have been using medicinal MJ for over a year, and some of my longest-lasting symptoms are starting to go away. Like curling toes (that make it hard to walk or put shoes on)that have been there for many years, are now an occasional rather than a constant problem. Also, the needle jabbing pain in my left knee is gone, and my mood is so much better (already on Wellbutrin and Effexor for many years for that, but this is great in addition to those). My balance and flexibility are much better, too, though it's hard to say if that's the yoga or the MS (or both) at work.

    My word retrieval is better (especially good under the influence of Jack Herer) and I have viable, solid ideas while using Jack. Problem solving is great!

    I use my High Times to do yoga (which is tremendously helpful for MS) and take a walk. I also use it to get housework done. (Cleaning is so much easier when you can SEE what you're doing and you have some coordination to work with)

    You've got to grow your own if you want consistent results. It's not hard and it's good therapy.

    I vaporize and use tinctures that I make (ETOH based) in my coffee when I travel - it's more discreet)

    Best wishes to you. MS is lifelong, but growing and tending and creating solutions to your own problems that medicine can't offer, is also a lifelong pursuit. And, so worthwhile!
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    My pain symptoms are primarily the burning tingling pain in my skin, and general bad achy pain mostly in my legs, but now starting in upper body. I also have the really bad girdle banding "MS Hug" (what a stupid name for something so annoying) in my ribcage due to a large 2cm lesion on my spine that is bothering my spinal cord. I used to just really be bothered by the pain at night because it keeps me from falling asleep, and will also wake me up during the night, but now I'm waking up with body aches and the pain in my legs and feet. Sometimes my toes curl upwards from the muscle spasticity, and sometimes it feels like my skin is boiling, or that they are wrapped up with duct tape. It's a really creepy feeling, too, and sometimes it feels like there are bugs crawling all over me.
    I have tried 4 different Indica strains, and they seem to help more than the Sativa. Being able to try this for pain has been a comfort, because I say to myself, "bring it on, MS, and I'm going to fight you now!" because now I know I have something that actually helps. I could no longer take the Neurontin, Lyrica, or Baclofen because I would wake up with a hangover, and it made me very depressed and very hungry. Vicodin made me feel awful. I was on Effexor for 2 years, and gained 25 pounds, and the withdrawals/hallucinations from that lasted almost a year. The MJ does not make me hungry. I have tried Purple Urkle, Purple Kush, Grand Daddy Purps, and recently got Hollywood Kush (haven't tried that yet.) It boggles my mind that I have access to the spooky pills that make me feel weird and they don't really work, and the MJ is the only thing that has worked, and is so controversial, and now we are learning that it can actually slow the progression of MS somewhat.
    I have since splurged and got the little Iolite vaporizer. I love it. I can medicate inside the house. Plus, it's much easier to measure how much you are taking.
    Thank you for all the feedback :)
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    So happy to hear the resolution of your problems! Good for you! I have found the Indica's most helpful for pain an spasticity. Use the pain free time to improve your flexibility. Put on some nice calm music and do yoga-like stretches and hold each "pose" for 70+ seconds (that's how long it takes to "wear out" reflex spasms. THere is a book on adapted yoga, just for MS - give it a look. Wish you all the best.

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