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Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by Prunedale, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Prunedale

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    Thinking of doing a grow out of straight mushroom compost with some earthworm castings.. Picking up a truckload to fertilize the garden this season, so I was gonna use some on my clone grow and keep it completely organic this round. Any thoughts?? Is the PH of mushroom compost not good being about 5.5-6?
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    Hard question here. I have never done clones in it. But use it regularly on my plants.

    I have always been told...

    "You would not want to plant clones directly into mushroom compost. It is too rich for this and will burn the roots."

    "Once root systems have developed you can incorporate it into the soil and it will not burn them"...End quote

    It is usually mixed in with soil or growing medium.

    However, I have been told it is not wise to plant seeds directly in it, but I have done it in the past and had success with it, so who really knows.

    My Mushroom compost usually tests at 6.8 pH
  3. Abattoir Dream

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    yeh, i wouldnt use it straight, like manure, high concentrations of nutrients in soil WILL burn a plant, which is why manure is mixed thoroughly, im sure worm castings, mushroom compost and maybe coco? would work fine.. be sure to add something to 'dilute' the strength of the soil, who knows, maybe you can find something to balance the Ph out?

    good luck ;) sounds good...
  4. mickey14

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    I dont think mushroom compost is a good source of nutrients. Sure, good addition of organic matter but, think about it. It has been twice depleted of it's nutrient content- once by the horse or whatever animal 1st ate the feed, and then again by the mushrooms. Just my opinion.

    Woohoo 1st post!

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