music that gets you high (not i-doser, and free to try)

Discussion in 'Music Room' started by StonedInBaghdad, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. StonedInBaghdad

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    so lately i've been heavily researching these binaural sounds due to me going to a 3-day a week outpatient rehab with drug screens. This research led me to i-doser which i had minimum results on. i wanted to believe there was some potential to the technology though so i continued my research until i found out about something called isochronic waves. these are very similiar to binaural waves but at the same time very different. the sounds are spaced out further apart sot hat the brain has a easier time taking them in thus getting the desire affect, and you don't have to listen to it in any special speaker or headphones. you can use either or. so here's a link with a few free isochronic mp3s. i'm doing journey now and feel not stoned.... but as if i just took a nice bong hot. =) maybe it's just a placebo cause i want it to work, or maybe it's doing something. idk but feel free to try. - Isochronic Tones
  2. DaBudhaStank

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    hahahah, isoCHRONIC. wow that was lame, but I think I'll try it anyway.
  3. 420_24/7

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    I tried one, it was satisfactory, although I was high beforehand
  4. Euphoric7

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    Which is most similar to MJ? :D
  5. tumyetok1lla

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    i actually found the site today too, and then found this thread while googling to find more information about it. it seems like weightless is the most similar to mj for a shorter one while journey is longer and more of a personal adventure. i tried weightless and actually got that nice "lifted" (weightless) feeling as well as euphoria. it wasnt a stoney couchlock feeling though, it was much more "high" and uppity, i liked it. i also did adrenaline rush and it was pretty intense, and it's only 5 minutes which is good for me because im impatient haha.

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