my 1 month old baby

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  1. heyitsmeallen

    heyitsmeallen Registered+

    Here is my baby today.
    i think i see signs of a female =DD

    i did notice the stem was turning purpleish at the top. what could this mean?

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  2. the image reaper

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    looks real nice :thumbsup: ... the reddening/purpling of the stem, merely means your plant is having some cool nights, generally ... some genetics allow more purpling than others ... don't get too excited, purple is only a color ... doesn't hurt the plant, and has no effect on potency ... :smokin:
  3. heyitsmeallen

    heyitsmeallen Registered+

    sweet! so how long should i wait till i start 12/12 lighting?
    i am thinking this is a sativa strand. not really sure because it was my moms plant origionally

    here is another snapshot not as great as the others.

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  4. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    ok, in the newest snapshot, she looks paler, like she is getting hungry ... if so, I suggest she needs some nitrogen ... try a half-strength feeding of a typical fertilizer (10-5-5, 4-3-2, whatever, the first number is the nitrogen) ... feed her now, and again in 3-4 days ... see if she greens up in the following days ... and I would suggest it is a hybrid, the leaves are too wide to be a sativa ... that's good, I'm sure you didn't want to flower a plant for months ... this hybrid should finish faster :smokin:
  5. heyitsmeallen

    heyitsmeallen Registered+

    ok. ill need to search around to find some fert.
    maybe the hardware store.

    and by half strength do you mean dilute it with water?

    also the newest one was taken with the grow lights on. the others the flash was used from the camera.
  6. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    you dilute all fertilizers with water, yup ... if you have a garden shop near you, try the Fox Farms' line of ferts, just follow their ratios, and schedule ... they furnish a little brochure with the details, or it's also on their website ... if not available, you may use something like Miracle-Grow, or Schultz ferts ... if you use these, DILUTE THEM TO 1/2 STRENGTH,and only apply once weekly ... absolutely nothing wrong with these ferts, only that people over-apply them ... good luck :thumbsup:
  7. heyitsmeallen

    heyitsmeallen Registered+

    Thanks a bunch!
  8. Dreddi

    Dreddi Registered

    How can you tell its female?
  9. VanGogh001

    VanGogh001 Registered+

    Lets get it on...

    After a plant has been put into a 12/12 light cycle, about 1-2weeks should see:

    banana/ ball shape growths near the stalk. =Male
    a seductive pair of white hairs. =Felmale

  10. piroe21

    piroe21 Registered

    to skinny

    Your plants look a little to skinny! Try putting the plants closer to the lightsource to increase yield and get way fatter buds! Besides that they look pretty good!
  11. VanGogh001

    VanGogh001 Registered+

    Yea, skinny! You need to check your calender cuz if they are a month old, they small. Not enough light, light source to far away cuz they are stretching.

  12. everTree

    everTree Banned

    Are you new meallen and what kind of light are you using?
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  13. pickleslinger

    pickleslinger Registered

    i think he must be growing under matches and lighters cuz that plant is uglier than hairy taint.
  14. VanGogh001

    VanGogh001 Registered+

    The taint

    Ugly hairy taint would light that shit better than what ever he is using right now. j/k.

    But seriously get more light in there.
  15. alexsmoake

    alexsmoake Registered+

    haha that looks like a plant my friend tryed to grow in a pot next to a cactus with one small cfl
  16. gedogen

    gedogen Registered+

    Ya need more light bro.
  17. syde00

    syde00 Registered+

    you do realize that he hasn't updated this thread in 2 months right?

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