my 1 month old plants more or less

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by dopehouse, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. dopehouse

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    plants are like a month old the pic on the far right is older than the rest all the other plants you see are from the same pic theyres more still alive not enough battery to take pic of all of them oh and the dates are wrong beacause the camera aint that goodo so well does are my plants

  2. TheBrains

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    wow , ur doing something very wrong, this is one of my babys at 29 days

    Also , those all should be in their own pots.. the roots have no room for growth DOOD

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  3. sheist

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    TheBrains.. i'm gonna be flowering my girls after 31 days.. can u tell me how tall ur plant is??
  4. karmaxul

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    dopehouse try mixing peat in with the soil so your roots can breath.
    atleast 80% peat

    One love
  5. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Those plants are the worst i have ever seen. My 2 day old plants look better than them.
  6. dopehouse

    dopehouse Registered+

    sry i tought this was called basic growing by the way this is like the second time i try to grow so i dont mind them being gay plats i still gona get me high one of them plus its regular soil and well the seeds are from regular weed not seeds bought off the net some plants are from good weed others from bad

    ps not all the plants are 1 month some are like 3 weeks
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  7. Easy Roller

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    Hey man don't sweat it!

    You say all seeds are different? The fact that they are all of a similar height would suggest they are not so different in growth rate...

    I'm prdicting that u are using a fluoro??

    I suggest you up the wattage and or bring the light closer to the plants...They don't look like they've stretched ...Which would suggest perhaps that light isn't the main problem..

    I'd say maybe move them to larger pots.....It's hard to see the colour of them....are they yellow?
  8. dopehouse

    dopehouse Registered+

    oh my i forgot to say my neighbor has been growing some plants for about 1 mont more than me his are shorter than mine but have more leaves and is already flowering but they were grown like in the middle of rocks for like a week and a half and then they were planted in soil il try to get some pics of does to show them but they look good shorter than mine dough and how do you get to grow so fast in 29 days i dont realy germinate or anything what type of soil do you use oh yeah whats peat
  9. dopehouse

    dopehouse Registered+

    oh im not realy using lights i have them on my window and sometimes i take them out side so they can get some sunlight
  10. sheist

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    yo dopehouse, don't worry bout their comments, they're hard on new-comers.. think of it lyk orientation lol.. Freshman Fridays in highschool haha

    but na.. ur plants are definitely behind.. try changing the lighting.. I got 4 plants doing great off 80w of CFL.. my bulbs are only a few inches from the plants themselves.. the closer they are, the more light the plants recieve.. my bulbs are cool white so i can bring the close without burning the plants, other bulbs may give off alot of heat, so be cautious with what you use..

    also, is that their 29th day out the soil? or are you counting from startin seeds in the soil?? get those plants in their own spots.. the roots will tangle,rip, and suffocate the plants, etc..
  11. jamstigator

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    Those poor fellas need decent soil (I like FoxFarm Ocean Forest), good ventilation, and 24/7 of decent lighting. The difference between a plant given all that it wants and plants that are starved for lighting, nutrients and/or ventilation is tremendous, like a factor of 10 on yield. I totally understand being broke though, having been that way many many times, but if you can improve the plants' environment, they will definitely reward you later. ;)
  12. busteruk7

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    hey the brains what light cycle ya got your baby on its looking good for 29 days old ill post a pic of mine which is 14 days old and is on a 18 hours of light and 6 hours of dark :)

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  13. TheBrains

    TheBrains Registered+

    Hello busteruk7,

    I ran a 24/0 light cycle for the 1st 21 days.. Then went to a 18/6 untill the 29th day , Now im on a 12/12 .. .

    most people say 18/6 is best untill the 12/12 but , 24/0 treated me very well :)

    Best of Luck 2 u...
  14. Easy Roller

    Easy Roller Registered+

    Nice growth rate for 2 weeks man:thumbsup:

    They look a tad yellow however ...I would suggest an ultra light dosage of nutriant soluton with a nice Nitrogen value.

    Best to spot deficiencies early...

    I'll post some pics of my MasterKush at 1 1/2 weeks tonight.......Are we not like soccer moms compairing pics of our little joys?
  15. busteruk7

    busteruk7 Registered+

    yeah cheers its even bigger now ,nice cant wiat till you post a pic of ya masterkush easy roller will be nice to see :)
    yeah it does make you fell like soccer moms compairing pics of our little joys but what ya gonna do it makes ya feel good when ya share a pic of something ya are proud of lol
    my new venture is going to be a lil lowryder crop which i am looking forward to my m8 legalizedahurb will be joining me in this so keep an eye out for our pics as we do like to share our experiences
    thanks all :)
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  16. Legalizdahurb

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    A pic of my White Rhino seed planted a few hrs b4 busters.
    wr1.jpg wr2.jpg
  17. Legalizdahurb

    Legalizdahurb Registered+

    P.s. I cant wait 4 the Lowrider seeds. Role on Friday.
  18. Easy Roller

    Easy Roller Registered+

    Here are the kush babies in Hydro [ebb/flo] notice the little skunk#1 clone on the far left...and notice the thickness of the Kush [indica] leaves!
    They are growing under only 80 watts of fluoro tubes [4 x 18 watt [2 foot tubes]]

    The two large plants are skunk#1 and the one on the left is the mother of the babie clone in the hydro tray...

    See the difference between the skunk plants? the one on the left was once a clone and hasn't been topped ..hence the strong central khola.....The one the right was grown from seed and was topped during veg! They are two weeks into flowering and the left plant [which was a few weeks older] has taken to flowering much faster...they were planted at christmas.. vegged under 25 watt fluoro for 3 weeks and then under 400 watt HPS all the way along till now.

    the hydro plants are MasterKush Feminised [Dutch Passion]nearly 2 weeks old....Can't wait to take clones.

    I'm also germinating 4 White Russian seeds now!

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  19. busteruk7

    busteruk7 Registered+

    nice grow easy roller very nice they will turn out nicely if everything goes smoothly and best of luck to ya m8 :)
  20. Easy Roller

    Easy Roller Registered+

    Cheers pal...same to you

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