My best friend has cancer need help treating my dog

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Jarred Thorpe, Oct 24, 2017.

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    Hi I'm new and was wondering (because I heard everyone's really nice and helpful here) how do I do my first dose with my dog. I bought some king Louie og RSO from a dispensary and got 3grams for 60 dollars..
    Me and my friend ate a drop and didn't feel much so I'm not sure if it's just not decarbed or if it's weak cuz it tastes strong atleast. Also kind of has a chemically taste to it not sure if it's just supposed to taste like that or if it has some solvent left behind...i just want to know should I decarb it or will it cure his cancer even undecarbed? And how much should I give him? He has mast cell tumor cancer he's 4 years old and weighs 75 lbs...he has a large tumor the size of a long long ball in his elbow ...also should I apply it topically to the tumor ?
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    $20 per gram for something that cost $30 per gram to produce?
    That does not smell right

    THC-A (un-decarbed) is too large a molecule to pass through the blood/brain barrier. So, yes, heat it on a coffee warmer until the tiny bubbles begin to taper off. Then try a "Grain of rice" sized blob. If it works on you, it needed to be decarbed.
    Give the dog roughly one third of that grain of rice dosage.
    Mix it 50:50 with whatever oil he likes, (peanut butter leaps to mind), and paint it on the tumor. Let him lick it off, because it would be difficult to stop him. :)
    That will cover both bases. Topical and oral.
    MSC is a tough one. best of luck with it.

    Wee 'zard
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    Dude thanks so much for the response...he has been eating oragnic: cucumber, carrots, spinach, kale, coconut oil, chicken , and sweet tomatoes all blended together and I've been giving him about a grain of rice sized amount everyday for a week noe and haven't seen much of the tumor going down unfortu arely :( does this take a while? And also will it work no matter what or so I have to put him on an alkaline diet or organic poultry and vegetable diet for it to work?
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    By the way when I give it to him he passes out all does that mean it's decarbed or should I death it anyways cuz he might be sleeping purely off the effects of the and? Maybe he's just feeling the cbd and that's what's making him sleep? Idk
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    That is too much for a 75 pound dog, IMO.
    Give him less than half that dosage and you may see rapid remission.
    At least that is what I observed with mammary cancer.

    Mast cell is a different beast.
    I find no documented success stories about mast cell cancer and RSO, yet.
    But from what I have read, dietary changes have no effect on it other than overall health.

    I'd decarb, cut the dosage, and wait.

  6. Jarred Thorpe

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    ok im going to try what you are saying cuz i've heard smaller doses actually work well...but do you know why smaller doses work better than larger ones? i just wanted to know the science behind it or do you not know since theres no real studies?
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    All medicinal dosage is subject to the bell curve.
    A very small amount will have very little effect.
    As dosage is increased, the desired effect increases in an almost logmarithmic curve.
    Until it reaches a peak. That peak represents the most effective dosage.

    More, is not better.
    Most medicines has an LD-50. If you take too much, it can kill you.
    Cannabis extract is non toxic and has no reasonable lethal dose.
    As you increase the amount past that peak, the curve begins to drop in a mirror image of the rise. Becoming less effective.
    That's where the name "bell curve" comes from.

    bell curve.gif
    There is plenty of science behind it. :)
    Do some reading.
    Bottom line?
    More than enough, is too much.


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