My dog is on rso need help with dieting

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Jarred Thorpe, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. Jarred Thorpe

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    So I wanted to know if you guys know anything about how I should be dieting my dog while he is on rick Simpson oil. He has Mast Cell Tumor cancer and I've been feeding him organic poultry and vegetables and havnt noticed much change...should I be boiling the poultry instead of cooking it? I'm giving him alkaline water too is that Ok? Just gimme some recipes and ideas if ya can plz!
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    The Ketopet Sanctuary has a free e-book explaining the keto diet for dogs: This sanctuary is in Texas and takes in dogs from shelters about to be killed because they have cancer, and then heals them at the sanctuary. My dog has mast cell tumors (inoperable, aggressive) and I'm using Steve's Real Food (raw dog food), plus I add cod liver oil, probiotic, multi vitamin, extra vitamin C and his cancer supplements (Turkey tail mushroom extract, other mushrooms, some chinese herbs, colostrum for the immune system, and RSO.). I also give him ozone rectal treatments. I asked my naturopath about alkaline water and he said that if it's made using the electrolysis method, it's probably better to not give it.

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