My drug test experience QuickFix 6.1- FAILED

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Haolegirl922, Feb 4, 2016.

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    Howzit fellow stoners!!

    This is my first time on a 420 forum or anything like this. I've never shared anything via forum/blog before, but after the mindfuck situation I've been in, its necessary. I feel it is my civic duty to warn, inform, and advocate so I can potentially save someone else from my nightmare.

    Backstory- although probably not necessary. I'm originally from the east coast. My husband and I were working and living in NYC in fast paced, very demanding jobs when we decided to up and quit. Despite making loads of money, we sold everything we owned and left our boozy, ritzy, status oriented lives behind us. We lived out of our Ford Explorer while we camped and hiked across the country until we took a one way flight to Oahu, HI. Finding jobs hasn't been easy. We've been here for 7 months now living with a college roommate. Once we got jobs, the mindfuck began. (Mind you, my hubby and I had been habitually smoking weed for the 5+ years we were working and living in NY.) Not only does it seem like here in HI EVERYONE blazes but its also true that Here in HI EVERYONE does drug screens. I work in the business field and my hubby works in the healthcare field. It doesn't matter. There will be pre-employment drug tests almost 100%. For any other mainlanders who think HI is lax as hell, its not. :(

    Anyway as soon as I heard that the job I wanted was going to do a urinalysis, I put down my beloved bowl, bought myself some time and tried to cleanse. Well guess what, its like impossible to get clean from weed. (How FUCKED up is it that the LEAST dangerous drug takes the longest to get out of your system?!?!?!)
    I did some extensive research. Upon coming to the conclusion that I did, this is what I tried.

    Since I bought myself some time, I tried to cleanse by drinking A LOT of water and green tea, exercising like crazy (running, pushups, hot yoga, swimming), and stayed away from fatty foods. After two weeks I bought an at home pee test and tested Positive. This crazy girl thought it would be that easy and quick. :( Since I only know stoners on the island, using someone's clean pee didn't seem like an option. I resorted to buying several 3 oz bottles of QuickFix 6.1. If you haven't heard of this product, google it. It has rave reviews. I read one review after another of how QuickFix is a miracle solution for pot heads everywhere who need their privacy protected due to their harmless habit. I thought "YESSSS THANK THE UNIVERSE" This shit is made in a lab and contains all the ingredients in urine including specific gravity, creatine, urea, and is balanced for pH. The bottle comes with a temperature gauge on it along with a heating pad so messing up the temperature (which is a sure fire way to fail) is fool-proof. I agonized and agonized and quite frankly was nervous as hell to use it but I tried to trust what I read online. I even called the number on the back of the box and read the nice lady my batch number. She told me it has a shelf life of 4 years, and that I'm "good to go". Got there for my test at a Diagnostic Laboratory Services, INC location. Gave them my paperwork and I proceeded with the test. I had to wash my hands first, empty my pockets/leave my purse, and not flush the toilet when I was done. They did not watch me (they usually don't for pre-employment drug screens). Despite shaky hands I poured it into the cup and then pissed in the toilet for real. I realized I forgot to shake the bottle before pouring which they recommend, but I saw my temperature read 97 which is perfect so I thought, voila! donezo!

    WELP my miracle solution turned into my worse nightmare. Quickfix 6.1 failed me. Just heard from my employer that the lab found my sample as synthetic urine. This is literally the biggest let down ever. Good thing I stopped smoking when I did and haven't blazed since because now I'm back in the job search and will try to pass it the good ole fashioned way. This has literally been the most stressful, discouraging time for me and I don't even have the option of smoking a bowl to relax. :( :(

    Guys, please reconsider before buying/using Quickfix Synthetic Urine, atleast in the state of HI. I would never want anyone to have to experience the disappointment I did.

    Aloha and Goodluck!
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    Sorry about your job/fake pee situation, start getting the dilution procedure down perfectly and buy some test strips off ebay, and practice, just in case you get a job offer before you get naturally clean. You will find everyone is different on the time frame it takes to pee clean or pee clean enough with some minor dilution to get by.

    Good luck
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  3. redtails

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    When I used QF, I peed in the cup, emptied all but a little and then poured in the QF. I was worried that it would get found out, but everything worked great for me. I figured that way if they look it's got at least some real urine(and THC metabolites).

    I'm sorry to hear it didn't work for you, they have a money back guarantee.
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  5. Weezard

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    My wife had the same experience.
    It's not the QF, it's the hawaiian lab.
    They have figured out how to spot Quick fix.
    I know of 3 cases here where it came back as synthetic.
    Soon the mainland states will have that information and the pee wars will escalate.

    If there are any Hawaiian folks that used QF here and passed, please weigh in.

    Most all my friends are stoners too.
    And it can be um, awkward, to approach a non-stoner to beg a cup of pee. :)

    What you want is a stoner friend with toddlers.
    Toddlers being potty trained are a goldmine for job applicants here.

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  6. goldeneye

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    Yea some states now test for uric acid, this is why I always get the canadian version. But your right, subbing with a clean sample is guaranteed as long as you keep it body temp
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    Well shit. Guess we should all be ready to deal with this for a while until QF beats them again
  8. Air-ik

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    I just took a 5panel test today at concentrausing the quickfix 6.1 with urea. They checked off the temparture meaning it was between 90-100 and On the paper i believed it said it will be shipped to NC atlabcorp....does anyone know if NC test forurea?
  9. Air-ik

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    Haolegirl922 do you know what batch number it was??
  10. Jessica Creative

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    As I know, after urinalysis you show scripts for all the drugs you took. Then lab doesn't take into consideration drugs which were mentioned.
  11. WillBX43

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    Thats why I can't fuk with synthetic pee, its like too much work and you can still fail... (detox drink + alot of water) best way to go
  12. PulseShock

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    Anyone has experience with quick fix 6.1 in Indiana? On the box it says "contains urea". I bought it from spectrum labs at anyone know if this is indeed a legit distributor of quick fix? Where would I find the batch number?
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  14. anonymousinhawaii

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    ALLOOOOOOOOOHA from Hawaii!

    So this thread had my stomach in KNOTS for 2 days. Couldn't eat couldn't sleep and crazy stressed out. I used QF 6.1 last week (June 2017) here in the islands, and also used it here in the islands last year (June 2016) WITH NO PROBLEM.

    They do not test for uric acid.
    They test for urea.
    Q.F. 6.1 contains urea.
    The "Canadian version" is almost 4 years old and does not and has not ever contained uric acid. It contained urea.
    All quick fix 6.1 contains urea now.

    I'm not sure why your sample popped hot as synthetic, But I would guess it was because you bought it from somewhere that is not a trusted and certified dealer of Q.F for spectrum labs. I am very sorry that happened to you.

    But I figured I would comment on this to ease anyone's mind, since this thread did the opposite for me.

    It totally saved my ass once again. My life/career would have been ruined if it were not for quick fix 6.1 with urea.
    Seriously I'm going to get a tattoo that says "I love quickfix". Not really but you get the picture!

    Just make sure you go through a reputable site if buying online. I recommend or

    Again I'm sorry it didn't work out for the OP but the stuff works. Labs do not test for uric acid on drug tests. Legally they can only test for specific grav, creatinine, urea, ph level and I may be forgetting something but quick fix contains everything that the labs test for.

    So Mahalo much for the 2 day heart attack but it was unnecessary because the stuff is miracle potion for weed enthusiasts like myself. Although I'm done with the crap because it's not worth my career. and that become abundantly clear when I thought I was going to lose it all. Anyways hopes this helps any other locals or haoles who read this and start to panic thinking that Hawaii is somehow ahead of the rest of the world in testing for synthetic. Hawaii sends their stuff to the mainland to be tested anyways.

    Ok this is long enough,
    Aloha, Mahalo, and a hui hou!
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  15. BigWeirdoCreep

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    To anyone out there who is currently researching QF 6.1 and has come across this forum post, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS DUMB ASS OP.

    They literally said in the OP that they forgot to shake the bottle which is recommended. ANY TIME there is a failure with this product it is USER ERROR.

    I have used this product multiple time and if you are not a goddamned moron(like OP) you will pass without issue every time. People who tell you that labs test for this and not that are morons. The dude earlier in this thread who said detox drinks and water work better? Fucking LOL dude get the fuck out of here. How is drinking a bunch of shit less work than QF 6.1? Get your head out of your ass bro.

    Bottom line, like...BOTTOM BOTTOM LINE:

    QF 6.1 works as long as you follow directions. Do not be an idiot like OP. I knew it was user error before I even read that shit and it is a shame that this even comes up when you search for reviews for this product because it is not an instance in which the product failed but rather an instance where the user is a fucking idiot.
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  16. Weezard

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    You are correct.
    Got mine through E-bay.
    Can't tell you how happy I am to learn that genuine QF still works here.

    Sorry for the heart attack. :(


    So, let me re-post this;

    "Just make sure you go through a reputable site if buying online. I recommend or"
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  17. Belayon

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    Failed an analysis today, went to a lab. Said inconsistent to human urine, spectrum labs quick fix plus formula 6.1 batch # P153B03U. This was for a great job, super disappointed.
  18. anonymousinhawaii

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    Where did you get your sample from?
  19. anonymousinhawaii

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    Hey no worries. My stress is my problem not yours.
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  20. bostonbean

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    Used qf plus is NYC for a corporate position and I must tell you...It really does work!!!! Follow the instructions properly, temp being the most important. But my goodness this thing is amazing!!

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