My drug test experience QuickFix 6.1- FAILED

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Haolegirl922, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. Roadkingclsc

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    I Just ran your batch number through the batch validator and it came back expired
  2. Kerri Anne

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    For real buy xstream it’s at some gas stations for 20 bucks I think u can buy it online for 25.... I use it for EVERY drug screen except @ pain managemnt cuz my meds have to be in my piss this works 100% I was nervous the first time especially since it’s so cheap but it works girl hahha my weed dealer told me about it he uses it for probabation testing lol
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  4. willygreen85

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    Duuuuude you fucked up by going with quickfix, I made the same mistake awhile back and it cost me what would have been a pretty decent job, but I luckily am in the same field now after a shit ton of resumes lol but what I used was the whizzinator, its basically a jock strap with a bag that holds fake piss and a fake penis attached to it and you can squeeze it to simulate really taking a piss but Ive had it for maybe 6 months now and have used it maybe 4 times and its worked every single time. I have heard that quickfix and a few other similar brands have had to reformulate their products for these same reasons and I dont think ALS has had to that with their products, I could be wrong, but they have always worked for me and would recommend trying them out

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