My Experience with Rick Simpson Oil

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by GrowGoddess, Dec 2, 2011.

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    Yes, both. :thumbsup:

    Along with the containers, funnel,and sieve.
    And arrange to keep them cold while in contact with the herb.

    Once you pour off the soak, and the rinse, you can let everything warm up to room temperature.
    "Think it through before you do" --Some guy on the internet. :D

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, GG. :)

    I searched that Isopropanol.
    It's as close to 100% as it gets as long as it is kept sealed.
    Once exposed to air, it will absorb water vapor of course.
    It is quite hygroscopic. (Water hungry)
    So, besides a breeze, waiting for a low humidity day will save some hassle with the evap.

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    Alcohol is hygroscopic, it will grab moisture from the air. So, once exposed to air it is no longer 99%.
    And there is always some water present, even in very dry buds.
    That water is a polar solvent which carries undesirables like chlorophyll, salts, sugars, etc.
    So we freeze it out.

    "Strongly polar compounds like sugars (e.g., sucrose) or ionic compounds, like inorganic salts (e.g., table salt) dissolve only in very polar solvents like water, while strongly non-polar compounds like oils or waxes dissolve only in very non-polar organic solvents like hexane. Similarly, water and hexane (or vinegar and vegetable oil) are not miscible with each other and will quickly separate into two layers even after being shaken well.

    The resin we are after has a much lower freezing point, as does the alcohol.
    This way we get the benefit of nonpolar solvents like Naptha and Hexane, from a safer and easier to purge polar solvent like Isopropanol.

    If you use iso at elevated temperatures, you will yield a dark, green, bitter tasting, tar like substance.
    The chilled Iso yields a golden, amber, honey oil, of excellent quality.

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    hey thurgood just checked the site and would say look real to me after reading and contacting them but that is just my opinion. i prefer not to be blunt on a site without no first hand knowledge. been through bad situations but also meet some great online shop but mostly its best you buy local. peace out
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    come on guys.jpg

    Oh stop it! Use your head.
    This is a scam!

    If you put forth the effort to google that number, you will see that they also claim to sell "magnificent Teacup Yorkie pups."
    No pups were actually delivered.

    Shun them!
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  5. GrowGoddess

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    I reported the spam scam. LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR anyone that needs to sell RSO on one of my threads it is highly probable that the product is fake. If it were real, they would not need to advertise it on my thread and others.
    I get that type of spam on many of my threads.

    Make the oil yourself, it is as easy as mac & cheese. Then you know what you are getting. As long as you can get buds, you can make the oil.
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  6. GrowGoddess

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    Good! Looks like the spam scam post was removed.

    Thank you CCom!
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  7. Weezard

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    Ratbastard competition?
    Seems that this software leaves the door open. :(
    Starting to look like they are being invited, yah?

    I'm just grateful for the transparency.
    These Bozos don't have two brain cells to rub together.

    And for our dear readers.

    If you see a "RickSimpson " kine email address that claims to be selling felonies, RUN FROM IT!
    It IS a scam attempt.
    Here is the trace on that number;

    "We provide a Free UK Number in Bulgaria-Olo like +447024075089 where you can call forward or divert for free. You can call forward or divert your Free UK Number to international prefix +3593369 Bulgaria-Olo free."

    Mr. Simpson, has a facebook page that you can check this crapola on.
    His real site is not in Bulgaria, and does not sell oil for reasons of legality.

    Aloha ya'll
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2015
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  8. GrowGoddess

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    I know there are a lot of awesome strains out there and it has been a long time since I have sampled any new strains. I am sure there have been many great improvements with the breeding and many more awesome strains to choose from.

    Over the years many people have asked me about having my strains or oil tested. Up until just recently, one of my patients had my favorite oil making strain tested as a Christmas gift to me. It was a complete surprise and a really cool gift. That strain is TGA Querkle.

    Here are the results. I have had great success with this strain. I realize it is not high in CBD, but it has done very well for me in treating illnesses. I have the SpaceQueen dominant phenotype.

    Querkle Lab Test - 12-11-15.jpg

    I consider TGA Querkle a quality strain to work with when making RSO.
  9. GrowGoddess

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    This is an informational link that is well worth sharing.

    I can't help but to share this story, it seems realistic to me. Imagine what difference it would make when adding RSO to the equation. I know this, I am 100% confident in the RSO, I have seen what it can do. I also have a firm belief to the many other alternative treatments that are available, including diet and exercise.
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    I have some sad news to share. My second cancer patient who I spoke of on this thread has died just recently. The good news is, it was not cancer that killed him. He died of either a heart attack or stroke while clearing snow from his driveway in mid January 2016.

    The following is what I posted on another site from his original thread seeking an alternative treatment or supplemental treatment to modern medicine.

    "RIP Vaporeyes

    Vaporeyes passed early January 2016. He died with his boots on while clearing his driveway of snow. It was either a heart attack or stroke. He was a hard worker and more than likely overworked himself clearing the drive. Cancer did not get him.

    Vaporeyes beat cancer 100%. A couple of simple surgeries and RSO (concentrated cannabis oil) and his cancer problem was solved in about 3 months. He did not have to go through any of the modern treatments that were mentioned above. No chemo, no radiation. After recovering from the surgeries, he was able to get back to a normal life, went back to working full time, and defied the doctors completely.

    I was his caregiver through the oil treatment and he was one of the best patients I ever had. Honest and reliable. Very sad to see him pass, but happy cancer and modern treatments did not get him."

    Some questions were asked, this was my answer. People were interested since the thread was originally started in the fall of 2012

    "The doctors at sparrow hospital were fear mongering him horribly. Telling him that if he did not immediately begin treatment that he would not make it past Christmas. He made it past 4!

    It was not difficult to get him to dose with oil. What was difficult was keeping him on track. He went through a lot of emotional stress from the sparrow doctors. He did go for a second opinion at U of M as I recommended. He was very insistent about not wanting chemo or radiation. He agreed upon some radical surgery, which I believe was beneficial. They removed the effected node and more around it. They also did a radical tonsillectomy. That is where they found the source of the squamous cell carcinoma that effected the node. They found a 1 cm size tumor in the right tonsil. Here is the interesting part, when they did the biopsy of the tonsil, there were no signs of the cancer spreading. I believe that is due to the oil. There should have been some sign of spreading since the lymph node was originally effected.

    Over the three years I knew him, we became "cyber friends" it is really sad to have him gone. Like a piece of me is missing. The experience we shared together developed a trust. It is difficult to lose somebody after building a relationship of trust. Trust is something that is not easily obtained.

    I am happy he did not suffer."
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  11. Luigipie

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    Hi GG,

    This forum has a lot of great information and advice! And you have a lot of knowledge about making the oil. I was wondering what you could recommend for someone that cannot make the oil themselves. I share a living space with a county sheriff and I have a newborn baby at home as well. I can't risk the sheriff finding out and I worry about the safety of my child. But the reason I am so interested in this oil is for my 7 year old dog. He's been recently diagnosed with liver cancer and they have said he is unoperatable and untreatable. My dog is a very important part of my family. He's every part of soul and I get sick to my stomach at the thought of not hearing the pitter patter of his paws at home. I not only want to prolong his life, but I want it to be pain free. Please help! I want to buy this oil, but I don't want to be scammed. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  12. Luigipie

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    Hi weezard,

    I am new to this forum. My 7 year old dog has just been diagnosed with liver cancer. I currently share a living space with a sheriff and just had a baby. what can you recommend if I cannot make this oil myself? There has to be something that comes close that can help my dog. I'd appreciate any advice. I'm desperate to save my dog!
  13. GrowGoddess

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    If you can't make it or conveniently purchase it (which I do not recommend), there are other options.

    It can be as simple as eating roaches, or fresh bud that has been decarbed in the oven.

    You can make smaller doses of oil, like this guy dose (which may be three or more for your dog)
  14. Weezard

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    I have no solid success stories for oil vs liver cancer. :(
    And your situation is a complication.
    Since you did not say, I will assume you are in a backwards state that still demonizes cannabis
    It would not hurt to give the dog legal, over the counter CBD oil made from hemp.
    Can't say it will help but all thing considered it will be much safer for you.

    I have very little experience with homeopathic medicine.
    So I suggest that you ask Grow Goddess about other treatment options.

    Good luck and aloha,
  15. Weezard

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    Yikes, just got back to find that I hadn't posted that yet.
    No matter. GG is here. :)
    Should have said saute some popcorn buds and serve then warm.
    Titerate dosage in the same way as the oil.

    Aloha again,
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  16. kas

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    Hello all, it is my first post!

    My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 (HER 3+), it was up and down through this years, recurrence, metastasis to the liver, 3 different chemotherapy (herceptin e.t.c.), radiotherapy, almost all treatment I think. After last chemo (in May 2015, with quite good results), my mom started to smoke marijuana and taking CBD 4% oil. For the last month she was also taking hemp oil 53% THC / 13% CBD, 10 ml/per month (we bought it online). But despite this CA 15-3 marker growth from 39,1 (in August 2015) to 93 (in January) and 121 (in February). She is going to make some other tests, but we are worried oil is not working on her cancer.

    The question is, what we are doing wrong? Is this oil we bought not good? Or it isn't working for my mom? Maybe it need more time and a month is too early? We would try to make own small dose of oil from what we can find in our country but it is very hard.

    Also she is feeling well, have no pain, bones do not hurt her, the liver works good, everything is fine. She was very sleepy, when she was taking this oil.

    Any help would be useful.
    Thank you
  17. Weezard

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    Something is not right.
    "Hemp oil" is made from hemp and will have <1% THC. That is why it can be sold online without legal issues.
    Even for real oil, those numbers would generate suspicion.

    Sadly, there are sick, greedy, bastards online taking advantage of desperate people by selling hemp oil as RSO.
    If a solvent extraction is too difficult for your location, how about growing,, or buying, good buds and making cannabis butter from them?

    Be careful with the initial dosage. She may not have a tolerance to real THC.
    I say this because she would be much more than just "very sleepy" with the real deal at those concentrations.

    Best of luck,
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  18. kas

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    She also made some butter before, maybe we should return to it.

    I appreciate your help.
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  19. GrowGoddess

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    If you can, do try to make RSO, it is not a difficult process.
    I only use 99% isopropyl alcohol, if I were to use anything else and, and it is much more safe when it comes to making RSO, I would use 192 proof polish vodka, it is less fumy.
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  20. pressure

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    im trying to make oil. but I dont have 9 oz

    how much do I have to use, bud wise, and oil wise to make it powerful?

    do I need to use iso alcohol?

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