My Experience with Rick Simpson Oil

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by GrowGoddess, Dec 2, 2011.

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    I recommend to use at least 2 oz, but you can use less. Me personally, I like to use at least 4 oz of premium bud and a mix of strains.

    When doing smaller quantities, you just need to be more careful about burning it towards the end of the rice cooker phase.

    You do not have to use 99% iso. All I have worked with is 99% iso, 200 proof ethyl, and 192 proof polish vodka. The 99% iso was the easiest to work with. The next easiest would be the 200 proof ethyl.

    The potency is based upon the starting material (buds) and how pure the solvent is. Another factor is not overheating the oil during the final phase. Use a coffee mug warmer, very important.
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    Woo Hoo! 250,000 views!!!

    Big thumbs up to!!
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  3. pressure

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    ok im new at this and im taking notes

    so I do need some kind of "solvent" it 99% iso, 200 proof ethyl, and 192 proof polish vodka. with 99% iso was the easiest to work with

    how come other people who have directions online dont have the "solvent" in their instructions.

    is this the missing ingredient that will make it powerful?

    can I use "organic" mid grade weed from mexico and arizona to make the oil, or do I need the highest quality? before I use 2 ounces or even 4 ounces I would like to make a small batch to make sure im doing it right.

    could I use 3.5 grams? or maybe 7 grams?

    whats the MINIMUM amount of weed that a person can work with to test methoods and things like that that will produce, at least 2-3 strong 00 gelatin capsule pills?
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    See? Your hard work has paid off! Props to Girl!!!!!!!!
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    There are many methods to make concentrates. I have found the solvent method to be the best, at least for me. I prefer to work with alcohol. I cannot comment on the other methods because I have not used them. I stuck with what worked best for me and my patients.

    Mid grade product will produce a mid grade oil, simple as that. If you do it right, it will be potent, you will just need to ingest more than if you were to use premium buds.

    Small amounts can be made, others have done it, but I have not, so I cannot rightfully comment on the quality. I do understand you're wanting to be sure before using a large amount of buds. With that small of a quantity, It would be difficult to do with a rice cooker. Here is a video of a guy showing how to make a one day dose of the oil. I do not agree with him doing the process indoors though.

    I hope this helps.

    After I make the oil, I like to allow it to rest for 1-2 weeks, sealed in a syringe or small vial, to be sure it reaches full potency.
  6. TJ75

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    Does anyone know if the RSO or supercritical co2 method is better for extraction of oil or have any experience with the two oils?
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    I would put my money on the RSO alcohol extract when it comes to illness.

    I have heard of CO2 oil being good for vaporizing. However, I have heard a lot about chemicals and flavorings being added to it. CO2 oil is interesting to me and I have kept a close eye on the process. I have not seen it do anything that exceeds what alcohol extracted concentrates can do.
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    I have been trying to research peoples experience and it is hard. Some of the failed cases may have not had good product or good product and not decried the final product correctly. It is difficult to come up with a success rate on cancer patients. I have a daughter with cancer and we have been battling this cancer for a while.
    How many cases have you been able to treat with success. Thanks for the info.
  9. GrowGoddess

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    I have only treated 2, and I talk about them on this thread. 100% success.
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  10. Jing jing fan

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    Hello,sorry,i just found i have cancer。 i only 32. Anybody can help me where can find real simpson oil?thanks。
  11. mdioni

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    hello, with regards to freezing the buds and the alcohol prior to extraction, is decarboxylation of the buds recommended before freezing it or can decarboxylation be skipped?
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    Most people don't chemically extract THC for cooking, they do it for dabbing. So, no, you don't have to decarboxylate before extracting. If you intending to use weed for cooking, you should decarb before sifting.

    Any why did you post in a thread that was created 5 years ago and has nothing to do with cooking?
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    for knowledge purposes, I google searched for cannabis extraction using alcohol and one of the many links that I was provided with was page 21 of this thread post. so for the sake of knowledge I posted a question. isn't this thread referring to rick simpson oil, is it a problem asking a question? obviously the question wasn't in anyway referring to cooking, if it was I would of stated otherwise. sorry if this upsets you. I just trying to expand my knowledge is that ok? if I've made a mistake posting here, wouldn't it be more constructive to provide directions to other information instead of answering a question with a question, aren't we all here to help each other out? this is cannabis! we all love cannabis!
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  14. Weezard

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    Agreed. You didn't need to be jumped on for your first post.

    And to answer your question mo' betta, it's a good idea to decarb first IF you intend to ingest.
    If it were for dabbing, or for cooking, decarbing is not needed as both of those uses will decarb "on the fly".

    Please don't be put off by one grouchy response.
    Most of our members are quite knowledgeable and eager to help. :)

    Wee 'zard
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  15. GrowGoddess

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    I do not decarb the buds first as it is not necessary. I extract first, then allow the rice cooker process decarb for me. Pretty much the Rick Simpson method with the exception of the freezing first. I also prefer to freeze the buds in glass jars because the glass will help keep in the cold when the freezer cold solvent is added.

    By the way, this is my thread and I welcome any questions, especially when it pertains to cannabis, concentrates, and other healthy alternatives.

    P.S. sorry for the delayed reply
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    Great news for Michigan Medical Marijuana patients and caregivers. The governor signed 3 bills, one of which will allow for concentrates and medibles. Now caregivers can treat their patients safely, without fear of prosecution. This will all be in effect in less than 90 days.

    It will take a good year or so for Michigan patients to have access to their medicine from legal dispensaries.

    It only takes 30 days to become a resident of Michigan to qualify as a Michigan medical marijuana patient.

    Very exciting news!
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  17. deplum

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    How long does it take to "finish" the RSO?
    I have about 2 oz in a small steel cup on a coffee warmer. It has been on the warmer for over two hours and there is still a significant amount of bubbling. very tiny bubble, but with a slow but steady amount of new bubbles come and going.
  18. Weezard

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    Wait until the bubbling slows
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  19. GrowGoddess

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    When it gets to be late and I need to get to bed I will take it off the warmer for the night covered with a coffee filter then put it back on in the morning. When I believe it is finished, I still like to let it air out overnight stirring occasional just to be sure. Then I will warm it up to get it into the syringe(s).
    I have also found that letting it sit for a couple of weeks in the syringes will ensure that the oil is fully decarbed.
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    Looks like some of the videos I previously posted have been removed. As of October 10, 2016 the group Seed2Cure that made the video of my cancer patient and some oil making videos have removed everything they can from the internet due to harassment from law enforcement. If I can, I will get a video of my own of my cancer patient, who is considered cancer free for about 5 years now. Still taking maintenance doses for the rest of his life.

    Sorry those videos are unavailable, there were very informational.

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