My Experience with Rick Simpson Oil

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by GrowGoddess, Dec 2, 2011.

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    It's what passes as RSO at the shops.
    That black appearance is actually a very dark green.
    If you are lucky. :)

    The original R/S. method used naptha at room temperature.
    But it is difficult to purge.
    Sounds like that batch was made with room temp. alcohol.
    That picks up starches, sugars, waxes and chlorophyll.

    It's exactly why it's best to make your own.
    Well, that, and $40 per gram. <ouch>
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    So my question would be if you are new to RSO oil and don't use cannabis regularly what can you expect in terms of the psychoactive feeling of this medicine? I use to smoke cannabis when I was younger quite often then one day I had to stop due to it causing me to freak out anytime I smoked to heavily. I was diagnosed a paranoid schizophrenic a couple years later and they informed me that the cannabis could intensify my schizophrenia and that could be why I was having these episodes every time I smoked. I am talking it felt like I was on shrooms and I've done shrooms a few times that is why I compare it to a mild version of that. Its all fun when you want to enjoy that experience not so much when you don't see it coming. I am lucky enough to manage my disease with out medication (aka them trying to write me off and give me pills to keep me sedated). Anyways reason I ask is I am now plagued with a new disease and I hear great things about RSO helping with my problem but im afraid of the effect it might have one my mental state. I refuse to take the meds the doc is giving me for pain cuz I know the path that leads to long term and it will do greater harm then any good so im hoping for some kinda light. I know everyones expierence is different but was wondering if anyone had some advice on how the psychoactive experience might be and if I should try this method. I appreciate all the knowledge.
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    With good reason.

    Oil made from a high sativa hybrid may be too much of a stimulant for someone with your conditions.
    And, dose titration is difficult with edibles.
    So, there is potential for harm.
    The Cardinal rule of the medical profession is "First, do no harm".
    When a doctor writes a cannabis recommendation, he/she is simply stating that in their opinion, cannabis will do you more good than harm.
    So without knowing what you are attempting to treat with it, an honest doctor will not recommend cannabis.

    On the other hand, oils made from a high Indica hybrid may provide effective, and safe sedation.

    I am not a doctor and am not qualified to advise on medical matters.
    I'm just some guy on the net thinking out loud.
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    I can't believe it either.
    Mostly because that email address comes back to fraud and attempted fraud.
    Hit the bricks "Rashford".
    You are not fooling anyone here.
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    M. B. took that post out, but I just looked and Benz "Rashford" is still an active member here and has just posted another burst of spam all over the site.
    Makes no sense that Weedmaps allows this to continue.
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    sorry folks for the delay still trying to clean up. Thanks for the reports.
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    Got lucky and found a copy of the second video done of my first cancer patient. This video was taken back in 2013, a couple of years after he was cancer free. He is still cancer free and doing great. Hoping to have a part 3 video soon.
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    Hello out there in cannabis land!!
    Been real busy here lately.
    I did finish that 60 grams I spoke of previously. I mixed the first 30 with 2 strains, then later I made a second 30 with 2 additional strains then mixed them all together to make the 60 with 4 strains, the way I prefer.
    60GramsOil_20170616 003.jpg

    Can't wait for my new strains to finish. Bubblegum, Chem Dog #4, and TGA 9 pound hammer. Hope they are worthy of making oil!!

    Wish me luck!
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    Luck! :)
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    BEWARE - The world is full of scammers!

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