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Discussion in 'Closet / Cabinet Growing' started by chadj85, Feb 7, 2013.

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    Hey guys, Im posting some pictures of my first grow box. I built it in my garage to kinda keep my plants outta the house around guests and what not. Anyways, Any input from you experienced growers would be great! Its 2'x2'x6' with adjustable shelf. flat white interior, intake fan on the bottom left and an exhaust fan at the top right. The air can circulate around the shelf through the framing, but im not sure if its gonna be enough. This is the first day i have it on so im not sure how the temp. is gonna hold. Seems ok so far. I have two 150w replacement (42w actual) -2700 lumens- at the bottom in adjustable fixtures and two fixed at the top of the box. I am still on my first grow (which just went into flowering) but these are little clones from my first plant that i have inside the box. Unfortunately i did not know how to keep my first plant small so it wont fit in the box, lol.... looks like ill have to finish it in the window... i dunno. Wish me luck and any advice or even just comments would be great! Thanks!

    IMG_20130207_161912.jpg IMG_20130207_162029.jpg
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    looks great to me dont see any probs looks kind of proffesional i would build another so i could some what cycle grow
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    I hate to disagree with growhand and no disrespect is intended. Those plants need to be closer to those CFL's otherwise you'll end up with charlie brown christmas tree looking plants. Also, loose those hooded reflectors and set your bulbs up horizontally instead of vertically, more light over a smaller area, and KEEP THEM CLOSE to the plants - With CFL's 1-3" is good for optimal node lengths.

    Use some of the black draft sealer on a role for doors and windows on the edges of your box to prevent light from leaking.

    To maximize airflow from bottom to top, cut away 1" from the top shelf facing the door or cut in a small hole to put another small fan. If your planning on flowering in this same box the cut aways won't work and you'll need to vent them separately, and actually seal the shelves to avoid light leaks.

    As far as keeping the plants small enough to fit into the cabinet, look up LST techniques. I was able to turn what would have been a 4 ft tall pinapple express into a 12" tall pineapple express bush, and yielded a fair bit from it, using a similar cabinet, just more lighting.

    Also keep in mind if your going to flower in the bottom you'll need 2700s not 6500s :D

    If this is your flower box, fix the light leaks and your air issues, adjust the lighting, and your good!!!
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    Thanks for all the advice! you actually hit on most of the issues i was concerned about in the first place. I actually was just reading another thread about how those metal hoods actually get pretty hot and heat up the space. They are def. coming off.

    I think i am going to re-mount the light fixture on the backside of box as to keep the lights horizontal, i did notice in most other grow box pictures the lights are all horizontal to the plants... makes sense. I already moved them closer to my plants.

    and thanks for pointing out my error in light bulb choice... lol i actually had gotten these bulbs because i was originally going to put my flowering plant in the box. Off to the store for some 6500's to get these plants to start growing!

    Thanks Bud!

    p.s. The draft sealer you are talking about, do you mean those strips that you can just stick on to the edge of a door. Almost like black foam with a sticky side on it?
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    Yes to the draft sealer

    and you need 2700 to flower 6500 for veg

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