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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by dgsgandalf, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. dgsgandalf

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    Well guys, i've finally found a place to grow my first outdoor crop. It's shielded from view on all sides by trees, it's close to a creek so watering will be easy, and it's very easy for me to get to but obscure enough that no one would ever think to go there.

    I plan on planting some seeds there some time around the second week in April. I have some Master Kush, Mango, Thai Stick, and Lowrider 2 seeds. I believe the Kush and Thai are sativa's and the Mango and Lowrider have more indica. The Lowrider's will serve as a testing ground for the bigger plants, and i will probably plant a few batches of them a month or so apart for the first few months of the grow season. Depending on how they respond to treatment, i can judge how the others should be treated.

    My main questions are about soil, planting time, and starting the seeds.

    Soil- The soil i'm planting in is pretty rich but has some clay in it. It retains moisture well, but i'm not sure how well it will hold oxygen. I went out today and dug several holes, back-filling them with a mixture of the native dirt, organic potting soil, and dead grass and leaves. Is there anything else i need to do to prepare my soil for seedlings?

    Planting Time- I live in the middle of Georgia, and it doesn't stay cold here longer than March, but i was wondering what the safest time would be to start putting plants outside. I was thinking around the second week in April, but that's really just a rough guess. I'll probably be playing it by ear unless someone has some word on this subject.

    Starting The Seeds- I've done a little bit of indoor growing in soil-less potting mix and i always started seeds in the mix. I've started experimenting with Jiffy cubes and i'm not really comfortable with them yet. But i want to give my plants the best chance they can get, so if anyone has any knowledge about starting seeds inside and transplanting them outside, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    If anyone has any helpful tips for outdoor growing in middle Georgia, i'd love all the help i can get!

    Thanks all and happy chiefin'!
  2. dylan

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    Looks like you have a plan that's pretty good.

    I think the soil sounds fine.

    I live in TN,so we have simmilar climates. I usuall plant in April, but usually towards the end because sometimes we do have a cold spell in April that can kill young seedlings. I usually plant directly into the ground, but often times several of the sprouts get killed by bugs and such, so if you have high dollar seeds I would get them established in a pot, and then transplant them into the ground.

    Keep us posted about your results.

  3. dgsgandalf

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    When you say you plant directly into the ground, you mean you just put the seeds right into the ground? Or do you germinate them first? How long should i grow seedlings inside before i put them out?
  4. dylan

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    I just stick them in the ground, and I would still start them outside, but have them in pots to keep them off the ground.
  5. twoguysupnorth

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    imo you should start them first to combat bugs and frost.
  6. FrostAie

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    I start mine in 20 ounce plastic party cups. find my spot and dig up the soil real well and deep and take half out and add fox farm organic soil and mix it. I veg the plants on 24/0 for 2 weeks with 4 CFL lights indoors, with a small fan on them this builds the stem strength for outdoor wind. Then i take them to the spot and cut down the side of the cup and add to the loose soil the hole root ball I hold it with one hand and add more organic soil around the plant all the way up the stem so the ground is VERY even so water runs evenly. I water with distilled water for a week or two then add diluted veg nutes. Almost all my plants survive this way
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  7. dgsgandalf

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    I have a pretty sweet hidden "seed starter" for starting the seeds using 4 42 watt cfl's (dimentions 15"x24"x24"), so i'll probably do that. You say 2 weeks after the cotyledon pops up out of the soil should be enough time to start the plants?

    I was thinking instead of plastic cups i would use those deep planting flats with 1"x1"x5" holes. That way i could transport them in a bookbag much easier out to the planting sight, since it's a short hike into the woods.

    If anyone else has any advice, i'd be happy to hear it. I'll probably start sprouting a few lowrider's mid March and put them out there for an early start at the beginning of April, then start the rest of my seeds the first week of April to have them out and growing by the end of the month.

  8. dgsgandalf

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    Pics of "Seed Starter"

    Let see if i can get the pics to show up...

    This is my "seed starter"

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  9. FrostAie

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    wow nice very nice secret grow box. I usually take another plastic cup and flip it upside down and tape around the base of the plant cup and then i put inside of a big container i put about 10 plants out every 3-4 days for a few weeks at a time. All grown in corn fields they turn into monsters good luck
  10. dirtgrower

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    Hey man,
    Here is a few tips for growing in your area:

    1. put them outside between 4/20 and 5/1 depending on what the weather looks like.

    2. Start them now or very soon under lights so they will be big enough when you put them out to get the best start and hopefully lead to a good yield

    3. Put as much compost and dead grass and pine straw and as much amendment as you can mix up in each hole.

    4. Add Lime or wood ash to raise the PH. Get a cheap PH meter for $15.

    5. Protect new plants from deer if in a wooded area by using wire mesh

    Good luck
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  11. dgsgandalf

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    Thanks for the good advice guys. My seeds still haven't arrived from Holland, so i'm pretty much waiting for those before i can do anything. Also, i met a guy in Blockbuster last week (wreaked of weed) who said he could get me Super Silver Haze clones. I was pretty sketched out at first, but talked to him on the phone a little and he seems legit. Only problem is he's charging $200/clone for first generation and $100/clone for second generation. Is that even worth it or should i just stick to what i've got? This is my first outdoor grow.

  12. dirtgrower

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    Hey man

    I would definitely not purchase clones or anything else illegal fom someone I just met. I would not even discuss it.

    Good luck
  13. dj00140

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    thats expensive when u can get the seeds for that much....
  14. dgsgandalf

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    Yeah, that's true, they are expensive, and i did meet him in blockbuster. But he was the one who brought it up, not me. We actually went out to his car in the parking lot so he could show me his stash (about 1/2 oz of SSHaze). So i guess that made me feel a little more comfortable.

    Bottom line, it's simply too risky/stupid to get clones from someone i don't know, and they're too expensive anyway.

    Has anyone else had any kind of experience similar to this?

  15. dgsgandalf

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    By the way, random fun fact of the day...

    There is a mountain range in East Asia called the Kush mountains. Probably where the strain "Kush" originally got it's name from.

  16. melodious fellow

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    Do not take those clones bro.

    If you live in GA, it does not become 12/12 until around september/october right?

    If you plant sativas this early, you will have redwood sized ganja trees... haha

    good luck

  17. dirtgrower

    dirtgrower Registered

    "Do not take those clones bro.

    If you live in GA, it does not become 12/12 until around september/october right?

    If you plant sativas this early, you will have redwood sized ganja trees... haha"

    Hey man I wish the above were true. I live in AL by the GA boarder and we do everything we can do in order to try and create these "redwood sized trees" including planting late flowering Sativas early in the season.

    From my view there is no such thing as a plant the got "too big" or then yielded "too much bud"

    Seroiuosly man, If you plant a late flowering strain early in the season say around 4/21 - 5/1, you should get a big plant with proper preparation and care, but it will never get "too big" unless you are trying to keep it short to keep it hidden, in wich case you may want to look for some new spots to grow in. Also try topping them.
  18. dgsgandalf

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    Too big...

    Yeah, i agree that you can't have a plant that's "too big" outside. I'm planting mostly hybrid plants that won't get bigger than 6 or 7 feet tall at most. If you want one of those plants that grows 20 feet tall, you'd have to get a pure, tropical sativa like a pure "haze" or a pure "thai" strain of some kind. I think those are the ones that grow really big.

    I am going to top a few of each strain and let a few of each grow normally to see what kind of difference it makes around harvest time.

  19. Ruiner

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    You can always trim them, eh?

    I think last year for me in Ga, the flowering started in late Aug and they were set out to dry by mid-Oct.
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  20. dgsgandalf

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    Correction. The Kush is a nearly pure indica. My first statement was based on what i remember of the last kush i smoked. I looked up the genetics of Master Kush and it appears there is little or no sativa in it at all.

    If anyone knows the exact genetic make-up of any of my strains, i'd love to know. I'm kind of a nerd that way...

    Happy Chiefin'!

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