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    This is my first real time growing investing any money into it,besides just throwing seeds in some miracle grow under a few low watt fluorescent tubes.It's quite strange how those plants seemed to be better off. i guess mine are doing okay,im growing under a 200 watt max lume 6500 k cfl,and two 2700 k 26 watt cfl's. I just re-potted them into 5 gallon pots,i feel like i did this a little early,but with good reason i started them in 6 inch clear plastic pots,i was told after they were a week old clear containers plus light equal algae,plus i started to see the roots pushing against the side of the pots.They all took the transplant very well,didnt seem to shock any of them, inside the 5 gallon pots im using happy frog growing medium mixed with roots organic(i believe thats what it's called)soiless. It's about 75% HF and 25%roots organic,I was a bit distraught at first when i moved them to their new homes and tested the run off water it tested low 4's,but come to find out if you put the perlite and roots organic at the very bottom like a small layer for drainage this causes you run off ph to be very low,so i tested the soil run off with no roots organic layer at the bottom and tested 6.5 exactly. I introduced them to less than quarter strength botanicare pro grow 3-2-4. I have no idea the strain,its some bag seeds out of an ounce of some real dank headies,all of them appear to be the same except one has very different traits and i believe it to be a different strain idk how, unfortunately that one is showing the slowest growth due to me damaging the roots about 3 days back,it had the smallest root system of them all. My room is always between 75-80 never higher,i have a fan for ventilation, and one of those reflector's you put in the windshield of your car around all the pots,it for sure helps reflect the light back to the plants. Some almost all leaves have a wavy look to them,i can't put my finger on what it might be, I have checked everything and found it to be satisfactory the plants still are healthy and growing rapidly so it's no affecting growth,they just dont look as pretty.It's not a big deal to me,but if anyone has some suggestions as to what may be causing it, all feedback is very appreciated and will never go un-looked. Any questions feel free to ask,if anyone could tell me how to post pics i would def do it.
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    these plants are all 7 days old,the one with the straws is the one thats looks alot different from the rest,i could be wrong though,im just a noob
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    Day 8 all the kids made a huge turn around all the leaves straightened out from their wavy jagged look,they look amazing nice and perky and happy looking I think they may have been root bound. All plants are showing new leaf growth,they love their new pots. Everything is on point and I have no complaints, if they are happy I am happy. I will post pics in a few days.
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    Day 11 huge improvements, plants are taking well to the new pots, and growing rapidly. Have not watered since the transplant to 5 gallon pots, Hasn't needed it. I spray the leaves with bottled water with less than quarter strength botanicare 1 time a day before night cycle, and then the next I spray with carbonated water to help with co2. Other than that not much to report. 2012-10-01_15-18-16_588.jpg 2012-10-01_15-18-37_304.jpg 2012-10-01_15-18-47_464.jpg 2012-10-01_15-19-00_609.jpg 2012-10-01_15-19-07_225.jpg
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    Day 15, they are growing so rapidly I come home from work,and they have a brand new full grown set of fan leaves with another pair already halfway grown. Being this is my first time growing the rate at which they grow is amazing to me. Still in the same pots, using the same lighting, and also still using botanicare pro grow 3-2-4. One plant is seriously lagging but, def hanging in there.
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    the first pic of the last two i posted is the one that is really growing slowly,if anyone has any advice on how to give it extra care and catch it up to speed please let me know
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    All the advice I've seen says if you have one that's coming in late or a little slow, try rotating your plants under the light, if it seems he's starting to catch up and another is slowing down, I would re arrange my lighting.

    They're looking REALLY good though!
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    Plants are doing so well. Just watered today, the one plant iv'e been having problems with it growing retarded dead looking leaves is getting worse,im done with it I need more room in my closet anyways so I will be ripping it done tomorrow, just to give it time to see how it takes to the feeding. I have introduced the nutes slowly started with a little under full strength today,after slowly and I mean slowly introducing them to quarter strength and half strength. I will wait about another week and a half to flower tomorrow I will start LST on a few of them that are ready tomorrow after work. Same set-up same everything. Happy to say I definetly did run into a different strain out of my headie bag weed, the whole plant has that exotic leaf look with the cupped leaf around the edges of every plant, and no it is not a nute problem all the plants are fine and all ph's are checked this plant is just different and the cupping is very minute around all the edges,the stem also has purple spots. I am excited to see how she flowers. Pictures below guys, stay tuned. Any advice is always appreciated.
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    IMG00029-20121010-2023.jpg IMG00030-20121010-2024.jpg IMG00031-20121010-2024.jpg IMG00032-20121010-2025.jpg IMG00033-20121010-2025.jpg
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    This one is funny along with the unknown strain they lay down every night around the times the lights go off, plus i just watered today. Don't worry they are not dying,they will perk back up tomorrow
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    Great looking plants its awesome watching them grow up. I had the same "issue" with the plant perking up and laying down, scared the hell out of me but turnedout to be nothing. I can't wait to see them flower, do you know if their all females? Good luck with everything i will be following all their progress
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    Thanks for taking an interest. They are just bagseed from some real dank headie.They are not feminized but it came from a good strain so I would expect them to be female. They are less than 3 weeks old so it's way too early to tell ,i will flower them in about a week or week n a half, I want to tie them down to get some more main stems before I flower them as I'm growing in cfl's. So i need to do all I can to increase my yield. Granted were talking over 50,000 lumens which is more than enough for my space but still, who doesn't want more. Lst is the way to go to get more for your money and save space. I should know sex in about 3 weeks hopefully so keep checking in. I feel like I have a 75 percent chance being females. I make sure ph is always on point along with temperature and I pay very close attention to what my plants are doing to catch any problems before it gets out of hand.
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    Good to see the update here.
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    Looking good, are you killing off the plant that has the jagged growth ?

    Those plants usually fix themselves over time. I had one pretty badly deformed one too in my grow. It had to go as it was a real mess.

    Nice grow, I'll be checking in on you to see how it goes.

    Take Care

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    Yes sorry to say I pulled and tossed it. It was really bothering me how ugly it was, and the fact I was giving it constant care and it just grew more ugly by the day. Revenge is sweet, I felt horrible after, but I needed the room badly, and since I have pulled it and made more room my other plants have been doing much better. I have recently tied them down and FIM'ed them, the two i tied down that were getting a little too tall for my liking straightened back out that day, and now my lower new growth is reaching for the top very quickly so that was a success. I FIM'ed today a little new with that method so se will see how it goes. Other than that all is well and thanks for the feedback. I will post pics later of the customized plants.

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