My First Grow - Pre-Journal Post - Feedback Please

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by HazePhase, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. HazePhase

    HazePhase Registered+

    Hello Everyone,

    I am very looking forward to getting this grow up and running for March 01st.

    Here is my setup - not all purchased so please comment to ensure optimal success.
    I will be doing 4 separate plants in 15 gallon smart pots in a mix of soil yet to be determined with separate SCROG screens for each from seeds to harvest.

    1 x Gorilla Grow Tent 5x5
    1 x LED Vero29 Gen7 Custom Light
    15 x seeds
    1 x Thermometer/Hydrometer
    1 x 8 entry power strip w/timer
    1 x dry rack
    1 x 4 Inch fan and carbon filter
    1 x ducting
    2 x 4" noise reducing clamps
    3 x 2 pair adjustable hangers
    6 x 15 gal smart pots
    50 x solo cups
    2 x clip on oscillating fans
    1 x 16 inc stand up fan
    1 x PH up / PH down / PH testing kit
    2 x extension cables
    1 x watering can
    4 x SCROG screens
    Soil mix yet to be decided

    I was thinking of spreading them out evenly and attached a drawing to scale to show spacing.
    However since i have such large smart pots maybe i can squish them all together - about 10-12 inches between each.

    Please let me know your feedback, comments, advice as I want to ensure I have the best start possible for March 01st.
    Thanks peepz!!!

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  2. DirtyBlueGene

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    Welcome aboard, HazePhase.

    Looking at your list there I would suggest you upsize your inline fan, carbon filter, ducting and clamps to 6" size. The price difference isn't that much and better safe than sorry. ;)

    Also, you would be better off with a digital PH meter than test strips. The test strips are ok for use with plain water but once you add nutes the water will change colour and you won't get an accurate reading. Good luck.
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  3. HazePhase

    HazePhase Registered+

    Thank you DBG
    I asked so many people if I should upgrade from the 4" to the 6" and they all said the 4" is more than enough for what I will need.
    5x5x7 - 175 and my fan I was looking to get is 189 CFM. Also I will be using a LED that isn't hot at all so don't have to worry about too much heat. I am going to be upstairs but hoping that won't cause an issue.
    People were saying the 6" would be over kill and isn't needed --- do you strongly feel i would need a 6inch?

    Thx :)
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  4. DirtyBlueGene

    DirtyBlueGene Registered+

    I'm more worried about the smell than about heat. The 4" might work, but the 6" will work, and you can dial it back with a speed controller (15 or 20 bucks). I use a 6" in a 2X4X5 tent. Just my very humble opinion, of course. :)
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  5. HazePhase

    HazePhase Registered+

    Thanks man I will look into it a bit more.
    :) thank you.
  6. GaGrown

    GaGrown Registered+

    DBJ is right on the fan and duct..That 4 inch will make your fan work harder too..The motor of the fan will get hotter with the 4in versus the 6in..Good stuff brother..Not often ya see someone take the time to get their ducks in a row by reasearch..Grow On!!
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  7. EvilCartman

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    I agree with DBG 100%.
    By the time you tie the duct and filter to that fan, it won't move anywhere near 189cfm. (which is marginal, to begin with.) Remember, 4 larger plants are going to transpire a good bit of moisture. If you are not moving enough air, high humidity and mold can be an issue. Higher humidity will quickly render an undersized carbon filter useless.

    I'm unfamiliar with your light, so I'll take your word that it's adequate. But, if it's strong enough to flower 4 larger plants in a 5x5, it's making some heat. ;)

    Hell, for a 5x5, I'd go to 8". (but that's me) :D
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