My first grow with a 90 Watt Quad band UFO LED

Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by abbazabba123, Dec 11, 2009.

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    What is your experience level? (first timer, novice, experienced...)

    Your Equipment:
    .1) Type and wattage of lights. 1--90watt quad band ufo led ( + 2--26watt cfls
    .2) Distance from tops? ---the cfls are about 7 inches from the tops of plants, and led is about 18 inches
    .3) Reflector type? -----Interior of shelf is painted white
    .4) Is there a consistent fresh air supply?----yes 145-210 cf/m
    .5) Do you have an exhaust fan and a circulation fan?-----yes
    .6) What are the bulb wattages, kelvin ratings, and schedule?----I have em on for 18hours and off 6

    Your medium:
    .7) Specific brand and type of soil---Miracle grow all purpose soil...It says its supposed to feed plants for up to 3months, and has these little extended release nitrogen balls in it
    .8) Size of container----I have 3 milk jugs that I cut in half....planning on transplanting them to something bigger one last time
    .9) Did you use peat pucks (or similar) to root clones or germinate seedlings?-----seedlings...I germinated them

    Your nutrients and water:
    10) Source of water? (tap, bottled or filtered) What's it's ph before adjusting?----I've got pur filter on my sink faucet
    11) Method of checking water ph. (ph pen, test strips, aquarium test kit...)----None
    12) Method of adjusting water ph. (phosphoric acid, white vinegar, hydrated lime, PH Up...)-------never heard of this before
    13) Specific brand and N-P-K ratio for each bottle. List dosages (quantity per gallon) and current feeding schedule.-----I've been using Miracle Grow all purpose plant food once every 10 days or so at 1 1/2 teaspoons per 24oz bottle of water
    14) How often are you watering between feedings, and how much per watering?-----I used a pin to burn a hole in the top of a 24oz bottle that I fill w/h2o and usually go through 1 bottle a week maybe a little more
    15) Any additives or tea's? (Superthrive, CalMag, molasses, Mother's Earth...)----no...I wish I knew how to make this stuff...but I'm not growing a good strain, just some seeds I had laying around
    16) Are your ph levels stable, or do they fluctuate?-----I'm showing no serious signs of this I think
    17) What is your ingoing water's ph? ...your runoff ph? -----not sure have not tested
    18) Do you foliar feed? If so, with what, how often, and at what time do you spray?------No??

    Your growroom:
    19) Indoors or outdoors?---Indoors
    20) What size of closet, room or hut?-5x2x2
    21) What are the temps and humidity levels while lights are on? ...With lights off?-------75F with lights on....72F w/lights off
    22) Have you seen signs of insects in the growroom?------no

    Your strain:
    23) What strain are you growing? (Indica dominate or Sativa dom?)-----just some seeds I had laying around....midgrade
    24) From seeds or clones?------germinated seeds in paper towel
    25) Is this an autoflower strain?-----not sure but I'm thinking no

    I've been getting alot of brown spots at the ends of my leaves, and also the leaves seem to be getting very dusty....can I use a spray bottle to take care of that??? also...I want to make sure my stuff doesnt taste all sweet like hay or something like that (as some homegrown does)...If anyone has any advice on how to get the best tasting budz I'd like to hear your secret. Also I've seen alot of stuff on you tube where they say you should cut the tops of your plants every so often in order to force them to grow wider??? anyone know anything about that????

    Any help is appreciated:Rasta:

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    First off where is this dust coming from? If it's coming in from outside that box you might try to find a good air filter for your inlet.

    As for what it tastes like when ready to smoke, Look into curing and drying. Curing gets rid of the chlorophyl which gives it that grassy taste, But you have to do it right.

    As for topping plants, From what I understand. If the plant is reaching for the light. Move the light to the plant or get more light.

    A plant CAN be topped and after some time will produce more branches to grow taller again. I see no reason you can't do this. However if your plants are reaching for light topping may not be the right thing to do. There are many people here who condone training your plant to one side (slowly train it to lay down) then moving the light closer. Again the plant will produce more branches without that healing time caused by topping.
  3. Vancefish

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    Oh and although you can use Miracle grow I'd suggest getting something FOR cannibus. I added a link to a company with MANY options. However I plan to use what I put a link to. I've been told this is made just for MJ.

    B.C. Hydroponic Nutrients Recipe For Success Starter Kit

    This is just where I found it. Doesn't mean I support this site. :thumbsup:
  4. abbazabba123

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    Thanks alot for both responses dude, Those nutrients are right in my price range, and the curing sounds like it takes a while longer, but its gonna be worth it if my crop tastes primo. I'll post some more pics later in veg after I get some nutes going in my plants.
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    Yeah bro, Vance gave you some good advice there...looks pretty good so far man.Theres a world of possibilities for you to explore with this- I just saw a really cool 90w ufo scrog(I'll try to find it for ya, and pm it to ya)...they've come a ways with this technology, and now that people are using these things properly( as in, not like a 400w hps) results are happening...+ rep for havin the balls to try something new:Rasta: subscribed!
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    subscribed man
    i am loving the UFO yo
  7. saintnorman

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    indeed my man.. i just invested in a 90 watt UFO led.. im growing some N.Lights with it. the plant is about 2 foot.. maybe a little less.. but i just started using the light about 2 weeks ago. i started the plant from a seed and used a 150 hps until i recieved my new light. im giving it a shot and ill try and keep you updated every so often, as im anxious to see how this light supposedly works. best wishes to you as well.

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    Hey whats up guys. Sorry I havent gotten pics up for a while been busy :).....buuuut....just thought I'd update with some new pics. The one on the right is about 21" from base of pot to top of plant and the one on the left is like 18". everything is still the same with the nutrients and whatnot, but I'm gonna switch em into bigger pots tomorrow and also change the light cycle to 12:12 :pimp: so hopefully everything goes well and I get 2 females :stoned: that would be sweeeet. I've gotta do some more research on here on the flowering stage, but any advice I can get would be great.


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  9. abbazabba123

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    found out for sure that I've got 2 females today! so that is good news, nothin worth takin pics of yet but I'll put some up in another couple weeks assuming I see some budding :).....

    Any advice for increasing yield?? I added some bone meal as an additional supplement and started foliar feeding when I switched light cycles and they are lookin pretty good but I just wanna try to get the most potent end product as poss. :)

    Later guys--more pics soon!:Rasta:
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    Hey whats up guys....Not sure if anyone follows my little grow anymore or not....but I'm gonna update anyway. Clipped my two plants a week ago from the tops of the plants to four buds down (wanted to keep the little guys on the bottom going longer) and started off with 114 grams--including fat stems---and ended up at a little over 31 grams half so not the greatest yield considering this came from 2 plants, but for my first grow I've got some good n tasty looking budz coming my way!! Currently they are in a pickle jar that I cleaned out and they are giving off a very sweet but slightly danky smell which is taunting the hell out of me lol but I'm willing to wait for the ultimate finished product....Probably gonna keep the plants going a few more weeks then chop em down and finish the grow...I'm wanting to use the same plants for the next grow, but dont know how to get the plant to regrow after I chop in down...Soooooo....if anyone knows something about re-vegging I'd like to hear your advice.....beyond that

    Happy smoking:Rasta:

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