my first little baby

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by bong888, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. bong888

    bong888 Registered

    just grown my first little baby
    it is dutch passion - power plant
    been growing for about 4 months now & think im ready to harvest.

    here are a few pics , shit quality as from my phone.

    just wanna know wheather you think there ready from what u can see.




  2. dylan

    dylan Registered+

    looks to me like it needs a bit longer, but i can't tell much from the pics.
  3. llamaman666

    llamaman666 Registered+

    I would wate about 3 more weeks, itll get alot bigger.
  4. Growalot

    Growalot Registered+

    70% to 80% pistils turn red,can as soon as 50% red ,don't go past 80%,start losing thc,it changes,up to you,pics hard to see but i thik you need to wait,when you think they are ready ,wait 5 more days,last two of them dark,cut,hang upside down,this lets the smaller leaves incase the buds to protect the buds crystals from geting knocked off,clip the big fan leaves, While drying turn lights [on - off ]on timer,not grow light,,,,just light to help get rid of some green color ... improve taste...for a day or two or three...

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