My First No-Till Soil - Advice/Feedback Pls

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by HazePhase, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. HazePhase

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    Hello Everyone,

    This is my first time and a few people have given me guidance and I have done some reading and I should have what I need for a water only garden in which I can start 7 days after mixing roughly -- here we go:

    20 gallons perlite
    20 gallon peat moss
    10 gallons EWC
    10 gallons Compost -- still need to find a good one (in Canada)

    then 4 cups of each:
    - organic neem / karanja
    - kelp meal
    - alfalfa Meal
    - crab Meal

    32 cups of Rock dust:
    -------- 22 cups of glacier rock
    --------5 cups of bentonite ------is there anything else I can replace this with - told it would clump
    ------- 5 cups of oyster shell

    Or I could go with this blend for Rock Dust - 32 cups but more expensive:

    Rock blend – Basalt, Carbontite, Oyster, Soft rock and Woolastonite $51/ 10 lbs

    Please give me feedback as I want to ensure I am on the right track.
    I was told to wet this and mix it and let it sit for a week and then top with 2" of EWC and good to go.

    Feedback please :)
  2. emilya

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    a week is not nearly enough time to break down all of these elements into something the plants can use, especially since there is no actual soil in this mix. What is this mix called?
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  3. emilya

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    no till for me means that I can plant my next plant right in the container I used in the grow before. I have planted auto seeds right beside the cut off stem of the last plant that I grew, and this no till method allowed for rapid root development using the fungi and nutrients left behind from the previous grow. I have also taken similar used containers of living organic soil, scooped out the center root mass and up-potted my next plant right into the used soil. This again is a common no-till method. What you are describing above is a no-bake or no-cook organic soil, not no-till... and I have big doubts as to whether the rocky mix you have described with no actual soil present, will even work.... especially after simply wetting down and letting sit for a week. I fear your mix heavy in compost, kelp and alfalfa will burn your young plants to a crisp.
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  4. HazePhase

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    I've read up on this and has others tell me about it.

    Clackamas Coot No-Till soil is where I got it. It's so popular that build a soil website offers it as a package.

    I'm going to be using normal seedling soil for the first 2 weeks after germination and then they will be going into my soil mix.
    I don't see this burning the plants and I was told this is a very good mix and way to do it. It's a no-till being that I can just water it and and reuse the soil year over year.

    I'm sure I can't be the only one who's heard of this guy?
    Thanks for the info but I feel this guy and many others who have followed it had success.

    Another point of this soil is that it doesn't require 4 weeks to cook you can get away with 7 days - however I will be letting mine sit for 14 days roughly.

    Thanks for the comment and hoping for more feedback.
  5. emilya

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    good luck... please come back and let this sceptic know how things go. I have heard of Clackamas Coot... but of course, if it was all that they they claim it was, this method would have become all the rage. It has not. Again, good luck. Real soil would be easier, IMHO.
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  6. emilya

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    the funny thing is that you can grow this weed in just about anything if you know what you are doing... I spent over a year growing in pure perlite... it can be done. I only say that there are easier methods, especially for your first time. If you are going with this exotic method though, go full in... don't start improvising on your own, especially at your experience level. I am not looking for a gotcha moment, and when and if you get in trouble you will be wanting us to diagnose and fix your grow... and you are going to get 10 opinions, try 12 things to fix it, and eventually you will try a more standard method of growing just to see how things are supposed to work. This is my prediction, after having seen many inspired new growers do just what you are doing... whether it is the coot, lucas or diving into hydro... new people often overestimate their skills. I did it too.
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