My friends gonna pee in a cup for me !!

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by spikey007, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. spikey007

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    So i'm gonna start applying for new jobs soon, and i've been smoking heavily for the past 4 months. And i dont feel like quitting temporarily to get a new job, and i dont wanna buy a piss kit, cuz i heard have the time those dont even work.

    So i was wondering, my friend who never smoked pot in his life is willing to piss in a cup for me , so when i have a drug test i can just use his piss lol!

    I was told to put his piss in a little bag or container or something and tape it around my nut sack and in between my leg haha!!

    People have told me that the pee will stay at body tempature so when i go to take the test i could just empty his pee into the cup that they give me...

    SOOOOO MY ??????? IS WILL THIS WORK?????????? any help or critisizm is appreciated!!:D
  2. Jerry G

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    Quick Fix 4.0 does not fail as long as the temp is correct. It comes with everything you need to successfully substitute.

    Real human urine will go bad in 8 hours if not stored in the fridge or the freezer.

    No matter what you sub with, you need to read the substitution sticky at the top of this forum. You are not informed on the correct technique.
  3. killerweed420

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    How are you going to make sure the temp is right?
  4. FlyGuyOU

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    get quickfix it works
  5. smokedoutmymind

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    if you know which day the test will be, all you have to do is get a 2-4 ounce bottle, some medical tape, a hand warmer, and a few pairs of whiteys/boxer briefs.

    On the day of the test, no more than 6 hours before the test (you want to be as sure as possible that this will work), get an empty powerade bottle, or something like that with a wide brim (hey, just try to make it a easy for your friend as possible). Rinse it out thoroughly, then get as much of the water out as possible. Once the bottle is empty (a few drops of water along t he sides are OK), ask your friend to piss in it. After he pisses, fill the 2-4 oz container with his piss from the powerade bottle, aand then dispose of the bottle. Close the container, and tape the handwarmer to it. Then, tape the bottle to your nuts and you should be all set

    hope that helps
  6. lampost

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    ^Be careful which hand warmers you use. I got some crappy ones at a sporting goods store when I was practicing and it only got the urine up to 94 tops even when crotched. The ones that come with Quick Fix (heat factory) are really good and they got it up to like 99-100 when I tested it only using the heat pad (no microwave).

    Just make sure you get a few heat pads and practice once or twice. I also got an electric thermometer to see how accurate the strip is. The headshops that sell Quick Fix will sometimes have few extra heatpacks for sale, otherwise you can order them online if you have time!

  7. FakeBoobsRule

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    First of all it's whizzinator not wizzenator.
    Second, the white tone is basically for those who have no skin color whatsoever.
    Third, it isn't $250 new so I don't know who jacked you.( I think they are $150)
    Fourth please read the forum rules. Here's a piece of them.

    Asking for a hookup or a request for Mail Order Marijuana or anything of the related will result in an IMMEDIATE PERMANENT BAN this includes selling/asking/offering ANYTHING, including seeds, hydro,lights, grow equipment, etc etc, these are all a NO-NO
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    Had to delete ANOTHER post from stickyted

    Here is an explanation to everyone and sticky ted.

    I said that about the color because it helps to get the right color so that the whizzinator is as effective as possible.

    Now, Stickyted, my new motto has to be "no good deed goes unpunished." You know why? Because you broke one of the biggest rules on here and I cut you a break. You could have received a permenant ban but I gaev you a casual warning only to have you come back and break some more rules. You can't put your email address in the post and there was no need for that comment about I made it sound like you were trying to do yada yada yada. You can't sell anything on here, I repeat ANYTHING. So I was trying to be nice and it got me nothing but a headache.

    When you come back, please try to obey the rules.

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