My Grower Needs New Patient

Discussion in 'Oregon (OR)' started by epm379, May 25, 2011.

  1. epm379

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    Hey Everybody,

    My grower needs new patient, Anybody with an OMMP Card (Oregon) and He would like to have a Vet. This guy is a Pro ( since 1986 ). I've been with him for a year now and am Very Satisfied. Contact me first and I might put you in contact with him. You guys can work out the details.
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  2. kayla1

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    by the way i live in eugene
  3. luke the Duke

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    I am looking for a caregiver. I need one immediately, mine just passed away. I know what a good caregiver is and if you friend is as experienced as you say he is, I would love to talk to him.
  4. luke the Duke

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    Kim, did you find a good caregiver yet? I am deperately in need of one myself. If you have found one or a good lead on one, please let me know. 541-543-4563

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