My harvested and dried buds have no smell...why???

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by tha_green_ghost, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. tha_green_ghost

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    Keep in mind that this was my first harvest....but why do my buds have no distinct smell to them?

    I know the genes were good just judging by the buds i grew the seed from, and the plant actually had a strong skunkish smell while it was drying. In fact, it stunk up my kitchen when it was in the garage.
    I'm guessing maybe i dried it too fast since i had a fan hitting it.
    Potency was there but it also had a lack in taste as well.
  2. Lit Up

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    How did you dry it? Every detail you can think of.
  3. AllforMe

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    nah man. The smell goes away, and even gets replaced by a hay or cut grass smell sometimes. Once it's dry, if there is no smell, you need to cure it. Put it in mason jars and open them a bunch of times a day. If they sweat moisture, actually if you don't know how to cure yet read some of the stickys or search for it. All I am saying is that my herb loses it;'s smell after air drying( in negative pressure with a carbon filter, so effectively consant airflow), and once it cures for a week or two it fills the house, neigh the neighborhood! with the smell when I pop open those jars!!

    Also if the herb is out in the open in your place, you may be used to the smell. I had a buddy who grew with no odor control and you could smell it from the driveway but he would get pissed if you brought it up and scream how he didn't smell anything and we were just paranoid. It took his paperboy saying "man you smoke a TON of weed in there!" when he was collecting for him to realize we were right. The kid was outside on the grass and my buddy was completely dry and hadn't smoked in 2 days!
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    That is A for awesome :thumbsup: it seriously made me Lol reading that.
  5. dejayou30

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    If you just grew from bagseed, there's no telling what the bud you bought was crossed with during pollination unless you know the grower, so it could be a completely different strain or even a landrace strain that might not have much smell or taste.

    I have been growing Master Kush for about a year and a half and it really has no smell either, but as someone already said, curing it should help you out. Usually after 3-4 weeks of curing, my MK doesn't smell like much but it has a nice flavor to it that I just don't get without curing.

    Also, you should never put a fan blowing directly on drying buds. It will dry them out too fast making the buds crispy, the smoke harsh and the taste not as good. You want them to dry as slow as possible in order for the chlorophyll to break down properly giving you the best flavor. You should put a fan in the room where you are drying to circulate air but don't point the fan at the buds. I dry in a 3x3x8 closet with a small fan blowing up the back wall and my buds are usually dry in 4-5 days at 75 degrees and 20% RH.

    Hope this was of some help and congrats on the successful harvest! :jointsmile::thumbsup:
  6. tha_green_ghost

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    Yeah i'm guessing that the fan played the antagonist in this story <----:wtf: lol

    I've been curing for about 2-3 weeks and still no distinct smell....just a little grassy smell. Oh well...the way I see it...the harvest was actually pretty decent for my first grow, I'm not too disapointed:D N-E how thanx for the help like least for next time I know to back off with the fan a little.

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