My Hash is green?

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by kz1000r, Jan 24, 2010.

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    I have been keeping the trimmings from my small grow and finally went and got a pollen box from the local head shop. I followed the directions I found on this site except I didn't put the shake into the freezer (no reason why, just stoned) but I did put it through my coffee grinder (about the consistency of dry oregano) before using a credit card and gently moving 2 or 3 grams at a time over the screen. I ended up with 3 grams of green kief which i wrapped in a plastic sheet protector and put in a vise between two pieces of hardwood as tight as I could get it and left it overnight. The next day I ended up with a very green but hard chunk with the consistency of a dry OXO cube and if I broke a chunk off and rolled it between my fingers it will go back to powder. I smoked some and got a pretty good buzz but it had a strong chlorophyl taste and smell. Can anyone tell me what I did or didnt do to make it better, how do I get rid of the green? would heating it during pressing do anything? If I am using trimmings mainly of leaves is this to be expected? Any help would be apprieciated since I have about 3/4lb of these trimmings and want to use it up.

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    you dont need to grind it, just break it up if it is nugs, and if its just trim, leave it alone, shake it in your kief box and thats it. Seems like you got alot of plant in there.

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    Did you dry the trimmings beforehand? Maybe they should also be dried and cured properly like with buds to get the chlorophyll out... maybe?
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    You have to dry, cure and not fine grind but rather break it up like for a joint before screening and then you won't be filtering all kinds of leaf material through the screen. If you made hash it would not crumble that easily. It should be nearly pure resin.
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    I think he is thinking he made blond hash. Which is just pressed kief, and essentially you did, there's just a lot of plant matter in there making it not stick together as well. Pure kief sticks together quite nicely.

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    Thanks the next load ill break up with my fingers then freeze it before screening it, thanks and ill post my results.

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