My Iguana Ate the leaves off my Plant

Discussion in 'Pets & Animals' started by DrtBikDave, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. DrtBikDave

    DrtBikDave Registered

    Hey does anybody know if I need to seek medical attention if my 3 year old green iguana ate the leaves off of my 4 month old canabis plant. It hadn't sprouted buds yet but the iguana got most of the leaves prior to me getting there in time. Somebody out there has to have experience this I would think
  2. no, shouldn't have too.... thc won't be activated by his body heat...
  3. D.Boone

    D.Boone Registered+

    i wouldnt think it would harm the iguana but then again what do i know?
  4. anomalousirrelivance

    anomalousirrelivance Registered+

    I don't think lizards have any cannabinoid receptors in their brains. So he wont trip out, but i did hear there are toxins in the fan leaves, i wouldn't worry about it though, animals will usually know what they can and can't eat.

    except dogs, don't let dogs eat what they want. chocolate kills em and they eat poop so dogs need a little extra attention....
  5. they're attracted to sweet smells... antifreeze smells strikingly similar to maple syrup... they'll gobble that shit down if you let them...

    =/ it was used to poison one of my dogs by a neighbor....
  6. iguana's are herbivores... they eat mostly fruits/veggies anyways (plant material) dogs are more on the carniverous side...

    anyway, i can promise he'll be fine...
  7. GonzoForever

    GonzoForever Registered+

    Cool Iguana!
  8. anomalousirrelivance

    anomalousirrelivance Registered+

    wouldn't it be funny if his eyes got all huge and he started walking slow and wobbly (more so than it already is i guess hehe) and he ate everything in sight.

    My advice would be relax, turn on his favorite heat rock, get some mood lighting and turn on some music for him to jam to.

    Haha this thread is awesome. I hope your plants do okay!:D
  9. ^^^ that's not an iguana.. that's some type of monitor..

    bout the biggest an iguana will get is 6 feet.... 2/3 of it';s length is it's tail..
  10. Kottonmouth Prince

    Kottonmouth Prince Registered+

    it shouldndt bc ppl get there animals high all the time and i dont think the leavs have as much thc in them but im not positive
  11. DrtBikDave

    DrtBikDave Registered


    Well thats a relief because she sure seems to like them. :thumbsup:
  12. sam44

    sam44 Registered+

  13. twoguysupnorth

    twoguysupnorth Registered+

    there shouldnt be any problems unless there are sprays and stuff on it. we used to feed ours the trim from our plants. the reason i say used to is that he escaped from his cage and out an open window one night. all of our animals love the leaves and stems, our parrot and all of our dogs have a taste for it.
  14. Dan89

    Dan89 Registered

    He should be fine. I've got an Iguana too, he ate a Quarter Oz of my Jack Herrer (all I had left), he was a bit more dopey than usual but he should be cool.
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