My liver and Cannabis???????????

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by lazy smoker7, Apr 23, 2007.

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    Ok well recently I went to the doctor for blood tests etc... and it turns out I have an elevated liver enzymes or what ever. I also been notticing I feal pains around where my liver is. The doctor asked me if I drink alot but I do not drink at all... you have to like pay me to drink alcohol. I stopped smoking cigs about 2 months ago etc.. But I have smoked marijuana heavily for a long time (about 6 years) and I have smoked ciggerates all that time also but I quit the cigs officially 2 months ago. So please some one help me out here because I dont know what else will be damaging my liver besides the marijuana smoke. Now if I have to stop smoking due to this or whatever does eating marijuana through firecrackers hurt the liver in anyway, or in general does eating marijuana hurt the liver? Thanks in advanced... oh also if I have to stop smoking due to my liver does that mean I would have to stop the use of my Volcano Vape also ? :(
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    i do not believe marijuana harms the liver in any way at all
  3. It is not marijuana that is causing your problems.
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    Did you mention to your doctor that you smoke pot? You might want to tell him/her and ask if it would have any effect. It' should be fine to tell your doctor you smoke weed because of all the medical privacy stuff that has been passed over the last several years (I'm assuming your from the US, if not I don't know). HOWEVER, I really don't think smoking weed would have any effect on the liver at all. :)
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    I don't think anyone really knows how cannabis affects the liver, to be honest. Like most drugs, it can affect different people different ways. And, as is usually the case, there've not been any studies to really look at the effects. Seems a lot more likely that it's something else that's affecting your liver than cannabis, however.

    OK, you said you don't drink. Have you by any chance ever been exposed to any type of hepatitis? Are you overweight or has your weight changed (increased) recently? Do you by any chance have gallstones? Read the link below and see if any of that information fits in your case.

    Elevated liver enzymes: What does it mean? -

    I have elevated liver enzymes every time they test my blood. Have since I was a young adult. So do my sister and my father. We have something called Gilbert's Syndrome, which simply means elevated liver enzymes but nothing actually wrong with our livers. Depending on how high your blood levels were, that might be the case with you, too. It's pretty common.

    Is your doctor doing further tests to see what the problem is? Were the levels high enough that he was worried that you have some type of disease? Good luck in finding out what's up!
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    Well hepatitus I am pretty sure I do not have because I just tested negative for all that stuff in a hiv test i took so no hepititus. We are going to be redoing the blood test to check out my liver again. but heres the thing... I was sorta sick when they took my blood because of some medicine I took for 2 days and it really hurt me... like it made me puke like 6 times in 1 day... you think by any chance the medicine I was taking and the puking or what ever raised my liver enzymes? The day after all the puking is when I got my blood drawn so you think that could be the case the medicine hurting my stomach/liver or whatever? Also the doctor said my liver is ok ,but not great... nothing to be really worried about but I need to watch it. Thanks birdgirl and everyone else for your input
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    oh thanks birdgirl for the link... I just did some reading on it and I just answered my own question by reading the link... it said side affects of some certain types of medicine can increase my enzymes and I was taking some inflammatory medicine before hand which can cause elvated enzymes ... so yep thanks alot birdgirl. :jointsmile:
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    Last time I went for a check up, they said I might have that Gilbert's, because I had high (or low...either way) Bilirubin levels. [They said to go back for another test, which I forgot, and this thread reminded me...even though I doubt it will be for awhile either way lol]

    It says there's nothing bad about GS, but could there potentially be a problem to come, or is it all good? I've been drinking for around 5 years since I was like 15, and I drink a few nights a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less....
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    I've always been told the elevated enzymes of Gilbert's is not an indication of a future problem, but I really don't know if that's true or not. I suppose the best thing is to simply keep checking those liver enzymes/liver function since everyone's different. Try and go easy on the drinking. That's not beneficial for even the healthiest of livers.
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    so almost 10 years later...but just incase anybody else is reading.
    processed foods are the same as alcohol when it comes to elevated enzymes in the liver. so if you eat a lot of processed food and dont drink alcohol chances are its that.
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    Anything you smoke or ingest may hurt the liver. You cannot say that Cannabis does not have any ill effect on the liver, however if it does it is most likely no more dangerous than the food you eat. I have liver damage due to prescription drug abuse. The slightest bit of alcohol or even tylenol can give me liver pain, whoever Cannabis does not unless I eat edibles and even then it is very rare. So my personal opinion is that it is not the Cannabis.
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    I have read studies that cannabis can help with liver disease

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