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Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by TLD420, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. TLD420

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    Well... I'm back!
    When the mobile site was bugged out, I reluctantly used a few of the other forums...but I have always preferred this place (I've been posting on this site since 2005 or so previously under the screen name scrawnywhiteguy...) and found myself checking back often to see if things were back in order. Needless to say, I was stoked today to find that all the posting and reply options were back when I checked in today.

    When I was last here, I was but a couple weeks into flower on a single Grape Ape plant. That grow finished out nicely and I ended pulling about a qp of very skunky, pungent nugs off of her.

    Currently I have three plants, two strains running. I have two Deep Purples (Purple Kush x Blueberry) and one God's OG Kush (God Bud x OG); both from Jordan of the Islands. They are on day 38 of flower, and looking beautiful! Deep Purple is a faster strain, and looks to be about a week ahead of the God's OG, but both are frosty and quite stinky.

    Tonight I plan to put 10 grape ape seeds into soil to prepare for the next round. Hoping for a similar pheno to the one I harvested in April.

    My current setup :
    2'x4' grow tent
    2x Viparspectra reflector 450 lights
    85 watt cfl for seedlings. (In closet)
    3x 12w red LEDs
    Carbon filter/fan venting straight outside. Fan speed controller.
    Vornado Flippi V8 fan.
    3 gallon pots.

    All organic:
    Big rootz soil
    Neem meal, kelp meal, crab meal and rock dust top dressed during veg.
    Vermicrop Organics VermiBloom during flower.
    Vermicrop Organics PK Boost flower week 4 and 5. (Fed once a week, water every other day)
    Nematodes every transplant.

    This method has stabilized over my last grow and gave me great results. I'm probably missing something important, and other details will change, but this is pretty much everything.

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  2. Ghost of Davy Jones

    Ghost of Davy Jones Registered

    Any pictures Brother?
  3. TLD420

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    Indeed...I forgot I have to do some creative editing to make them small enough for this site...

    Grape Ape.

    God's OG Kush - flower day 38

    Deep Purple (1 of 2) - flower day 38
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  4. Ghost of Davy Jones

    Ghost of Davy Jones Registered

    Very very nice! nice and frosty
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  5. TLD420

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    Edit to my previous post...those pics are from day 33 of flower. Today is day 38.

    Now that that's off my
    Tonight was water night, and when I opened up the tent, I saw that my God's OG plant was falling over. She is a lanky plant, so I'm not surprised at all that she fell over, and a quick little lasso with some string and all is good.




    Deep Purple #4 (clone 3). Edited for Instagram to show better detail.

    God's OG Kush #5. Also edited.
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  6. Wagonweed

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    Damn that Grape Ape has some sweet calayx to leaf ratio and oozes resin.
    Whats the high like?

    Nice tent action there!
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  7. TLD420

    TLD420 Registered+

    That pheno was a monster! I wish I had taken cuts. I have 9 of those seeds in the soil right now. Hopefully I find something similar in this run. It had the smell of over ripe grapes and the high was very heavy. It was great for a late night smoke.
    I'm thinking the deep purple from this current run is going to be even better; it stinks to high heaven and is coated in resin.
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  8. TLD420

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    Flower day 40 in the tent and these buds are really starting to swell. They got a lot of dry amendments during flower and unless I see a need, they will get nothing but water from this point forward. The deep purple looks like it'll finish first, but the God's OG is starting to smell really loud and has that classic OG gas smell.

    Both of these strains have the tendency to turn purple, and temps in the tent have been conducive to that (79° high/64° low), but so far neither has much color to them. The small leaves on the deep purple have started to darken along the edge, but that's about it.

    I am also keeping an eye on humidity, and trying to keep it at about 30 - 35 % through the rest of flower.
    Lights are still on 12/12 for now, but will be switched to 10/14 on day 50.

    And some bud shots...God's OG first, then Deep Purple.



    Also...I started some Grape Ape seeds I have had sitting around. I have always started seeds directly in soil (with better than 80% success), and planted the first 9 in Solo cups under a 40 watt cfl (will be upped to 85 watts once they sprout). I have always seen people soak their seeds in water until they sink and then planting, so I also have 12 seeds currently floating in some warm water on the shelf in the closet. We shall see which method does better this run.

  9. Wagonweed

    Wagonweed Registered+

    I put them in water for 24hrs. Then plant regardless if they crack or sink. I put them somewhere warm too.
    Whatever works!

    Buds looking great.
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  10. Wagonweed

    Wagonweed Registered+

    How's the garden today?
  11. TLD420

    TLD420 Registered+

    I'm happy to report that everything is going great with my grows. Today is day 54 of 12/12 in the tent, and looking under 60x magnification, I'm seeing mostly cloudy trichomes on the deep purples and they're looking super close to being ready...maybe a couple more days, Maybe a week, I'm not sure. They still have some white hairs on them, but the trichomes are definitely close. The God's Og looks to be just a bit behind so she'll be probably another 10 days or so.

    Other than that, I have 10 grape ape seedlings in the closet, and they are looking great. One thing that tripped me out, is that one of the sprouts has 3 leaves per set! I now know that this is known as 'whorled phyllotaxy' and that it is a fairly common mutation, but in all my years of growing from seed, I have never seen one in person.

    Group shot.

    Deep Purple

    Trying to get a trichome shot through my 420scope.

    Grape Ape.

    Whorled Phyllotaxy.
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  12. RUJU

    RUJU Registered+

    Your bud pics are stunning! How's your batch of Grape Ape seedlings coming along? Any updates? Btw those are the greenest seeds I've every seen.
  13. TLD420

    TLD420 Registered+

    ^^^see above for status on the grape ape babies...We posted at pretty much the same time...
    Those seeds were more brown than green, but they were my second picks from the seeds I had and didn't have much striping to them. That and the lighting/phone camera are probably made them look so green.

    Thanks for checking out my grow!
  14. RUJU

    RUJU Registered+

    Hey TLD420,
    Those flowers are looking amazing with those cloudy trichs! I'm a newbie here, but before I joined a few days ago I read over your last Grape Ape grow and it looked beautiful too. That whorled phyllotaxy Grape Ape seedlings looks awesome btw. I hope it grows huge since it's my first time ever seeing that mutation.

    Do you have any special regimen/methods you use towards the end of flowering or are you sticking to the basics? Have you ever experimented with giving the flowers 48 darkness right before harvesting? I have a grow running at the moment and think I might test it out since there are so many mixed reviews out there & would like to see what actually works. Anyways, everything's looking great & am looking forward to more of your pics. Best of luck!
  15. Wagonweed

    Wagonweed Registered+

    Ya looks real close. Any day you may see some amber. You flush at all? All organic is very different than my runs so im curious if it even needs any.
    Im full synthetic so I always give two weeks to rinse the medium and for the ladies to use up whatever they have in them.
  16. TLD420

    TLD420 Registered+

    Thanks again for the kind words!
    I am really interested in the whorled phyllotaxy as well, but I have read that the mutation can make the plant more susceptible to stress and may be more likely to hermie. I don't want to grow it out only for the sake of my curiosity only to have it drop pollen all over itself in week 5 of flower.

    At the end of flower, I always turn the light timer down to 10/14 and turn up the a.c. to keep lights on temps in the low 70s and lights off temps at about 60. I have never given a dark period at the end of flower, but have heard of people doing that.
    I also try to be very careful with how much water they get this late in the game. I want them to have what they need, but like to start cutting back over the last couple of weeks.

    I did see a few amber heads, but there always seem to be a small number that change really fast and overall they're close, but not quite ready.

    I do flush. One of the biggest bits of misinformation is that you don't have to flush organics. You do still want to flush to give the plants a chance to use up the left over chlorophyll, it's not the same thought process as flushing salts from synthetics, but the end result is very much the same.

    I approach organics with a similar view as synthetics; main diff being that I feed heavy in the early stages of flower (really just re amending the soil) and taper way off at the end. I want to see leaves fading by week 6/7 depending on the strain, and find that I get a smoother smoking product by doing it that way.

    I have developed my methods over years of trial and error and reading forums and seeing other growers mistakes and successes. I have really only stabilized this method one run ago, and I'm sure things will change again at some point in the future, but for now I'm having great luck.

    Thanks again for checking in guys!
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  17. TLD420

    TLD420 Registered+

    Flower day 55.

    Tonight after work, I went in to check on the plants and give them some water. When I opened the tent I discovered that the biggest buds were falling down under their own weight, so I had to do some creative tying to make things stand up again...I'd hate to end up with branches breaking this late in the game.


    God's Og Kush
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  18. RUJU

    RUJU Registered+

    Hey TLD420,
    I'm loving your pics, in particular the first one. It's reminiscent of maple leaves during Fall. It's sad to hear about the whorled phyllotaxy, but still interesting to look at. Thanks for the info.

    I'll have to try out the 10/14 photoperiod with AC since I have a few purple/pink strains that I'm hoping I'll be able to coax some vibrant hues from. After your trials & errors over the years what made you switch to your 10/14 photoperiod instead of the standard 12/12? I'm guessing you're attempting to recreate natural light changes within the seasons, but have you seen any jump in the yield or potency after making the 10/14 switch? Anyways, your years of trial and error look to be paying off so keep up the good work! I'll definitely be keeping tabs so keep the updates coming! Take care.
  19. TLD420

    TLD420 Registered+

    Hey Ruju...

    I love the look of all the faded leaves as well.
    I switch to 10/14, as you assumed, to try and mimic naturally dwindling light. I can't say that I've ever noticed any major changes, just seems that the plants react to it and finish a bit quicker. Just like switching to 12/12 to induce flower, switching to 10/14 (along with lowering temps) signals to the plant that winter is coming and it's time to finish up.

    Thanks for following along...I'll have more updates soon.
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  20. RUJU

    RUJU Registered+

    Nice, thanks for the info. I read awhile back that while recreating naturally dwindling light changes doesn't have any evident effects on yield, it does increase the THC potency. That said, accurate cannabis information is hard to come by. If I come across any legitimate articles I'll be sure to send it your way. Happy growing.

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