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    welcome back dude ,,great pics btw,, ya its been quite here alright ive toyed with other forums but much prefer the layout of this one
    happy growng buddy
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  2. TLD420

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    Flower day 63 in the tent. (For clarity...I start counting the days from the day I switch my lights to 12/12)
    I'm getting closer and closer to harvest on the deep purples, but she's a slow finisher and is definitely making me wait for it. Every night, it seems, I am having to the up more branches; everything is falling all over the place as the buds swell and continue to pack on the weight.
    The God's Og, as has been the case, is still behind the deep purple and will most likely be running for a couple more weeks. She's also getting heavy, and being the lankier plant, has already had to be tied up for much longer.

    The deep purples are the frostier plants for sure, but the God's Og smells fantastic and is fuelly and skunky all at the same time. Meanwhile, the deep purple's smell is more sweet but with a nice presence of the pungent blueberry I was hoping for. (Blueberry is the first strain I ever grew out successfully, and that unmistakable smell has me feeling a bit nostalgic to be honest). The deep purple buds are also super dense; another characteristic brought over from the blueberry.

    I've gotta admit...I was unhappy with the structure of both of these strains early on, and questioned the legitimacy of the genetics, but now in the home stretch, I am realizing that these plants have given me zero problems and have been stable and happy from day 1. I think I went into this grow with some specific expectations, based on my own pre conceived notions, and when I didn't see what I was expecting, I blamed the genetics and not my own short sighted view. In fact, my opinion has shifted so far to the extreme that I plan to purchase from the same breeder (Jordan of the Islands) for my next grow...after Grape Ape round 2 of course. He has a ton of blueberry crosses, and I have really been wanting to run a cheese strain, so I think his blue cheese is up next, possibly also the blue city diesel.

    As far as the Grape Apes go, I am now down to 8. 2 seedlings got the ugly axe earlier this very evening and that has left me with 8, vibrant and vigorous seedlings. I am noticing that one (#3) of them is displaying the same dark stalk and lettuce-like leaves of the last pheno I grew out, so I'm really crossing my fingers for that one to be a female.
    The last grape ape I grew hermed during the last few weeks of flower, but I believe it was because of a timer issue where the lights ended up being on 24 hours for about 3 or 4 days during the 5th week of flower. I'm confident that this round will be better and mistake free, and I'm hoping for no issues with intersex plants. I will be taking clones of each female plant, and if I find a pheno I like that proves to be stable, I will keep that cut going and use it to create a strain of my own at some point.

    Enough of the's some pictures.

    Grape Ape

    God's Og Kush.

    Deep Purple. (edited for instagram)
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    Nice looking buds TLD!

    Wow heavy indicas at 9 weeks and still going. What was the flower time listed for the strains?
    Toss up a canopy shot too if you can, thx.

    I count right from 12/12 too regardless if i see preflowers.
  4. TLD420

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    Yeah, I expected the deep purple to be done by now. They are probably a few days out yet. The deep purple is listed as 8 weeks flowering and the God's Og is listed as 8-9 weeks. Trichomes on the deep purple are pretty much 100% cloudy and the white hairs are just about gone. God's Og is still all white hairs, so I haven't even scoped the trichs yet. Both strains smell amazing and look like they'll give me a good yield, and they are both sticky and coated in resin.

    Here's a canopy shot. The led lights mess with the camera on my new phone, so the shot sucks, but it makes the point.
  5. Wagonweed

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    Canopy looks nice!
    Always buds that have to higher than the rest haha.
    I have same issue with colour and leds. I end up taking it in the dark or with cfl light around.

    Deep Purple does like ready for the chop any day. Hope she smokes as great as she looks.

    I agree god og needs more time, shes gonna fatten up real nice I bet.
  6. TLD420

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    Grape Ape update...

    Last night...or early this morning, depending on how you look at it, I transplanted 6 of the remaining 8 Grape Ape seedlings from their 9 ounce solo cups to 1 gallon pots. Sadly my little 3 leaf sprout was way smaller than the rest and didn't make the cut. I now have 6 healthy, vigorous plants that seem to be happy with their new found extra leg room.
    The pots are filled with Big Rootz and amended with some crab meal and kelp meal. Xtreme Gardening mykos and azos mycorrhizae sprinkled heavily on the roots. I watered each lightly and placed them under the cfls and put them on a timer for the first time. They have been on 24/0 and are now on 18/6. They are under one 85 watt and 2 23 watt, 6,500k cfls.

    Also, I have been dealing with a few fungus gnats in the flowering tent and am trying out a tip that I got from Weezard to deal with them by laying dryer sheets over the soil and under the pots. I also put out fresh sticky pads to easier tell how many gnats I have flying around. They haven't really been an issue in the closet, but I put dryer sheets on those pots as well. I had heard of this before, but never tried it. Hopefully it works for me, this could be a simple fix to an ongoing battle.

    All ready to transplant.

    Grape Ape #8.

    The roots on all these plants are strong.
    Grape Ape #10.

    Trying out Weezard's dryer sheet tip.

    Closet light setup. 1x 85 watt, 2x 23 watt.

    And a gratuitous Deep Purple bud shot.
    (edited for Instagram)
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    Nice pics TLD420. So nothing but water from day 40? From what I can work out they've been on only water from Day 40 through to now ( day 66).

    My bagseed plants (2) are in late flower, but the leaves are still all green (most dark green (plant 1), some light green (plant 2). I'm wondering whether mine are late flowerers as well.
  8. TLD420

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    That is correct. But...I'm using dry amendments which break down and release into the soil over time, so I stop feeding earlier in the cycle to allow the plants time to use up everything that's in the soil; and I was expecting an earlier finish. I will also say, that I should have probably fed the God's Og for at least one more week, but it's too late now and it's still ripening nicely.
  9. Wagonweed

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    How long you keep the plants under cfl?
    They look ready for some watts!

    Sweet shot of the deep purple.
  10. TLD420

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    The grape apes will be under the cfls until I can get the tent emptied out. The deep purple and gods og are finishing slower than I expected...I'm gonna have to buy a couple higher wattage cfls to supplement the closet until then.
    I did clean up the first couple nodes on each one, so they also look a bit slimmer and stretchier.
  11. shelton abbey

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    some really nice shots there dude,looking well
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  12. Wagonweed

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    For the dryer sheets he uses them as a physical barrier for the bugs. Push them down to cover the soil completely. Maybe add a few each pot. If you seen any of his pics he layers them on thick.
  13. TLD420

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    Well well well...lots of developments over the last few days since I was here last.

    I have been staying patient, but finally, on day 70 I harvested the 2 deep purple plants. I harvested with a mix of mostly cloudy and some (maybe 20%) amber trichomes and it's always so hard to say, but I think they gave me a nice yield.
    I wasn't planning to be this far out of cycle with the God's Og, so I had to get creative since I normally dry in the same tent, and currently lack the funds to purchase a second tent. I lined a large cardboard box completely with wax paper and cut a few small holes for ventilation. I taped one of the intake vents from the tent to a lid on the top of the box, and to my surprise, temps and humidity are staying quite stable. Temps are in the low 60s and humidity has been between mid 50s and mid 60s, but more in the 60s. I keep an a.c. running at all times in the grow room, so temps always stay at 64 in the room, but I would like to bring the humidity down a little bit. Overall though, this fly by the seat of my pants drying box is working quite well.

    Still waiting on the God's Og, she looks like she could have 2 weeks left! She's slow to finish for sure.

    In other news, I have decided to ditch the grape apes in the closet. These "second pick" seeds really didn't seem to be producing solid plants; in fact, several have had mutations and odd leaf growth, and while I know it's not necessary to get rid of those, my lack of space and time, and not wanting to waste money on growing something out that has issues, I decided it best to pull those and start over. So I ordered some more Jordan of the Islands gear and when those seeds get here, I'll be starting a new cycle. I ordered a 10 pack each of Jordan's, Blue Cheese and Blue City Diesel. I'm gonna pop the Blue Cheese first and do a run of those, and then I'll do a run of the Blue City Diesel. I've always been a huge fan of cheese strains, and I can't wait to run the Blue Cheese.

    Temps and humidity. Right where I want them.

    Harvested Deep Purple bud. When I harvest, I cut off the fan leaves and any dead or crispy spots I see on the smaller leaves. From there I hang to dry. I always want to make sure and leave enough to make a nice cocoon around the bud during drying so I don't ruin the smell or the flavor. This bud gets hung just as you see it in the picture.

    I've had just a single layer of the dryer sheets on top and underneath each pot. It seems to have done the trick nicely. My fungus gnat problem was pretty minimal though.
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  14. shelton abbey

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    really pretty picture dude ..good idea with the drying box,,ill have to do something similar cuz in in a similar situation ,,but im wondering why u added the wax paper to the box ?
  15. TLD420

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    Thanks dude! The pics are awesome because my new phone has a much better camera. I appreciate the compliment!
    I lined the box with wax paper because the raw cardboard could possibly (I'm assuming) soak up some of the moisture and cause my buds to dry out too quickly. I don't know that it would happen just the idea I had. So figured I'd rather be safe than sorry.
    It was a super simple setup, and honestly is working just as well as hanging in the tent.
    I'm moving my setup to the garage soon, so I'll build in something permanent for drying because the box is too small if I had harvested the whole tent. Thankfully, by the time that God's Og finishes, I'll be ready to trim the deep purple and get it curing in glass jars.

    I also have some small lower buds chilling in a paper bag for a quick dry, so I can at least get a first sample soon, but this plant looks so good and I really want to take my time drying and curing it as best I can.
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  16. Wagonweed

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    Damn your high temp is my low and thats with no ac just the cold weather creeping in lol.

    Lookin dank!
  17. TLD420

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    Window a.c. runs all the time in the room and keeps temps outside tent pretty much always in the low 60s.
    I'm building a new setup in my garage, and I plan to build a box that will allow me to pull all my intake air from right in front of the a.c. so I'll know it's always right at 64°.
  18. Wagonweed

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    Ya eh. Seems a bit cold form what I've seen as optimal but its sure working awesome for you.
  19. RUJU

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    Great looking top cola & amazing colors! Keep up the good work!
  20. TLD420

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    What's up friends and fellow growers?

    I apologize for my absence lately. I just closed on a house, bought a new car and my wife and I are preparing for our son to be born next month. However, In the midst of all the chaos, I have still found time to keep the grow running, just not enough time to keep detailed logs of my daily activities.

    I harvested my deep purples a couple weeks ago, and from the 2 plants, I got about 140 grams; dried and trimmed. Not too bad considering the size of the plants. It came out very good and the smoke is nice and smooth. It's done well with keeping my anxiety at bay, without keeping me couch locked. I have had some pretty good runs in the past, but this Deep Purple from Jordan of the Islands has been the best I've grown; I'm really kicking myself that I didn't keep this cut.

    The God's Og ran for a couple weeks longer and ended up herming on me and seeding itself, so it ended up in the compost pile. I was really bummed to lose this one, but you win some and you lose some...on to the next.

    That kind of leads me in to the next subject.
    When I grew my grape ape, that plant hermed very late and thankfully was still good when harvested and it only ended up with a few seeds in the lower, leafy buds. After that one, and now the God's Og herming, I'm starting to think the LEDs are at least part of the problem. I've been running 2 450 watt Viparspectra LEDs. They are definitely one of the cheaper options on the market and the biggest complaint by people using them is that there is too much blue spectrum. I have never had plants herm on me in the past, so I decided to ditch the LEDs and go back to mh/hps and see if the problem is actually the lights, or if there's something I'm doing to cause this problem. I'm confident that things will be back to normal with the new light, and I think I'll get better yields. I went with a 600watt setup and that is giving more than enough light for my 2x4 tent. I'm running it at 400watts until the babies get a bit stronger, at which point I'll switch it up to full power.

    I also moved everything out to the garage and am in the process of designing a set up that I will be building into the garage. But for now I'll stay in the tent and keep running one cycle at a time.

    I got my seeds from Jordan of the Islands. I got a 10 pack each of Blue Cheese and Blue City Diesel. I have always wanted to run a cheese strain, so I was stoked to pop the Blue Cheese seeds. I bought a brand new bag of soil (Big Rootz) and planted my seeds. When the seeds popped I was looking at them closely (they didn't seem to be growing very well) and I discovered that most of them had little fungus gnat larvae gnawing on their roots! Remind you this was a brand new freshly opened bag of soil. I hit them with a very mild mix of RO water and 3% hydrogen peroxide and then let them dry way out. This seems to have gotten rid of the larvae and I was able to salvage four seedlings. These four have just now started growing well again but this whole situation has prompted me to change up my soil. I really wanted to like the big rootz, but I'm not gonna run it any more if it keeps introducing more and more fungus gnats to my grow. I picked up a bag of recipe 420 to try out when the time comes for transplanting. I have heard good things about it and I'm excited to give it a shot.

    Having lost half of my blue cheese sprouts, I went ahead and planted 5 of the Blue City Diesel seeds as well, and all 5 have sprouted and look healthy. I switched up my germination routine a bit this time and it worked well. I had a few cups worth of Sunshine seedling mix left, so I put it in a bowl and poured in some boiling water (to kill any larvae or eggs that may have infiltrated that bag) and soaked some rapid rooters in boiling water as well. Once everything cooled, I loosely filled solo cups with soil and then stuck a rapid rooter in each one. I planted the seeds straight into the rapid rooters and covered the cups with saran wrap and put them under the light. They all sprouted within three days and because the Blue Cheeses were stunted, these should catch up soon.
    Also, I noticed that Blue City Diesel #4 is all purple right out of the seed. This strain is known to display some nice color, so I'm interested to see what that one does. I am again, back at the beginning of a new cycle. I'm excited for something good from both of these strains, and I can't wait to see what I get.
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