My p.o does the drug test in front of me... PLEASE READ

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How many days should I stop smoking before the next test?

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  1. Alyssa757

    Alyssa757 Registered

    So I recently got put on probation for marijuana possession. It's really tearing me apart because I've been smoking everyday for 2 years. It helps me eat, it helps me sleep, it keeps me sane :(

    Anyways, I went yesterday to my intake for ASAP for my possession charge. My probation officer watched me pee, and then did the drug test right in front of me on a test strip panel. Is that how they usually do it? What is the best way to pass that kind of drug test?????

    I was thinking it was gonna be sent to a LAB or something. Will detox drinks show with a test like that? I smoked the day before, but told her it was about 2 weeks ago.. so she gave me another 30 days to come back clean.

    And by the way I was drinking tons of water and took about 2000mg of Niacin and 100mg of b2 vitamins and she still said I failed :( Everyone told me positive stories about Niacin. Ugh. I'm 21... about 5'2, and 101 pounds... Fast metabolism
  2. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    The only thing that works reliably, is abstinence.
    Your stats say 30 days, so your poll should say >25 days, yah?
  3. soccer goalie

    soccer goalie Registered

    hello. Weezard is correct, that the only way to guarantee you are clean is to not get toxic. With regards to your probation it would be better to know the State and County. I can only tell you about what happens here in Central Ohio for peeps in the Drug Court program and others in the Felony Adult Program as well as alot of what POs will do to catch use and alteration. My heart breaks for you because you probably only had a small amount, not a trunk full. What I have to offer got my son past a probation test, announced, but you will have to stay clean after that till it is all over and later on you will read why.

    1. To get clean, absolutely clean a natural way that has gotten me past ua pre employment screens is to use Golden Seal Root Herb. I am not talking about the Golden Seal compound sold in head shops, this can be detected in case your sample is sent to a lab and you do not want to chance that. Golden Seal Root herb must say it specifically comes from the root and not the leaves so do not mess with the GS/Echinachea or anything that says it has the leaf in it. Why? because it is the oil that does the stripping of the urinary tract layer that holds the toxins and flow into your drop. I use a Golden Seal Root herb from a local herb shop. I tell them, if they ask, it is to 'clean out the flu or cold and they like that. If you tell anyone you are attempting to detox for a urine drop they can call the police because it is a felony to alter a sample esp a court ordered sample. And once, here, a GNC employee threatened to call the cops on a friend when he said he needed a detox for a job screen.

    How to use the Golden Seal Root Herb: a) try to find the one with a 500 mg extract of the GS Root oil. (my bottle of 50 cost $20) b) before you start the GS drink water to make sure you are not dehydrated in the least and all of the water you drink while taking the GS goes for your detoxing. OK, now you are ready to start. You can do this in as little as 3 days even 2 days but you would need to increase the water and the GS for 2 days and it is a little risky to do this in 2 days. c) you will have to stop smoking when you start the GS, 3 days is ok but you can guarantee yourself 100% clean with 5. here is the recipe i have used for 20 years and no matter how sophisticated testing gets i have never come up dirty, always a neg result: Take 4 x 500 mg GS Root Herb with 4 glasses of water. You do not have to drink all of the water at once but try to take it all within an hour. 4 hours later repeat this...keep repeating this over 2 days. I have taken as many as 5 sets of 4 in one day.

    Your urine may change color....could get a little green, if so just drink water until it returns to your normal color. The green is just from the fact the GS is not diluted. a slight green color is proof that it is getting through your system. will want to look for a slight oily sheen on top the toilet water, this is good too because it shows the oil is doing the stripping. Dark green pee or a heavy oil sheen means you just need to drink water until the normal color returns/the oily sheen is mild. The very first time I used this I had less than 24 hours to clean out and mt ua was only 2 days after smoking a very large amount with a friend over two days. It was a ua for a bank job, and the GS cleaned me out in that amount of time: less than 24 hours.

    NOW TO TEST YOUR home i tested a friend's pee after this GS regimen with 5 home tests from the Dollar Tree and 2 from our local Head Shop... (make sure to check they are not expired before you buy) I used the dollar tree tests (only a dollar and pretty reliable) on the day before the friend's test 3 showed him negative so then i used the head shop test (15$) to back those up....his po drug test came up clean.

    So quickly: 4 GS Root Herb (natural GS from an herb store and nothing else if you can help it, make sure it is oil extract from the root NOT the leaves) with 4 x 8 ozs water (try tp drinl all within an hour but the sooner the better) EVERY 4 HOURS for 2 days, 3 days is better. if pee turns green, nothing is wrong just dilute yourself more to get the yellow back. Give yourself no less than 3 days ahead of test. Stop all of your toxins, do the GS and once you are clean you are clean until you get toxic again. The night before your test should be the last time you take the GS....check your pee in a.m. of test and make sure there is no oil and it is yellow. Any visual indication you altered will force the PO to send it to a lab but it still will not be a problem, just a hassle for you if they make you pay for it.

    Here are some PO tips: When it comes to our drug court here the drug court po will call the probationers early in a.m. and require they go to office to drop. our court gives them one hour to get there. you have no time to alter anything here, probationers have been violated showing up 1 min late. So you do not have any wiggle room, you have to stay clean, the GS will get you there but you may have surprise visits after the next collection. they will give you the time to clean out, they have to give you 30 days from a dirty drop to test clean but that is it, after that they can call you in or visit you every day if they want.

    So you gotta stay clean after you clean out.

    Since your test is simply the dipstick/test board type there are many other ways you can mask any use but if your sample is sent to the lab for any reason many of those ways will fail you. we do not want that.

    POs generally play a game with probationers. they have stated that once a probationer drops dirty they will ultimately drop dirty again no matter how long they wait. and a po will stop by your place more often the longer you go clean just coz that is what they do. so please please please...try melatonin and or benadryl for sleeplessness, st john's wort to relax (unless you are on the pill) and see a doc for whatever else bothers you while on probation. and stay clean....

    Remember, your posession may be a misedemeanor and you are with a misdemeanor court drug program. but once you attempt to alter or actually alter a urinalysis (ua) for court you are commiting at least one felony. if your po or court system is stupid crazy whacked like the ones around here, they can turn it into several felonies. so it is not worth it to do anything but clean out with Golden Seal Root as of yet cannot be detected, it is all natural and for them to look for it would be like looking for vitamin b and those test are way too expensive for the courts. youre safe with the GS Root Herb....and i can tell you this: i trust it so much i taught one of my children to use it for their probation...he used it to clean out just before a surprise test (he was very dirty) but he stayed clean after that and managed to complete his probation succesfully. I trust this GS Root, I have only tested clean with it and some of my tests were more sophisticated that what is used in court.

    I wish you luck...all of the luck in the world. but you have to stay clean because the po (should be 2, one male, one female at least) can show up at your work, your home and test you. they only need reasonable suspicion to search your car, your premises, and you. so get clean, bury all of your stuff in the backyard and wait until you get the letter from the judge stating you have successfully completed probation.

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