My plant never flowered. little help?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by neondream, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. neondream

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    Hey all,
    Im a medical marijuana patient in L.A. Last spring I decided to buy a Sour Diesel Clone from my local shop. Im a busy guy and dont know much about growing so I just grew it outside, made sure it had water and nutrients. I figured it would naturally flower on its own. It seemed to start growing small crystally hairs in October and i was stoked. But nothing really happened in the flower department. It kept growing beautiful but no buds. Its now almost February and she still looks healthy just nothing to smoke!:mad: So what can I do? Its obviously not gonna do its thing and I'm sure its my fault. I just was wondering if I can get anything out of her. Can I make hash oil or something? I had fun growing her anyway but I sure wish I could salvage something. Is it possible she is a he? I figured I wouldnt need to worry about the sex since I bought the clone from a great dispensary here in L.A. Ive included some pics of my girl. Sorry for my newbee ignorance. Thanks!

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  2. uncleweed

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    r u telling me the plant is about a year old already?

    Looks like it's not getting enough light.
  3. neondream

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    ya. about 9-10 months. light is probably the reason, it doesnt get full on sun rays for very many hours. any way to use her before she dies?
  4. Charbud

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    If she didnt flower you might be able to try and flower her this coming year. I had a plant that didnt flower outside and it also had little light. No harm is giving it a go, just let i have a little more light !

    - Charbud
  5. jakester

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    I bet it's getting light during the dark period from the house lights. She needs 12 hours of COMPLETE dark to start flowering.
  6. neondream

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    Great guess with the house lights idea. So, Can I bring her in a closet at night and she will flower at nine months old?
  7. bigtopsfinn

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    Yup. :thumbsup: Should get a decent yield too.

    I would say the same, it's not getting the full 12 hours darkness. Bring her inside every night at the same time and bring it back out at the same time. Otherwise the extra stress of mixed light cycles may cause hermaphrodism if it hasn't already (it'll be a he-she, and basically grow male and female flowers, pollinate itself and make it's own feminized seeds with little bud :()
  8. neondream

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    I'll start the cycle tonight. Thanks for the info!:D

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