My plants are dying

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Kurt Mac Grower, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Kurt Mac Grower

    Kurt Mac Grower Registered

    Hi Guys, I put my plants under the HPS (400w) like 5 days ago and now they look like the pics underneath. The leaves are looking like they dry out or something, they turn yellow with little brown spots on them and then they fall off.

    I don't think I water too much but I think it might be caused by over ferting, they're a month and a half old but still very small cause I couldn't remove them from my crappy cabinet earlyer.

    I use distilled water with a little added Ammoniumnitrate and potassiumnitrate (maybe these are too strong ferts)

    Any Idees of what I could do? Does this even look like nute burn or is it something else?

    Any help is very much appreciated

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  2. santacruz_organic

    santacruz_organic Registered+

    what temp is your room?
  3. EckyThump

    EckyThump Registered+

    They look toasted man :(

    Maybe overheated room...
  4. Kurt Mac Grower

    Kurt Mac Grower Registered

    It's 25 degrees celcius which should be the optimal temp, the room is in the attic which is pretty cold and is open on the side where I took the pics from.

    I was just thinking but could it be a shortage of water?
  5. psycho

    psycho Registered+

    Is the temp constant 25 degrees. I use an attic n it can get very warm at times. Try give em a right good watering but I wouldnt put any ferts in, y dont have t do that everytime. Water em till the excess comes out the bottom of the pots could be the soil nearer the bottom is too dry n although y dont want t over water em it does make em perk up after a good soak if they have got dried up. Im no expert but its what I would do. Durring the summer I came home a few time t find my plants looking fried n crappy gave em a good soak n put a fan on em for a while n they soon perked up. Im not sure if the ferts you are using are wrong or not I use bio bizz which was reccomended by the place I get my seeds from.

    Hope this is of help
  6. kush07

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    I doubt it is underwatering. When a plant is underwatered the leaves droop and then fall off. Your leaves are curling over. That sounds like a nut. defecency. A good possiblity is a potassium defecency. A organic way of fixing this imbalance is to add some wood ashes to your water. You can also buy chemical fertilizer with potash to help fix this as well. Hope I was some help.

    Happy Toking :Rasta:
  7. Kurt Mac Grower

    Kurt Mac Grower Registered

    Thanks guys, I'm gonna try to water them and give them some potassium fert at the same time. I'll report back tomorrow morning
  8. Kurt Mac Grower

    Kurt Mac Grower Registered

    Ok so we're 12 hours later and they're definately not showing any signs of improvement. This is starting to worry me, I don't understand why they're dying... this sucks
  9. Kurt Mac Grower

    Kurt Mac Grower Registered

    I've been searching a lot on the forum and I think it might be a magnesium deficiency, I have some Mg0 here so I'm gonne give them some
  10. psycho

    psycho Registered+

    so whats happening how they doing now?
  11. elway07

    elway07 Registered+

    i hate it when people abandon threads
  12. eazemymind

    eazemymind Registered

    hey im new to this site and growing i just transplanted my plants(growing outdoors) and after that the leaves started drooping or hanging down does this mean their goin to die PLZ HELP
  13. EnhAnceD

    EnhAnceD Registered+

    they probably have a bit of shock due to transplant and or under/over watering.

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