My Second Rubbermaid Grow-CFL's, DWC, Scrog

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by live2last, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. live2last

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    Hello my fellow cannabis lovers!!:Rasta:

    I am back at it again but alot has changed since my first go round which im still smokin on:smoke:
    Anywho, this time since i have moved back into my parents house(yea i know your not supposed to but i couldnt help myself from trying haha:p) i have constructed a single 22 gallon Rubbermaid tub which i lined with mylar, i think how i did it was pretty sweet:cool: I cut pieces of cardboard about the sizes of all the walls in the box and then wrapped them in mylar. This made it alot easier to put up in a cleaner fashion where i wouldnt have to deal with the noise of some of it blowing lose. I found an old lamp that bends and fashioned it to the back of the box and is then held in a sturdy place by a hanging wire which i can raise and lower by rolling it up or down;)

    I am using 3 100w(eq.) CFL's with some reflectors that i made out of cans,
    i know more is better but i think it will get to hot and dont know if my rig could support it. I also have a 6 inch fan that i fastned to the back corner of the box with zip ties, which are probably my new favorite tool haha:p.

    Now to talk about my DWC set up. I purchased a water pump from lame-mart(wal-mart) for like 15 bucks and it is pretty quiet if its not against anything and looks pretty quality. For the bucket i bought a 3.5 gallon rubbermaid which i wrapped in duct tape to light proof it. I am thinking about finding one that isnt see through and smaller since i think this size might be a bit overkill for one plant and i wouldnt mind some spare room. I then wrapped the top of the lid with some aluminum foil tape. Then i am using a 3" net pot with some hydroton that i got for free from my new buddies at Colorado Grow, he just gave me a couple handfulls of some extra that he had laying around since i didnt need a whole bag:thumbsup:

    Now for the yesss the plant:D:D
    I obtained a Armageddon skunk clone from my friend, he had a couple different kinds and he gave me the shortest one. Now this could be a horrible problem in the future because it already smells a little and im guessing skunk means really stinky so im gonna have to fashion up a filter and pray:eek:. Also it was alot bigger then i expected which kind of stinks cuz i wanted to train it from really small so i could keep it as tight as possible but im gonna give it a shot:hello: I have started planning out where im gonna place the new sets of nodes if everything goes well. I received the clone in soil to which sucked so i had to get as much dirt off as possible but she seems to still be going good;)

    Im still barely grasping the hydro thing so any pointers as to a daily and changing routines would be much appreciated:thumbsup:

    Im lookin forward to this one people:hippy:

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  2. turtle420

    turtle420 Banned

    Looks good!
    That little plant will fill that screen quite nicely!

    I'm sure you'll do fine with hydro.
    Keep an eye on the pH.
    You'll always rather under-feed the plant(s), rather than over-feed them.

    I truly think you should change to Coca Cola cans for the lights.
    They are far superior to the Pepsi ones you are using at the moment.

    Do you have the hydro instruments?
    You want to be able to measure pH and ppm...
    Keep us updated! :) :)

    -- turtle420
  3. live2last

    live2last Registered+

    haha yea these were just the first cans i had available but ill keep an eye out;)

    And i bought some of the ph tester drops, i know a digital one is way better but i ran out of funds so maybe ill try and get one off of ebay:thumbsup:

    thanks for the reassurance turtle, ill be keepin this baby updated:thumbsup:

  4. Prodaytrader

    Prodaytrader Registered+

    You have used this before? How well did it work for you last time? I'm curious about yields. Very clever. Why complicate things? Some people just cant think outside of the box..too u sir I say congrats.
  5. live2last

    live2last Registered+

    this is actually my first attempt at a hydro set up but i did complete a soil grow in a similar set up and yielded over a half ounce, not bad for a first try imo. i just put a link in my signature of the first grow. thanks for the support:Rasta:
  6. jtsik330

    jtsik330 Registered+

    Your going to have to put the girl into flower in about a week. Hydro has proven to me that growth is simply insane!
  7. live2last

    live2last Registered+

    alrighttt, im gonna give her one shot of FF grow big and see how that treats her and then shabamm its flower time:D

    thanks for the advice:thumbsup:
  8. live2last

    live2last Registered+

    Well well, alot has happened since the last a good way i'd say:D

    My bucket started leaking so i scrapped it and made a new one. This one is a little smaller which i was looking for. I did lose like an inch of vertical space but i think ill still be okay. I'm still havin a little trouble gettin the ph to where i want, i've added a bunch of Ph Down drops which have slowly been doing the trick, just gotta get the balancing act down

    I have also Fim'ed her in two spots and i have seen the new growths starting up so thats a promising sign also gave her a quarter tsp of grow big. I'll add more on the next water change and then itll be flowering time:jointsmile:

    let me know how im doin people:Rasta:

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  9. live2last

    live2last Registered+

    Well things are goin pretty good id say:D The new growth from the 'fimming' i did has really started to take off, the scrog method is freakin amazing, i can get light to anywhere i want :thumbsup: Im starting to see a few tiny spots on the leaves which i am guessing is a N deficiency so i gave her a bottle of water with about a tsp of Grow Big since she seemed to have loved the last little bit and supposedly this will hoping Also, the roots have been growing like CRAZYYY, i included a pic of them:thumbsup:

    And speaking of Roots...I just got the new Roots album called "How I Got Over" and i must say, its fuckin amazingggggggg. Its really conscious and has a good flow all the way through, i definately recommend it to any music lover:Rasta:

    Let me know how im doingg :D:thumbsup:

    peace everyone:hippy:

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  10. tinytoon

    tinytoon Registered+

    Welcome to Hydro, the land of fast growing plants :D
    Looks like you are well underway and things look real good.
  11. Prodaytrader

    Prodaytrader Registered+

    how is it this guy doesn't have algae problems with all that open water?
  12. live2last

    live2last Registered+

    explain what you mean by open water...

    I thought that if you kept the water out of the light as much as possible that algae production would be very minimal if at all? I also got some blue air tubing which i hear helps on keeping it out of the tubes.

  13. GetThisOrDie

    GetThisOrDie Registered+

    The colored tube is something alot of people over look. Clear just draws in the light.
  14. live2last

    live2last Registered+

    Yea right after i built my first try at a bucket i kicked myself for not getting colored line but now im glad that its colored, makes perfect sense:thumbsup:
  15. colinzx6

    colinzx6 Registered

    I am definately trying your little design and system for my grow in sept.
  16. live2last

    live2last Registered+

    I recommend a set up like this if your short on room for sure:thumbsup:

    Anywyays heres a little update. I did my first resivoir change and let me ttell you, it was more of a pain then i thought haha:wtf: A few of my good friends were over so i figured i would take advantage of an extra set of hands. Well i handed it to him with the screen on it so i wouldnt have to weave everything back and he just held the screen and the top ended up falling and the plant hit the floor :mad: but it was just barely and she seems to be doing fine. I also spilled a good portion of water while making the switch but come on people this is a process haha:Rasta:

    With this resivoir change i gave her 1.5 tsp of FFGB and 1.5 tbsp. of some FFBB. The roots look a little browinish, could that be from the fall or is that just because of the big bloom that i added??

    Leave me some feedback guys :thumbsup:


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  17. tinytoon

    tinytoon Registered+

    The "staining" of your roots is most likely nute stain. You can add a tsp or 2 of h2o2 and they will go back to their pretty white color.

    As for your rez change, I cant see the whole system in 1 big pic so I'm guess that you are extremly limited on space. This is what I do in my Cab. Go to either lowes or home dePOT and pick up a drill pump and you will also need a couple pieces of garden hose both with a female fitting on the end. Drill pump is in plumbing section by the sump pumps. Pump works on any drill. Pretty simple put the "in" end in your rez and the "out" end in an empty container and pump away. Do not run this thing for any length of time without water as it will burn up the rubber impeller inside so buy a spare while your there :D. If you happen to pass an auto parts store or Walmart on your way to get pump, stop in real quick and pick up a funnel used to fill transmissions (long skinny looking thing) that way you can fill rez back up without bending over.
  18. live2last

    live2last Registered+

    Is the staining bad or is it just a preference thing?? And ill look into that set up you were talkin bout but my funds are runnin low so i might just try to get my routine down haha we shall see.

    Thanks for the help:thumbsup:
  19. tinytoon

    tinytoon Registered+

    dont know for sure if bad or not cause I dont like nasty looking things so I dose with a capfull or 2 of H2O2.
  20. live2last

    live2last Registered+

    sweet thanks, a capful did the job perfectly :thumbsup:

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