My sister is a CUNT!!!

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  1. MisstreeNny

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    You guys know I never like to air my dirty laundry on the boards but today I have to vent.

    I have 2 sisters

    Denise=good, kind, thoughtful, sweet and would do anything for you.

    Michelle= Evil fucking stuck up bitch that thinks she's better than the rest of her family, talks to us like we are the embarassing ghetto version of her who thinks she was born out of the vagina of queen Elizabeth.

    Quick history about Michelle for thye newbies that don't know the drama from back in The darkside days.
    (I asked her to be my BM and she happliy accepted :) but then when I told her that her husband couldn't be in the wedding party she flipped out and refused to be my BM since she didn't want to walk with another man that was not her husband down the aisle. :kookoo: I guess she thought one of the jobs as a BM would be to fuck one of the groomsmen on the aisle. :rolleyes: ....we had a big huge fight and I told her to go fuck herself and not to do me any favors. 6 months went by and I decided to burry the hatchet and invite her and her husband, she accepted).

    her husband picked up my son (Joshua) on friday so they could spend the weekend with him, fine, and everyone happy :)
    So the weekend is over and Chuck and I go to pick him up at her house, she has company there, here brother and sister in law.
    I already feel weird around her since the BM thing so I am wanting to leave ASAP but trying to be as polite as possible because after all they were having cocktails (not drunk) and we didn't feel like drinking especially since we have an hour to drive back and I have my son in the car, ok.

    I am about to leave and everything is great I hug and kiss her goodbye and and as i'm leaving she decided to stop me to tell me that she had taken my son to Hooters!!! :eek2: :wtf: :bs: my son is only 14 yrs old!!!

    This is how the conversation went

    Michelle: I took josh to Hooters, ah, only kidding, no really I did.

    Me: what?!!

    Michelle: yeah, so?

    Me: what do you mean so? you took him to hooters?

    Michelle, nena, what's wrong with you? so what?

    Me: you took my son to hooters? what the fuck is wrong with you?

    Michelle: Well why didn't you tell me?

    Me: what do you mean why didn't I tell you? Was I suppose to call you and tell you not to take my son to a strip bar or a whore house or hooters?

    Michelle: look at the way you are dressed!

    Me: Bitch! i'm in sweats and a tank top with a built in bra and flip flops!!!!!!!!

    Michelle: How about the way you use to dress?

    Me: I never dressed like that asshole!

    Michelle: stop embarassing me in my own house

    Me: embarassing you? you tell me you took my son to hooters and im suppose to be ok with this, what the fuck is wrong with you?

    Michelle: te me callas la boca Y te me vas (shut your mouth and leave)

    Me: Fuck you!

    Ok so that's how it ended, I call My sweet siter denise and told her what happened and she tells me that she did it on purpose because just last week michelle had a conversation with my mom and somehow it came up how I feel about places where girls expose themselves and that michelle had said to my mom "but remmeber the way rachel use to dress?".

    First of all I never dressed that way, second of all she knew this would put me over the edge so she did it on purpose..

    not only that but for the past 2 weeks she has been talking shit about me and even told my good sister (denise) that she wasnt coming to the wedding for me but only for Chuck, my mom and dad. what a bitch! I never even got a fucking congratulations card from her. What a waste of fucking plate money.

    I can go on and on but I wont.

    I am so mad right now, i'm so done with her. she can kiss my ass.
  2. Red King

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    wow what a bitch.... but.. i... hooters... rocks....
  3. FunkyMonkey

    FunkyMonkey Banned

    Isnt family wonderful?
    She sounds like the perfect person to call up on those days when you feel like slappin someone silly.
    I could go on into my own stories of beautiful family moments but the point is I know how ya feel.
  4. FunkyMonkey

    FunkyMonkey Banned

    Oh yea, btw if he's 14 and you have a computer he's already seen plenty of 'hooters' and such Im afraid.
    That doesnt change the fact that she is a c*nt for doing it. It just means dont worry he wont be traumatized. ;)
  5. senoirsalsa

    senoirsalsa Registered+

    WOW 14 and he cant go to hooters! jesus christ talk about SHELTERED,hooters isnt that bad at ALL,esp considering what can be seen on tv cmon now dont have that kid mocked in school because hes a little goody goody(theres one in my school and he actually asked his mom and dad if he can watch porn AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA)rest of my class is a bunch of porn watching/drinking/some pot smokeing/partying students,they get drunk on the weekends almost every weekend sad thing is jeff the kid with straight A+'s smokes pot with his dad plays video games with him all week ahahaha

    btw this is in a catholic school in 8thgrade of 2 classes totaling in 50students ahahahahhaa(we were 13-14 and one15yr old when we graduated)

    DONT make your kid a shelterd prick they are annoying,normaly i just dont bother people i dont like but these kids get on my nerves just the way they talk
  6. chillendj56

    chillendj56 Registered

    you bitches aint pot heads you dont no shit about weed
  7. Red King

    Red King Registered+

    wow i was 17 when i first started tokeing :D . I actually went through my 13s-16s not smokeing because I made it a moral decision not to. But once i stared it was sweet because it diden't take much to get me high :p .

    I think you guys are starting to young.
  8. ezjim

    ezjim Registered+

    all the family drama aside hooters is hardly comparable to a whore house or a titty bar ive to all three of these types of establishments and i can honestly say hooters is not that bad ive taken my son there many times their wings are not that great but the beer is cold and girls are usualy pretty nice [ my ex wife worked there while in college] i have always thought of it as a family resturant same as out back SH or bennigans or chilis or any other big resturant chain
  9. ZigZagZeppelin

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    usually its best not to deal with family but your sister made an irrational decision without first checking with you (about the hooters bullshit).

    She hardly sounds stuck up but rather fucked up.

    Just put her on your shit list. She deserves it.
  10. Stedric

    Stedric Registered+

    Titty bar or not I find the whole idea of Hooters objectifying and horrible. I think it'd be funny if some women got tired of all the objectifying and started their own business called "Well Hung".

    Oh well.
  11. ermitonto

    ermitonto Banned

    I think it would also be funny if less endowed (or otherwise unattractive) women sued them over unfair employment opportunities.
  12. ezjim

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  13. Ganj

    Ganj Registered+

    thats childish...not wanting to walk down the aisle with some other dude just because it's not her husband.

    she obviously knows that taking you son to hooters would piss you off, so it sounds like she was just being a bitch on purpose. you might of went about the situation the wrong way. nobody's going to come into my house and start bitching me out. i'll shoot you....sorry, got off topic there.
  14. hatlawer

    hatlawer Registered+

    jesus he's 14. in like ONE year he'll probabaly be having sex!
    anyone else feel this way??
  15. Ganj

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  16. Red King

    Red King Registered+

    I agree with the Birdman on this MisstreeNnymom ladie.. hes gonna be a weed dealin milf spanking pimp in like a year or 2.

    hooters is just the beginning for this young lad.
  17. ezjim

    ezjim Registered+

    its just a resturant i seriuosly doubt a a plate of hot wings served by a pretty girl will turn him into a modern day caligula
  18. Lily420

    Lily420 Registered+

    You have all the right to be angry MisstreeNny! Your sister knew that you dident like places with girls showing off parts that should be disclosed and saved for privacy yet she took ur son to hooters anyway!!! Its disgusting and you did the right thing to get mad at her! (even more so because you found out she KNEW you wouldent aprove).

    Family is very important (friends also, and ur in laws)!!! You must respect them and trust them but also they need to deserve that respect and trust. The only best thing (in my opinion) is to still keep in touch with your sister but the next time she wants to spend time with your son it'll have to be in your home where you know she wont do anything you disaprove of and if she does you have the right to tell her to leave and come back when she matures and apologizes.

    :D Again, congradulations about your wedding!!!
  19. Ganj

    Ganj Registered+

    i've found that getting angry isn't always the best solution to problems. "he who angers you controls you" -some smart, dead dude
  20. muncheemama

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    yes, he is 14 and maybe he will be the milf-spanker you talk about....But the fact is that he should not have been used by someone to piss someone else off. Im sure he didnt mind it, but she knew that mom would. As a mother myself, when you trust somoene to take your child you expect them to do whats best for him. Also not all 14 year olds are on the verge of their sexual breakthrough.

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