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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by PurpleJollyRancher, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. PurpleJollyRancher

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    ok at the begining of the month i got this job offer and i took it, it included a piss test so i stoped smoking and took this 7 day detox pills. So i took the piss test on last friday which would make me clean for 15 days. I drank so much water, (you wouldnt believe how much i drank) ALOT, my sample was clear as water. So today im working and they call me in the office and said i have to go back to the clinic because my sample was diluted so i stopped at the store and bought a big water and went in and gave them another clear sample but i didnt drink as much as the first test not even close do you guys think it will be diluted again????? and also if your pee iss clear does that automatically mean its diluted???????????
    has anyone ever got two diluted results??????

    thanks alot
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  2. FakeBoobsRule

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    Your urine can be clear as bottled water and pass all validity testing or it can be day glow yellow and fail validity testing. If you read the dilution sticky you will see why you are getting dilute samples. You are making several mistakes.
  3. PurpleJollyRancher

    PurpleJollyRancher Registered

    i just found this site out yesterday otherwise i would have done things a little different
  4. FakeBoobsRule

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    Well now you know for the future. Did you start smoking again after the first test?
  5. PurpleJollyRancher

    PurpleJollyRancher Registered

    no still clean todays 17 days
    do you think i would be good with 17 days plus the 7 day detox pills
    i took 3 home test from rite aid i think they were first check and i passed but i didnt know if i could trust those
  6. FakeBoobsRule

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    When did you take the home tests? Those detox pills were pretty much a waste of money.
  7. PurpleJollyRancher

    PurpleJollyRancher Registered

    i took the home test on the 13th and 14th right before the first test

    also i thought the labs just dip the tester in the urine how do they know if its diluted or not???
  8. FakeBoobsRule

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    If it goes to a lab for extensive testing, they do more than just using instant test strips like in your home testing kit. These instant tyoe tests are popular with pobation officers and when they get a positive they will then send it out to a lab. Still they also make a instant strip that can test for validty just like the instant strip tests for the presence of drugs. If you went to someplace like Labcorp or Quest the sample is tested much more thoroughly (but not necessarily more sensitive or more accurate) than the stick test. It will go through validity testing to test pH, specific gravity, and possibly creatinine clearance. It will then go through an immunoassay test. Although not a dipstick, it uses the same technology as what makes the dipsticks work. Then if there is a positive presence of drug metabolites the sample is considered non-negative and confirmation is performed by GC/MS.

    Those home tests are quite accurate, 95-98%. If you passed those you stand in good shape to pass unless you over diluted again.
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  9. PurpleJollyRancher

    PurpleJollyRancher Registered

    i was thinking......once i found out i had to retest today i stopped at a kfc and pissed then i had some water and the next time i pissed was for the test its not like i was pissing hella times before. So it was clear but it still might pass

    also it is labcorp
  10. chriscannabis

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    Dude, Lipton Citrus Green Tea, Water and Cranberry Juice.

    Piss several times the day of your drug test and while pissing in the cup, try to catch the middle of your piss, let the start and finish go in the toilet.
  11. FakeBoobsRule

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    Lipton Green tea-worthless for urine tests
    Water-not the preferred liquid
    Cranberry juice-worthless for urine tests
  12. chriscannabis

    chriscannabis Registered+

    Hah, well not for me man.

    I smoked a week before my test, two 12 packs of that shit and water got me clean.
  13. FakeBoobsRule

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    It was the water that caused you to dilute the THC metabolites in your urine and not clean you out.:rolleyes: None of that cleans you out. It isn't like pressure washing your driveway. It is dilution, not cleaning you out.
  14. chriscannabis

    chriscannabis Registered+

    The green tea is an antioxidant. They would have made me retake the test is it was just diluted.

    I'm also pretty precise about how much I drink and when. It's not just toss back a bunch of green tea and water. I drink just enough water to dilute it it a little bit while the green tea cleans it out.
  15. FakeBoobsRule

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    The point of the dilution method is not to dilute your urine to the point that it is nothing but water. There are different degrees of dilution. Rather the dilution method's goal is to lower the THC metabolite concentration to below 50 ng/ml in most cases without dropping the specific gravity or creatinine clearance to below accepted levels. That is the degree of dilution you are trying to acheive, not drinking gallons of water to turn your urine into 100% water. Your urine can be dilute in the terms that the THC concentration appears lower because of increases water in the urine without failing as a diluted sample. You need to learn the difference between dilute and diluted sample because there is a huge difference.

    The green tea did nothing to "clean" you out. Green tea does not make your kindeys work better or wash THC metabolites out of your body or detoxify THC metabolites from your body or anything remotely close. You lowered your THC concentration enough by increasing water consumption. Plain and simple.

    The validity testing has a range you must fall in and not one specific value.
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  16. Davidj56

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    Drink one big glass of pickle juice before your test bro, It will give your pee
  17. FakeBoobsRule

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    That is horrible advice unless you want a stomach ache and get sick and drink something nasty. Labs do not measure dilution with color. They measure specific gravity of the urine and sometimes creatinine clearance not if your urine is yellow or clear. Pickle juice will not even give your urine color anyway.

    Read the dilution thread to see how to keep your specific gravity in the proper range as well as creatinine clearance.
  18. chriscannabis

    chriscannabis Registered+

    FBR, Though what you say is quite true.

    The tea I'm drinking have 72mg of antioxidants per240mL.

    Which would lower the THC metobolite concentration. I thinkyou overestimate the amount of water I consume as well. I drink maybe 8 glasses in the whole week. The green tea is the major player here. I normally don't drink much water until I am within a week or two of a test.
  19. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    The metabolite concentration is lowered because the tea, being a liquid, is serving as a diluting agent to the concentration thats present in the bodys excretory system. The tea has no effect in removing THC metabolites from fat cells. There is NO product of any kind that removes THC from body fat. Only physical activity can do that. Time is also a major player, but bear in mind that the time factor is influenced by the degree of physical activity.

    Drinking liquids of any sort days before the test does nothing. THC is stored away in your fat cells and slowly released into the bloodsteam, to make an eventual exit from the body via the excretory system. You are not pushing anything out when you ingest liquids days prior to your test, other than the first few voids when you eliminate most of the metabolites that have built up in the excretory system.
    To put it more simply, when you are drinking fluids, you are aiming to get the mass of THC metabolites present in a given volume of urine under the cutoff level of the test you are taking. When you drink a large amount of fluids, your body is still releasing THC metabolites at a constant rate.

    Now time for an analogy:
    You are mixing Kool-Aid, and instead of using 2 quarts of water you use 20. Now go and measure the mass of Kool-Aid particles per glass of Kool-Aid (how watered down does it taste?). You can probably barely taste the Kool-Aid.

    Kool-Aid mix = the THC metabolites
    your taste buds = the EMIT screening reagent (drug test)

    You cant taste it, you might as well say its not Kool-Aid.

    The EMIT screening reagent doesnt react to its calibrated cutoff level, it simply says the sample contains no THC.

    Same principle with your body and drug tests.
  20. BigNugs4U

    BigNugs4U Registered+

    I dont know, before i would have agreed 100%. But i tried one of those 7 day cleansers after about 3 years of avg. daily smoking, and i was clean after 25 days abstained. Im 210 and 5'8 so, thick but not a fat ass. I spent over $100 and i am convinced it works. It makes you excrete burning hot fesces, and we should know that more thc metabolites are actually expelled in solid waste rather than urine. I believed in it so much i would buy it again, even though some people say "its a waste of money, blah blah blah" you gotta do what you feel you gotta do when u MUST pass the test. Of course you would have to feel its worth the money even if it is a waste, if not, then the jobs just not good enough then is it?

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