My Urine Drug Test Experience

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by lookinout, Apr 28, 2013.

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    Hey All,

    After frantically scouring forums on drug testing after I found out I was going to be tested, I thought I would pay it forward and share my own testing experience.

    To give you a little background: I am a moderate-frequent smoker (averaging maybe 4 times/week), I am in law school, and was offered a kickass legal position with a corporation a couple months ago. Everything seemed great-- I accepted the offer, I was given my start date and my wage. So, it came as a real shock when 2 weeks after accepting the position, I was told I would need a pre-employment drug test. It was pretty obvious it was only a urine test, which was better than the alternative.

    I initially thought I would have 2+ weeks before the drug test, so I started on a GNC vitamin + super workout regimen (I will try to find the post I got that from and link it here later). I'm female, around 5'7", 140ish pounds, so I thought it might work. 4 days in, I received my drug testing info in the mail, and was given 48 hours to go get tested. If I didn't get tested within 48 hours, my offer would be immediately rescinded.

    Thus, PANIC MODE. I took a couple at-home tests, but they all came up positive. I thought about trying to stall my drug test, tell them I was out of town, that I didn't receive the letter, etc., but ultimately decided I didn't want to risk it. The job was too good to lose over a drug test. So, I realized I had 3 options:

    1. Call my future supervisor, tell him the situation, hope for the best.
    2. Dilute
    3. Substitute

    Dilution was the first thing I crossed off the list- it didn't seem like a sure enough bet. I wrestled between calling my supervisor and substitution for 24 hours, before I decided to try substitution. I went to a drug store, bought 2 small 2 oz. travel bottle, handwarmers and a thermometer. I didn't have time to order anything synthetic, which turned out to be a good thing. I was lucky to find a clean friend who would give me her urine. I practiced in one of the travel bottles with my own urine 3 times before doing the real thing. I tried it with and without handwarmers. I found that the handwarmers were unnecessary if I put the bottle INSIDE my underwear so it was touching skin (and maybe a little bit more). One of my biggest pieces of advice: practice, practice, practice.


    I decided to wear a dress and spanx (kind of like spandex shorts that make girls seem significantly fitter) for the test. The dress would cover any bulge, and the spanx would keep the bottle squarely in place. My friend came over, filled up the bottle for me, we took the temp., stuck it in my spanx, and headed on our way. I took the temperature 1 block away from the testing center, and it read 96.7 degrees. About 15 minutes elapsed from filling the bottle until I walked in the door.

    The testing center was a Quest Diagnostics center, and it was very small. Only one other person was there getting tested. They had me sign my name on a sign-in sheet, and told me to sit down. About 5 minutes later, a woman called my name and brought me to a back room. I handed her my pre-employment paperwork, my SSN and drivers license, and was told to sit with her in the back room as she entered my info into the computer. While I was there, I looked at some of the signs they had on the walls, and I want to point out something important I saw. On several of the signs, it SPECIFICALLY stated that Quest Labs tests for Synthetic Urine. They even went as far as naming some of the companies that produce synthetic urine. So, if you are thinking about using synthetic urine for a Quest've been warned.

    After everything was entered in to the computer, she took a cup, unwrapped it, and had me follow her to a private restroom. She told me to fill it up to the black temperature line, to not flush the toilet, and to not wash my hands. After I had peed in the cup, she told me to put it on the counter and not put the cap on. Then she left the bathroom, and closed the door behind her....which I promptly locked. I immediately took the bottle out, poured it in to the cup (2 oz. was more than enough). To make it realistic, I peed a little bit myself in to the toilet, which had water dyed blue. After I put the bottle back in to my spanx. Special note for girls: remember to put some toilet paper in the toilet after you are done.

    I put the cup on the sink counter, and opened the door. The first thing she did was record the temp., and checked the box verifying it was between 90 and 100 degrees. She then went over to the toilet, looked in it, poured some of my sample into a test tube, and dumped the rest in to the toilet before flushing. She put the cap on, and had me initial it. She then let me wash my hands. As I was doing that, I looked over and saw her mark a box that said "No Suspicious Behavior Observed". I said goodbye and was on my way!

    Some notes to take away:
    1. Substitution is easier than you think
    2. Don't use synthetic if you have to go to a Quest lab
    3. Handwarmers aren't necessary if you can get to the testing site quickly enough
    4. Try your best to act natural, don't make them think you are "suspicious"

    Hope that helps somebody out there! Let me know if you have any questions or want more info. Good luck!

    Little sidenote: The day after I took the test I took my remaining at-home test....and there was a very faint line to indicate negative. Still, not worth the risk.
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    This was a very interesting post lookinout. Thank you for taking the time to relate your experience, and congratulations on the job.

    The thing I wonder about is that sign you observed regarding testing for synthetic urine. Obviously, any synth users, upon seeing that sign, would experience instant buzz-kill. The rhetorical questionsi would ask -rhetorical because i realize you have no way of knowing - is:

    1. Really? Because synth is no secret to them, for the price of a sign alone they have created a deterrent. Kind of like where I live. They put up fake police lights on the side of the highway, which can be seen for miles around. Everybody slows down. Of course, let's assume that they do.

    2. Now, how do they test for it? Elsewhere on this site, there is an excellent link to the actual DOT regulations. Those regulations indicate clearly what IS to be included...those being creatinine, specific gravity requirement, PH, and Uric acid. There should be no more and no less tested, and since QF is well established to provide all these elements, I wonder how the lab would know? Anybody have any knowledge her on the subject which is based on fact and not guesses and hearsay?

    I don't have the luxury having the time to find a clean friend. In fact, because of the nature of my work, i usually can guesstimate when, at the earliest, i might be tested. It is not uncommon for me to have at least a week, typically more, after a very light smoking episode. I usually don't have more than 3 hits in a night, rarely for more than 3 or 4 nights in a row - then, my minimum 7 day/usually more break. I maybe smoke like that 4 or 5 times in a year.

    I self-test before i'm in the danger zone, and told myself i'd use sick days if i enter the danger zone...until i'm clean.

    The thing that gets me though is the "faintness" of the test line. The test says if it's a line, any line, no matter how faint, it's negative. But i'm paranoid about that issue alone. So, i recently obtained QF, with Uric Acid. I spoke to the people at detoxforless, and they seemed confident that it could not fail a "test for synthetic urine". Hope their right...and based on the experience of many members here, passing is the norm.

    Further, i will be testing my QF with an adulterant test kit (available on amazon). These test for all those required elements i mentioned (specific gracity, PH, creatinine, uric acid, etc). Basically, i'm doing my own independent adulterant test, which i doubt is much less sophisticated than the labs. More sophisticated means more cost, and less bucks the labs make...and thats what it's all about typically.

    This is such BS. It's legal to drink alcohol and have a BAC up to .04 and be legal in my job. This means people can get tanked the night before and be ok the next day. We get our privacy invaded for something we did a week or more ago, show up for work stone-cold sober, and have to worry about all this rigamarole.

    Anyway, comments from anyone who has knowledge of synthetic urine testing at the labs....who? How? Does good quality synth meet the requirement?

    ...and best wishes in law school lookinout! :thumbsup:
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    Sorry, but Uric Acid is not tested for on DOT tests.

    Below is the link to the actual regulation outlining the validity tests to be performed on DOT specimens:
    DOT Rule 49 CFR Part 40 Section 40.91 | Department of Transportation

    And here is the link to the criteria that the labs have to apply when determining a "substituted" (aka "non-human") specimen:
    DOT Rule 49 CFR Part 40 Section 40.93 | Department of Transportation
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    Yep. Yours is the post I was referring to. When i wrote mine, I was operating from memory of what i'd read on your link. Ok. Uric acid is not tested.

    So what do you think Burnt Toast? Are the synthetics, such as the well known QF, going to pass not only the UA for cannibanoid metabolites, but any tests administered for authenticity? QF seems very proud of their product....but dang, if it actually comes to using their product (and hopefully it won't), it is indeed a matter of a career on the line.

    BTW, i can see that you are a prolific and knowledgeable poster and Mod. Thanks for all you do to give solid information.
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    Thanks for the post Lookinout.

    I have a pre-employment drug screen (probably) tomorrow and am trying to determine what method would be best to use. I smoked everyday from July to March, stopped for 18 days and passed an at home drug test. After passing that test, I smoked for about a week (1-2 spliffs per day) and stopped. The last time I smoked was 7 days ago, so it will be 8 on test day. I went to the the Sauna on Thursday and then again this afternoon (Sunday). In case I decide to opt for the dilution method, I had steak Friday and then again today to help with my creatinine levels. I was able to pass an at-home test this afternoon by drinking a 32 oz. Powerade and 64 oz. of water. The drug line was faint, but still visible.

    If I am able to pass an at home test using the dilution method, will I be able to pass the test at LabCorp with good certainty?

    I could also use the substitution method using my roommates urine. My main concern about this is the possibility of their being a two way mirror in the testing room. Why this is obviously a huge violation of privacy, I do not want to rule out the possibility that it could occur. My roommate recently took a pre-employment test at a different facility in town and there was a mirror set in the wall that he thought was suspicious. Although it was a different facility, I want to be as prepared as possible for the test. I couldn't find much on forums about two way mirrors so has anyone ever heard of that?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I will be up tonight practicing the substitution method in case I opt for that choice. Thanks!

    Also, thanks to BurntToast for all the great advice you have littered throughout these forums.
  6. Burnt Toast

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    The use of mirrors or cameras are not allowed. If there is a situation where an observed collection is taking place, there must be a live observer (who must also be the same gender as the donor). Read post #4 of this thread:

    As long as the QF batch is unexpired and had been kept away from direct sunlight, it will pass the validity checks mandated by DOT.
  7. Beijo

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    Thank you for your concise reply BT. Much appreciated. Soon I'll have my Quickfix emergency test kit and action-plan in place! :thumbsup:

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