Myrtle beach, Conway ,Socastee anyone??

Discussion in 'South Carolina (SC)' started by boutitboutit420, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. boutitboutit420

    boutitboutit420 Registered

    Anyone live in this area and love to blaze ??hit me back new to this area
  2. H4SH1SH

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    I only goto the Beach to meet up with friends to party, but the beach is great you will love it man especially around campus :)

    I try to go twice a month to chill and party, but I am usually down there every weekend for ummm yeaaaa lol
  3. higuy75

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    Myrtle Beach here. Just moved to MB recently. Not a lot of luck finding dank.
  4. higuy75

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    Myrtle Beach

    Hard to find smoke. Lots of residents (not visitors or students) are very conservative. This means they will have 11 drinks in the bar and drive but don't even think of asking them where the bud is at. They will look at you funny. On an unrelated note, most of the local bars have nothing but rednecks and tush hogs (fattie females). Peace:hippy:
  5. higuy75

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    ummmmmmmm yea, lol!
  6. higuy75

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    Legalize It

    Alcoholics are more dangerous than potheads.

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  7. lifted247

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    Yo I just moved to charleston, but lived in greenville forever. Igo to myrtle beach at leasttwice a year and had a problem finding bud for awhile while i was there. I came up with a really good wayy of finding it, Theres a couple of coastal carolina apartment buildings that always have bud, its all people frrom NJ and up north, and then some local boys from around SC, durin the summe i just ride through the student housing and just make sure your not sketchy and roll up through there using codes like wheres the blaze, got the chron, you know whatever, last year, after askin 2 people, The dude showed me Beaster Mids and Dank and then smoked a ROAR with me before i rolled, gave his number and everything. Thats just one of the people ive met doing what i call ' "hey mistering" hey mister, you know where the buds at. If for some reason that doesnt work my fall back is resturaunts, EVERY i mean EVERY restaraunt has at least 1daily smoker, if yor waiter or waitress seems cool enough, just be like hey im from out of town and dont have any connectios just lookin for a lil green, ive done this at MB but doesnt work as well as those college kids, you drive around long enough and ask the right people, youll find it, and dont worry about getting caught cause those kids dont giv enough fucks to tell on you. Hope that helps, if not make the 1.5 hour drive to charleston where the shit is always poppin
  8. higuy75

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    myrtle beach toker here.
  9. hooka4you2day

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    how to post?

    how do you post on here?
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    Myrtle Beach

    Myrtle Beach, Surfside, Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, South Carolina hit me up at
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  12. higuy75

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  13. handofdoom

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    yo can anyone here hook me up?? i'm here for a week
  14. Stoner chic

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    Hey I just moved here I got $ I am desperate for weed plz help

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