n-p-k question.i was told to use potash for flowering

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by bobby, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. bobby

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    what effect does potash have on plants. i was told to put it on during flowering. but i read here somewhere that for vegging you
    want something high in nitrogen low in p-k for flowering you want something higher in p lower in N-K so whats the go
  2. Herbus

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    Potash is needed in all stages of growth. Without it neither green nor bud growth will happen. MJ uses more of it then most plants too. The effect it has is that it allows plants to create new healthy cells, and it also keep those cells happy and desease free. It's N-P-K, N=nitrogen, P=Potasium, K=Potash, a good vegitative N-P-K would be 20-10-12 or something like that. A good flowering N-P-K would be 10-30-20.

    I hope this helps,

  3. bobby

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    yes this helps thank you
  4. Da1KrayzieThug

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    I was told that 20-20-20 was optimal for flowering and maybe vegative growth. I could be wrong, but i clearly remember the numbers 20-20-20 for SOMETHING.
  5. Herbus

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    20-20-20 is not optimal for either vegging or flowering. It's great for you vegetable garden though.

  6. dboy

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    Look for a high first number(Nitrogen, N) for Veg, and a high middle number(Phosphate, P2O5) for flower. Some people like the 20-20-20 (Peter's brand) because of that high first number (nitrogen).

    In answer to your direct question though, Potash (K2O) is important for the formation of plant tissue and flowers, and it helps strengthen stem and leaf growth. Potassium acts as a general tonic and imparts increased vigour and disease resistance to plants.


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